Thursday, October 24, 2013

[#2] Countdown is on!

Tomorrow I'll be 34 weeks, which puts me 9 days away from when I would have given birth to Ashlynn.  I know this has no bearing on when I'll give birth to Kenley, but of course it's always in the back of my head.  It's a totally overwhelming thought as I don't feel 'prepared' for baby at all, but of course, in other ways, wanted her here yesterday.

I've gotten a lot of questions on previous posts, instagram, and emails, and thought I'd run through some of them here on one centralized post on this pregnancy, baby plans, and baby in general.  Also, a few other things I've thought about recently on my own, but haven't shared yet.

"What are your labor plans?"

This wasn't actually asked, but something I've thought of... barely.  Before Ashlynn, I had plans to attempt a med-free natural birth in a hospital setting.  I read the Hypnobirthing book and took a class (the weekend before she came!).  While it was my preference to avoid labor induction and pain management drugs, I was never hell bent on not having them if needed and recommended by my doctor.  When my water broke at 35 weeks, all bets were off.  I was so afraid of why I went into pre-term labor all I wanted was my baby delivered safely.

Possibly, since my labor wasn't horrific, I'm not stressing too much about this time.  I think it's also that I feel I have zero control over the situation - water breaking, early labor and hours of contractions, or a fast delivery, etc. That due to that, I'll just take the day as it comes.  If the situation allows me to have "med-free" birth, great.  If not, then we'll take our options as they come.  All that matters is that Kenley arrives safely.

"Are you buying another crib?"

Yes.  The Husband was against this in the beginning thinking having two cribs was ridiculous, however I don't think Ashlynn is at an age where we are quite ready to transition to a "big girl" bed.  Even though the baby will stay in our room 6-12 weeks (hoping the former, but up to the latter depending on her needs), I still don't think we'll be ready to have Ashlynn to have "free reign" of her room at night.

Also, her crib did come with a toddler rail and her mattress is dual sided.  I thought it made more sense to buy a second crib and mattress for Kenley than the more expensive option of  a "big girl" set for Ashlynn and a twin mattress - that wouldn't be waterproof.  Since I don't anticipate potty training until we settle as a family of four, a ruined mattress would be money in the toilet.   Especially since we still deal with night leaks at times and who knows what potty training will bring.

When Ashlynn is 3ish we'll redo her room to a "big girl" room with new furniture, decor, bedding, etc. and let her express her own wishes on what she wants in her room.

"Are you having a Sprinkle for Baby K?"

Not that I'm aware of.  While it has been common for my friends to throw sprinkles for each other, almost everyone's second baby has been the opposite sex, which makes more sense.  Having another girl, so close in age to my first, we really don't need much.

(I want my pink shirt back!)

"Are you using hand me downs or have you bought a lot of new items?"

Combination, but mostly hand-me-downs.  We have all the gear - infant carrier car seat, pack n play, rock n play, bouncer, jumperoos, Ergo/Moby, bumbo, and boppy.  We also have plenty of swaddles (though I need to find a good stain remover!), sleep sacks, and actually a bunch of bottles we never used with Ashlynn!  We were also given a dual umbrella stroller from a friend who no longer needed it, and are planning to borrow an extra bouncer from another.  We'll eventually purchase a BOB dualie, but probably not until spring when I'd actually use it.

Clothing of course will be passed down, although their newborn/0-3m sizes are off in seasons (Ashlynn started wearing NB in May (she was in preemie at birth), and 0-3 over the summer.  This baby will likely be in 0-3 from December-February ish.  So outside of not using sundresses and short sleeve onesies and rompers, we should be good going forward.

Lastly, we obviously bought new things for the nursery - furniture, bedding, and decor.  I'll also need to get new things like fresh pacifiers, bottle nipples, pump parts, and of course good old diapers.   I'm sure I'll think of things after the fact that mommy brain has forgotten about  (but I haven't forgotten about my mommy needs - oh boy! fun, fun, can't wait!)

"Where is your chair from?"

I'll do a whole post with the nursery reveal with item sourcing, so if you've asked about something else, it'll be there, but I wanted to focus on the nursery chair since it's similar to the crib situation.  Just opposite.

Unlike having two cribs in the house, we did not want two gliders/nursery chairs.  Ashlynn's chair is a Best Chair that rocks, swivels, and reclines - just wish it washed the dishes! While it wasn't PBKids or Serena & Lily expensive (I think in $600 ballpark), it was still pricy enough that we didn't want to buy another.  Nor do we want to be stuck with two "nursery" type chairs after the babies are grown.

After thinking that I didn't even start rocking Ashlynn until about 4 months when we starting getting consistent with a nightly routine, I figured I didn't need a chair that rocked.  I nursed Ashlynn on the couch, on my bed, etc, never with an issue.  We really didn't rely on "rocking" until probably closer to a year when I would cuddle and rock in the night when trying to wean from night feedings.   We bought an affordable Ikea chair (that was on Family Member Sale!!) that we can use in Kenley's room for now for a place to sit, and figure when we don't need to rock Ashlynn we can swap the chairs.  We still use her chair daily for story time and rocking while we sing before bed and during her night wakings (teething or nightmare episodes).  I figure by the time we switch to a toddler bed and teething comes to an end, a stationary chair will do just fine and the rocker can go to Kenley.  Plus, the Ikea chair can be easily recovered to go in any other room or sold for good resale on Craigslist.

"What's different this time around?"

Everything and nothing.  Of course that's not true at all, but as any first time mom can attest, things change.  You swore you'd do this or that and your big "plans" fall by the wayside to doing what you felt was best in the moment.

I plan on transitioning Kenley to her crib sooner (we'll see).  I plan on using bottles more often - this will be necessary having a toddler to tend to.  If I'm cooking dinner or tending to Ashlynn, Daddy can give a bottle.  This means I'll be pumping more (cry!) - that is if breastfeeding even goes smoothly this time around - we had our battles with the first bout.  We won't be cloth diapering Kenley like we did Ashlynn her first 8 months.  I actually sold a lot of the diapers and have a few left (girl colors) if anyone is interested.

I was pretty obsessed with label reading and natural products before having Ashlynn, knowing the best and most earth friendly formulas thanks to stalking  While I still buy mainly organic and natural products (Honest Company, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Burt Bees, Yes to Carrots, California Baby, etc) - and do for myself as well, there are things I'm not as crazy about.  If a natural diaper ointment isn't working, I'll happily breaking out the A&D to clear it up than prolonging a rash because I want the coconut oil to kick in.   Same with food.  We mainly eat clean and organic as a household, but sure, Ashlynn gets her fair share of goldfish and treats when we are out.  I'm not going to be the mom who refuses to let her eat a cupcake or slice of pizza.  It's just all balance.  Kenley will be getting probably even more "balance" than Ashlynn as I imagine it becomes easier to "let go" as a second time mom.

"Are you prepared?"

Well this is pretty broad question.

Prepared in terms of "stuff".  Yes.  We have "stuff".  Is it prepared?  No.  We need to dig the car seat and baby corralling items out of the basement and give them a good wash.  Hopefully this weekend.

HAVE I prepared??

Going back to the labor question, no.  I haven't looked at a birthing book, nor really done anything to prep my body.  I did pre-natal yoga with Ashlynn and if you count lifting her and picking up toys working out (...and I do now-a-days) then, yes, yes I am working out.  In seriousness though, I was walking the neighborhood up until about 28 weeks when that would trigger Braxton Hicks episodes so I stopped.

... and finally mentally prepared?

I think as much as one can be.  We are so excited to welcome this baby to our family, watch her grow the way we have with Ashlynn, and also watch Ashlynn be a big sister.  I can't wait to watch the bond between them grow and as Blair wrote on a WWWP post, I'm excited (and nervous) to tackle the responsibility of letting that relationship flourish to its potential and create two life long friends who will stand beside each other on their wedding days and find comfort and joy with their lives' ups and downs.

And maybe even braid each other's hair.

And probably play some mean tricks on good ol' mom.

I can't wait.   Kenley, we already love you so much!


  1. I don't know if you are but you sound very calm and ready! I hope Kenley stays put a little longer for you guys and that you have a smooth birth!

    1. My husband would beg to differ, but I think in terms of her actual arrival I am pretty calm. I'm just more anxious over the nesting instinct. I have a mile long to-do list that I know won't be completed, but that's okay. It's just still daunting to look at... especially since I keep adding to it!

  2. I think this is why second children are a little more laid back... We as moms become more laid back! While I still only have the one I already think of the things I wouldn't worry about so much the second time around... It must make a huge difference. While we all want to meet Kenley... Good luck keeping her in there a little longer :)

  3. Reading this made things get real!! You have the same due date as one of my BFF mommy friends- and it's seemed so far off. UNTIL NOW. Can't wait to see kenley!!

    1. Well at this rate it could be tomorrow (unlikely) or in 6 weeks, which thankfully does feel far off when compared to "9 days"

  4. I'm so excited for you, Erinn! Hoping these next few weeks go well for you and can't wait to see the little one on your blog soon. :)

  5. Who is ever ready to have a baby? No one, I think! You can plan and plan and plan...

    As for the Ikea chair, you could always that Pinterest hack ( to turn it into a glider if you wanted to!

    I can't wait to see pictures of Kenley when she arrives! Ashlynn is going to be the sweetest big sister :)

    1. I have seen that hack. We figured we'd skip it since we will just swap the chairs and then that chair can be used in a guest room or sitting room, play room, whatever!

  6. So exciting, you sound prepared to me! Best of luck in the weeks to come, excited to see the new little one on the blog soon!

  7. Ahhh love the pic of you and baby A! SO CUTE! :) You are totally's a Mom's instinct to just *be* ready no matter what. Sending you lots of labor love, hope it's quick and easy!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

    1. Totally agree... I think thats why I'm so at peace with the labor situation. I'm praying I dont have some crazy birth story or any complications resulting in an emergency c-section or other procedures, but it's totally out of my control.

  8. Oh this is so sweet! I saw the title and thought you might have gone into labor already! Ahh! I'll be watching all of your social media outlets like a hawk, stalker status! Cannot wait to "meet" Kenley!! xo

    1. Haha, hopefully we have some time before any surprise announcements!!

  9. So sweet! And don't stress momma--you will be as ready as you need to be! Can't wait for the big announcement that Kenley is here! :)

  10. Love this!! Thank you so much for letting us know a little more. Can't wait for the nursery post!! (of course here I am with Ellie being 5 months old and I still haven't revealed her room!!)

  11. just started following your blog! I'm a girl mommy too (15 month old and another due in Feb) It's nice to find other young moms in similar situations. Your rationale about the 2 cribs makes total sense. I've been debating about what to do. Thanks! and good luck

    1. Welcome to my little corner of the internet!! Thanks for following! I'm sure everyone has a different opinion, but that's just what's going to work for us. Glad to may have helped you in your planning too! (and congrats!!)

  12. Sounds like you're ready!! I'm curious, why are you choosing not to cloth diaper this time around?


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