Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink... to football practice (and Red and Black to games!)

Hi there! I’m Rachel from Midwestern & Married and I am super excited to talk about being a girl mom today. I am a born-and-raised California girl adjusting to a new(ish) life as a Midwesterner and my life revolves around my husband (Joe) and my 17-month-old daughter (Emma).


When Joe and I first found out we were having a baby, we both felt like it was going to be a boy. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that my husband is a college football coach, which means that our life revolves around football. It is a 24/7/365 commitment. And a baby boy would have fit so seamlessly into our lifestyle. I mean boys and football go hand-in-hand, right?

rmcY3p6Qi1DhnSYe1hHlp_uartKqzt2UJQpAm5vLf9oEmma's very first game

When we had our ultrasound appointment and found out we were having a little girl, we were both shocked (and ecstatic)! My mind immediately began thinking about the fashion possibilities that were now available to us. While boy fashion has come a long way in the past few years, it doesn't have a thing on girl fashion…let’s be real, here!


Then I started thinking about football season. In our house, we I go all out for football games, so being decorated in fun and festive threads on Saturdays is a must! And babies are no exception.


Since so much of our life is centered around such a male-dominated industry, fashion is a really fun way to celebrate our lifestyle while still being girly. Finding new clothes and accessories for Emma has been so freaking fun and I hope that it's something we can continue to bond over each football season.

2013-08-30 07.05.42-1Touchdown!!!

2013-09-14 15.22.06

Even though he would never admit it, I think Joe secretly enjoys Emma's Saturday fashion shows too.  Seeing this big, tough guy with his tiny little girl after practices and games is just about as heart-melting as you can get!

2013-10-04 16.06.55Checking over dad's game plan

While I used to worry about how a little girl would fit into this crazy, football dominated world of ours, Emma has quickly proven me wrong in every way. She reps her black and red every Saturday just like any other NIU fan (Go Huskies!!!) and I only hope her love for the game continues to grow right along with her.

whistleSomeone taught Emma how to blow a whistle (Spoiler alert: it wasn't me).

Thank you so much to Erinn for hosting us today. I absolutely adore this series and I can't wait to see more!


  1. Thanks so much again for having us! And without even planning it, Emma and I are both actually wearing pink on this fine Wednesday. Haha.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Rachel! I loved reading about a girl in a "boys world", so cute... going to have such a memorable childhood!

  3. Cutest football fan EVER! See specially with all those gorgeous curls!!

    1. Thanks! She gets those crazy curls from her daddy and I have NO idea how to tame it...Yikes!!!

  4. Her football clip is the best!

    1. Thanks...I got it from Bub + Bug Studio on Etsy :)

  5. Loved hearing your story! Always fun to read about someone from "back home"!

  6. How sweet is she! Love that she fits in to the "football world" so seamlessly!!! What fun!

  7. Welcome to the Midwest! We're in SWMO and love it :) Your little one is precious! I love how you guys are so supportive of Daddy's work. It's awesome!

  8. It's so fun to see how girls can be a part of a "boys" life!!

  9. Rachel-

    It's kind of crazy I came across your blog today while reading the "Girl Moms" weekly post! I'm not sure if you remember me, but we've had a few classes together at NIU. When I saw the Huskies attire, I had to smile :) Your daughter is precious and I love the team spirit you are both instilling in her! I also read some past posts and am so proud of your WW accomplishments! I had some great success in 2009-2010 and know it's a great program. Thanks for sharing your lives with all of glad I came across your blog!

    I hope you are well!

    :) Jenesha

    1. That's so crazy...what a small world! Of course I remember you...hope your dissertation is going well!


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