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[Girl Moms] Wednesdays We Wear Pink... instead of blue

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Hello, fellow readers of Strawberry Swing and Other Things! My name is Julia and I'm a girl mom who was first a boy mom, since I have Truman who is 3.5 years old and Cecelia who is 15 months. When Erinn contacted me to write for this feature on girl moms, I was all over it because that concept of being a mother to a specific sex is really interesting to me. Maybe it's because I have one of each but I can't help to compare my children with each other---a difficult habit to break as a mom-of-two;)


First things first: it's absolutely true what they say. It really IS easier to find adorable girl clothes and it's a lot harder to find cute things for a boy. It's not impossible or anything, but oh my. Shopping for Cecelia has been an eye-opening experience. So.Much.Cuteness. Little girls can bankrupt a person if you aren't careful.

Last month I blogged every day, which was a big deal for me since I don't post nearly as frequently since Cecelia was born. And during that month-o-blogging I had started a letter to Cecelia, where I talk about being a girl mom. Or more specifically, her mom. I finally finished the letter and feel like it would be a good fit for Erinn's feature. Enjoy!


Dear Cecelia,

There's something that's been on my mind lately, so I turn to the internet to share my thoughts with you. As I do. ;)

Thank you for being my daughter, for making me a 'girl mom', and for giving me that mother/daughter relationship that I never realized I wanted so badly. After your brother arrived, I embraced the title of 'boy mom' and envisioned another son for our number two. That's all I knew and it just felt right. I told myself that being the queen bee in a house full of dudes would be my future, and I was good with being the only one in pink through the years. Mommy loves pink, you know;) I became the master of train-track-building, can tell you all of Thomas's Friends, I know what stinky little boy sweat smells like, I say 'be gentle' about four hundred times per day, and I became accustomed to the tornado that is a little boy who never sits still. I love being a 'boy mom'.

But then I got pregnant with you, Cecelia. And even before we saw pink balloons, I admitted to myself that I longed for a daughter this time. Any child is a gift but I wanted my girl. I wanted that mother-daughter relationship that is totally indescribable and important in a girl's life. And here you are, full of sugar and spice and everything.....nice. With personality and estrogen and opinions. Painted toenails, hair bows, enough pink to last a lifetime. The first crush on a boy, pierced ears, hair woes, prom dress shopping. Wedding dress shopping. And lots of other shopping mixed in between----we have so many girlie memories to make, my girl.


Cecelia, raising a daughter is not all that different from raising a son, and I assumed I wouldn't see much of a difference between the sexes until The Teenage Years. You know, when the frightening idea of puberty hits. But from day one I could tell that you were completely different than Truman. Oh, so different.


For one, you are a different child and therefore (duh) you don't do everything exactly the same as big brother did at your age. I don't know why this has been such a shock for me, but it is. You are a little more petite than he was, you eat more food than he ever did, you walked sooner, talk more, and sleep a little worse than Truman. You also have a flair towards the dramatic and seem to get really worked up, really quickly. Ah, estrogen combined with your red hair....what a combination;) Your daddy likes to tell me that you get your temper and your drama from me. That might be true, but come on--we are girls! Of course we are going to be a little emotional and dramatic, right?


Which brings me to one of my favorite realizations about having a daughter: I am in love with the time we spend together, just us girls. There is something palpable about the connection I feel to you as you mom, and (I hope this doesn't seem superficial) but I especially feel it when we are doing stereotypical girlie things. Like shopping, for instance.


The other day you wouldn't nap, so us ladies took off to the mall to make a return and look for some new shoes for you. The boys held down fort at home. Just us girls---one of my favorite times, although I love your dad and brother dearly, too. But I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I saw your eyes light up trying on new sneakers. They are purple and silver and they have glitter on every square inch of them, and you would NOT take them off. In fact, you strutted over to the floor mirror and struck a pose. I kid you not. In that moment I realized that something as minor as shoe shopping was a favorite girl mom moment for me. Truman would never enjoy new shoes as much as you do. And I've never seen him strike a pose in a mirror of a shoe store, either, miss diva.

Because isn't there some unwritten rule about how women adore shoes since they are something that always fits? Except when you are growing at lightning speeds, of course. I'm just hoping these sneaks last you through the Fall.


Thank you for being my girl, sweet Cecelia. I never knew how amazing it would be as a girl mom.

Love, Mommy

(Our four generations of girls, through my mom's side. I feel such a bond with my mom and grandma as I mother my daughter. Something about knowing they did the same with their daughters, many years ago, comforts me to no end.)




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  6. Thanks so much for sharing, Julia!!


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