Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Kid Tested, Mom Approved - Link Up Party!] Tried and True Toys

Hi Friends!  Hope everyone had a great weekend, pregnancy is starting to kick my butt so I took a day to recover, but I'm back today link up over at host, Julie's, blog The Girl in the Red Shoes about our favorite tried and true toys.
To be honest, this post had me a little stumped.  I figured I'd write about whatever was Ashlynn's toy of the moment, but it seems she gravitates towards the same things each day.

We have a variety of musical toys, puzzles, blocks, but she really loves her "pretend play" toys.  She loves cooking in her kitchen and carrying her kitchen utensils everywhere, pushing her baby (or bunny) in the stroller, and playing with her Fisher Price Little People House and Pirate Ship.

So I thought I'd share some items we have our eye on adding to our stash to help her blossoming imagination grow!

First, I'd love to add a tea set and treat tower.  She loves sharing her "cooking" from the kitchen, but it'd be so fun to start having some proper tea parties too.

This mini dyson vacuum is too cute! And since Ashlynn LOVES watching me and chasing me around as I vacuum, I think it'd be so fun to get her some other toys to be just like mommy.  (And who knows, maybe she'll start cleaning her room.. ha. ha.)

I love this little Fisher Price Servin' Surprises High Chair Set.  I think as Ashlynn becomes a big sister keeping her involved in baby care is going to be huge.  I hope to offset any attention jealously by getting her involved in what I'm doing and allowing her to mimic with her own baby dolls.  So if I change diapers or give a bottle, she can do the same her with her dolls (or more likely, bunny) and feel included and not jealous of the time I'm spending caring for our new addition.  This little high chair with dinner plate is adorable.  We already let Bunny eat with us at the table, mainly to keep him free from her sticky hands, but having a cute little chair and some play food would make this pretend play a lot more fun.

Lastly, I'm really on a kick with adding Fisher Price Little People toys to our collection.  They were actually one of my favorite toys as a kid, I can remember playing with them for hours.  Ashlynn loves making her animal noises so practicing playing and recognizing each animal on the farm would be right up her alley.

Now, it's your turn!  What are you favorite toys?  Use the button below on your post and head over to The Girl in the Red Shoes to link up!


And don't forget, our final link up is this Thursday over at Sunflower State of Mind!  We'll be sharing our favorite gear and baby products!


  1. Love the mini vacuum! That one will definitely be making an appearance under the Christmas tree. Harrison is always trying to push the vacuum or carpet cleaner and gets so upset because they're too big. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Get the vacuum!!! It's awesome! We have it and it's way better built than other toy vacuums plus it actually has real suction and picks up dust and crumbs, etc. Not a ton of cleaning power but every little bit helps right?! :)

  3. We love little people in our house! And I remember playing with them and loving them too...my mom even kept some of them for Hudson to play with one day. And that vacuum is genius! It looks just like ours....we might have to get that for Christmas.

  4. We have the little people pirate ship and my son loves it!!


  5. Omg that mini dyson is amazing!

  6. That treat tray is SO CUTE!! And I'm loving that high chair... We have a guest at our dinner table constantly too. I swear "coco" gets washed every night (by lex in the bath and me in the washing machine)!

  7. I can't even...that dyson? So cute. I love the tea party stuff. My neighbor growing up brought me tiny tea sets that I still have, hand painted real china type sets she would find while traveling. Can't wait to give them to Aria one day.

  8. Ethan would LOOOOVE that play vacuum! He's always walking around with our broom these days, so the vacuum would be perfect!

  9. I think Ashlynn and Owen have very similar play styles! He loves to play pretend and mimic all the things Keith and I do around the house. I think they would get along very well :)

  10. They sell a mini Dyson!? I had no idea, totally have to buy that for my niece...she's OCD with cleaning ;)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  11. The treat tower has officially been added to Arden's Christmas list! Thanks :) And I'm with you on the Little People toys…they are great!

  12. this post was AWESOME! Thanks for all the great ideas! I was contemplating little people the other day at target...now i'm going to head back there and scoop some up! B also LOVES pretend play. especially with her baby!


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