Monday, September 2, 2013

Anniversary Recap

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!  I took Friday off from posting, but I'm back with a recap of our anniversary family day of fun.

Last year we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary by traveling back to my hometown and spending the day on the boardwalk.  We considered going back, but with a crummy weather report and toddler who's dropped to one nap a day - smack in the middle of the day - we thought it'd be best to take advantage of something local.

We started with breakfast out at a little hole in the wall restaurant in our town that is voted year after year Best Breakfast.  We've been a few times and you can't beat their page long omelet and pancake combinations for diner prices.  Not to mention the pancakes are the size of the plate.  Literally.

This was my leftovers (banana and butterscotch chip) from the next day - being reheated in our large frying pan.

So pancakes and coffee for the tall folks and some french toast for the shortcake, we stopped back home, packed the bag and headed to the city to explore the Please Touch Museum.  I know it's a really popular museum in our area (amongst a handful of other great options) and that it's great for kids - young and old.  We even had a blast playing in the exhibits.   Going on a week day morning was key as it was almost empty when we arrived around 9:30 and was starting to get crowded when we left 2 hours later.  I can't imagine what a mad house it is on weekends, and with a small toddler it was nice not having bigger kids taking up the space or creating chaos.  She was able to run around safely and explore all the fun.  I think once she's 2+ she'll really love the pretend play stations, but she still had a blast exploring and looking at all the had to offer.

And the carousel, she spotted it from a room away and made a beeline.  She loved watching it go around and point out the bunny and cats amongst all the horses.

I took a handful of pictures on my point and shoot, since the battery on my dslr was dead - mom fail.  And of course since I haven't uploaded them, and I think my iPhone works better on occasion, so here are some quick snaps of the family fun!

And for those you who like video, here is A on the carousel with a what appears to be a pregnant mom who'd be due any day... but has until Thanksgiving, maybe longer.   Holy bump watch. (go ahead, you know you want to peak)

We left before lunch and of course, sleepy head passed out in the car with 20 minutes to go.  She woke when we got home and we had some lunch.  We tried to get her to nap, but no go, she was too excited (and off schedule) to keep on playing with her daddy since it was his special day off from work.  So play we did and then we headed to an early dinner at one of our favorite Brewery's.  And yes, we bring our baby to bar.   Actually it's a really great restaurant, the menu is awesome, the microbrews are super tasty (though of course I omitted), and what a better environment to bring a kid.  A loud restaurant.  Of course, we like to usually go at the beginning of dinner (5pm-ish) since the dining room is less crowded and we don't have to wait as long for service.  Win-win on all fronts for everyone.  After that, sleepyhead again passed out on 10-minute drive home and was out like a light.  I was going to skip bath and just change her dirty diaper and get some jams on, but of course, she got a second wind as soon as the jams went over her head.  So bath, books, and bedtime routine we did and still she didn't want to sleep.

Finally she passed out and we crashed on the couch regrouping ourselves from the fun-filled day.  We decided to postpone our annual wedding wine until a time we can both enjoy it.  So maybe at the holidays we'll toast to what a wonderful year and wonderful anniversary we had. 


  1. What a fun day! Owen is the same way if he gets off schedule or falls asleep for a short time in the car the rest of the days sleep is always out of wack.

  2. Sounds like a great family day :) Happy anniversary!

  3. You guys had such an amazing anniversary day! It's seriously the PERFECT way to spend the day... And annual wedding wine? LOVE the idea!!!

  4. Oh I hate when naps get thrown off, but sometimes it's worth it to enjoy the day! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate your marriage and family!

  5. What a great day! Looks like you had a lot of fun!! So special to spend the day as a family! Many more years of blessings to you and your family!

  6. It sounds like a great anniversary. Please share the story behind the annual wedding wine. My little brother is getting married next year and they're looking for fun ideas.

    1. Hi Jenn!

      We picked up 5 bottles from our favorite local winery (their wines are bit pricy so it a perfect splurge - since we know what to expect). We tagged each bottle for each year for our first five anniversaries and had our guests sign the bottle labels instead of a traditional guest book. Now each year, we open the bottle saved for that anniversary and toast!

      It's a great keepsake, we save all the bottles (and corks) and I love sharing the bottle's picture each year on FB and tagging our friends who signed it. Everyone always gets a kick out of it and we thank them for 'celebrating' with us :)

  7. What a great way to spend your anniversary! The museum looks like such a fun place to just let A run all over and blow off some steam! Don't you hate car naps?

  8. Banana & butterscotch chip pancakies!? Sounds divine :) Glad you all had an amazing anniversary! I love that Ashlynn got to join in with you all <3 I'm sure you can't wait for that wine ;)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  9. Happy anniversary! Such a great way to spend your day.


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