Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

For a "weekend home" it sure didn't feel it!  We've had a pretty busy social calendar the last few weeks and the last time we were home with no plans the chore and yardwork fairy blessed up with plenty to keep busy.

The husband was scheduled to take an exam for some professional credentials on Sunday, so he was holed up cramming all day Saturday.  The weather was gorgeous so the little and I ran some errands to keep the house quiet for a least a little while.    We also finished rearranging A's drawers and closet that I completely pulled apart on Friday.  Nothing like some good ol' nesting!

Naps have been pretty non-existent the last three or four days.  I'm not really sure which teeth are causing the problem, but her top molars that cut in front half of her gums a month ago are now finally dropping in the back.  There is actually gums between the two portions of tooth and it's ridiculously painful for me to even look at thinking the whole thing is going to drop down through that.  She's also getting her right side lateral incisor and her bottom molars look pretty swollen still.  Luckily, some nighttime Advil is keeping her snoozing through the night (since the nights without it have her up multiple times crying in inconsolable pain - the worst!), but that might also be because of the lack of naps.  Either way, long days.

When the husband took a study break, I worked hard to catch up on some teepee orders.  I had a huge influx (thank you thank you thank you) come in last week, so I'm working hard at getting them filled and also trying to get adequate rest as the pregnancy (and no napping toddler) are wearing me out.

Sunday we headed to the city to celebrate one of my close friends little guy's 1st Birthday!  She had adorable minted. decor and of course the man of the hour was dressed in his finest dapper duds.

(headband | top | skinnies -gap spring '13 | shoes)

Excited for this week ahead.  I have my 30 week check up tomorrow, looking forward to discussing these crazy contractions with my doctor.  We have some playdates planned and just might get a visit from Mimi if her schedule allows.  And of course, I might actually get my act together and start putting Kenley's room together.  I have a few DIY projects ready to be started, just need a few more hours in the day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bullet List

I feel like I have so many things to catch up on, so back to the good old hodge podge bullet point post...

Last week, A and I joined our local mommy group.  We had a great time at the meet and greet where I actually knew a few moms and met a few others with toddlers right around A's age and also have babies on the way!  Ashlynn had a ball eating everyone else's goldfish (or "blub blubs"), but it's okay because someone went to town on her puffs.  Looking forward to attending more events and having more regular playdates.

Afterwards, we were pushing naptime so I rushed home.  When I pulled into the driveway and started to get A unbuckled I noticed Bunny was missing.  Bunny came to the Meet and Greet, natch, but even though I know he made it out of the store, he some how didn't make it home.  If it was any other toy, I would have forged ahead with the nap, but instead I drove back (thankfully only about 5 minutes) and found him sunning himself in the parking lot right next to where A's door was.  So happy he wasn't bunny roadkill.   Ashlynn was pretty thrilled too.

Saturday we headed to NJ to celebrate our friend's children's 3rd and 1st birthdays.  As usual, we had a blast hanging out with the gang and watching the kids and babies interact, especially now that they are all getting older.   Ashlynn even handled the car ride alright, me on the other hand, not so much.  My back is not a fan of sitting in the car for 90 minutes... nor my bladder.

Pregnancy.  I remember feeling similar with A around this point last go-round, in terms of feeling stretched and uncomfortable, but I feel like the dial has been turned up to 10 with everything else.  The acid reflux is so bad I can't sleep.  I occasionally see floaters, but to the effect of stars, they actually twinkle.  This is scary since it can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, however I have blood pressure so low they occasionally ask if I'm actually alive and I'm protein free in the ladies room test.  Doctor thought it was optical migraines, but I think it's just my low blood pressure.  It only happens when I get up too fast.  Will ask again at my next appointment.  Also, I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions daily.  They aren't painful, but they are pretty uncomfortable.  It's also hard to relax and rest when they happen when I'm chasing a toddler.  10 weeks to go.... potentially less.  The fun part is, truly, with feeling this stretched, movement is insane.  This is the best part about pregnancy (aside from nightly ice cream).  I love being able to see and feel the baby kick, punch, elbow, and hiccup.  I'm trying hard to cherish this time as much as it's taxing on my body.  It's 99% my last go-round and I want to soak in what's good, even when third tri highlights the hardships.  I can't believe in 2 short months we'll be getting to know a new family member!
Two words -  J.Crew. Baby.

Nursery. Slow and very steady wins the race, right?  We have almost all the knobs on the dresser switched out, just have to finish the bottom row.  The design effect in the closet is done, but we need to anchor the shelf and hang the rods.  Crib sheet and changing pad cover arrived.  Need to buy a shade and hang the curtain rods.  Make a final decision on what I'm doing to fancy up the curtains, have a few options in mind.  Back to the store to get a chair and get some lamps since there is no light in the room.

Oh and art, need to work on that too.  ::panic attack ensues::

Sick.  I thought Sunday A was little off and that it was her teeth.  I can see a top incisor cutting and the back half of her upper molars are finally dropping (only the fronts had originally cut through). However, by Monday the runny nose started and knew it wasn't a new teething symptom starting.  She finally starting getting some sleep on Tuesday taking two awesome naps and actually sleeping through the night, she did again the next night and seems to be on the mend.  However, mama and dada not so much.  Hopefully we fight as fast as she did.

Ok that's enough for now.  Hopefully we have some more exciting things to share next time.  Like nursery progress with photos or happy faces without red noses.   Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink... chalk dust

Hi! I am Jessica, blogger at Little Baby Garvin & mama to my "not-so-little-baby" 19 month old daughter, Harper. I had a feeling from the moment that I got a positive pregnancy test that I was going to have a girl. My husband swears that we will have all girls, which I've come to learn would be okay with me.  I love, love, love being a girl mom.
I'm not sure I can pick any single reason why I love being a girl mom, but I think it's safe to say it mostly involves outfits, accessories & girl time.

My husband used to tell me that I sometimes dressed like a little kid who's mom let them pick out their own outfit for school. Whaaat? Like my rainboots DON'T look good with my sequin top? Pshhhh. This is one of the reasons why having a little girl rocks. You can live vicariously through their outfits. Tell me you wouldn't like to have any of these get ups in your size?

The same goes for accessories. Bows, friendship bracelets, metallic shoes & ruffle backpacks are just the beginning of it. There's a good chance I'd try getting away with wearing some of Harper's killer headbands to the grocery store if people wouldn't look at me like I had two heads. Although some of them are big enough to make it appear so.

I live for the special "girl time" that we have together, especially now that she is getting a little bit older & understands things on a whole new level. This includes shopping, cooking, coloring, etc. One of my favorite times of the day is when I am showering & getting ready in the bathroom, she is my little companion. She hangs out in the bathroom, sorts through my nailpolishes, organizes headbands & hair ties in baskets & fills her little purse with all of my different chapsticks & lip glosses. It's really one of the only times of day when she isn't totally bonkers (which any mom can appreciate) but it's so sweet to see her doing things that I know she only picked up from watching me do them. She is the sweetest little sidekick.

The truth is, whether you have boys or girls, it is incredible to watch them grow & learn to love the things you love. Some of Harper's favorite things to do are drawing on the chalkboard (like mama!), throwing around the football outside (like dad!) or hanging out in her pajamas eating snacks in the hammock (I'll let you guess where she gets that). 

Thanks so much for having me, Erinn! Can't wait to see pictures of your TWO precious girls together! #girlmom #makeitadouble :)


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Monday, September 23, 2013

[Shortcakes] Tea Party with Mimi

Mimi came to visit last Wednesday and naturally we went out and bought Ashlynn a new toy.  It was her 17 month birthday after all.

Seriously, this toy wins the award for FAVORITE toy ever on her part.  She played with it the rest of the night and almost exclusively the next day.  She's still be playing with it since, of course mixing a few old favorites in between.

On Thursday morning before Mimi left, I took some pictures of their tea party and there is just so much joy from both of them I had to share.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, September 20, 2013

[Featured On] Lovely Little Things

Just a little afternoon pop-in to share that I'm guest posting today over at Lovely Little Things!  Michelle just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, so I'm sharing my favorite ways to soak in (and record) each and every memory and milestone.

Have a great weekend!!

[Shortcakes] 17 Months

Ashlynn turned 17 months on Wednesday, can't believe that when people ask her age I reply "almost a year and half"!  Once again, this is my new favorite age... it's awesome.  Pure awesome.

Check last month for the long list of words Ashlynn has compiled, but it's really taking off at lightning speed.  She's still pretty indistinguishable to strangers, but her daddy and I can understand her and hold mini conversation.  No sentences yet, but definitely enough words to get her point (or demands) across.

I'm mostly (still) amazed at the communication level.  In addition to the horse and pony show of animal noises she's got in her bag of tricks of performing when asked (lion, tiger, elephant, fish, duck, sheep, horse, dog, cat, birdie, cow, monkey, frog, and sad attempt at pig), she also follows instructions.  I can ask her to go sit in her chair or highchair, if she wants certain foods - she loves requesting 'cheese' and 'bloobs' (blueberries), not to push her toys that aren't made for pushing on the hardwoods.  If I tell her her food is hot she either holds it out for me to blow on or blows on it herself.   She'll also say "hot" if she sees something steaming or if I'm using the stove.  She loves having her teeth brushed and runs to the bathroom pointing at her mouth if we ask her if she wants to brush, same with the tub for bath time.

The biggest milestone, and it may be ridiculous to call it that, is that she's communicating when she's doing her business (keepin' it real friends).  She's recognized when she needs to and is going.  I'm definitely not one who will be forcing potty training, especially at 17 months, but we have introduced the potty seat (talked about yesterday) and are hoping she gets acclimated to why it exists and what to use it for.  I mean, I haven't been to the bathroom solo in 17 months, you'd think she'd start to understand the concept.

She's also saying and signing "thank you", in addition to the signs from previous months.  Nothing like teaching our girl some manners.

So last month she had only 5 teeth, with one just coming in time for the post, by the end of that week she had 3 more!  Current count is 8, 4 bottom fronts, 2 top front, and 2 top molars.  Her bottom molars have been ridiculously swollen for 2 weeks and we are just waiting for the relief to come.  I also think her top incisors are on their way too.  

She had 2 teeth at Fourth of July, my guess is that she'll have 12 by Halloween.  Insane. 

The Fisher Price tea set that her Mimi bought her this week.  I've never seen her so excited about a toy and have it hold her attention for so long (been playing with it almost exclusively for an entire day).  She discovered the low drawers in the kitchen and now loves opening and closing them and taking everything out.  Luckily, she has fun putting everything back too.  Standing in the tub.  Not sure why, but she's been refusing to sit, has to stand her whole bath.  String cheese.  Field hockey.  She loves playing with her toddler stick I bought her and she lasted a whole game (local high school) that we went to watch earlier this week.  Blankets.  Now that the weather is cooling, I started giving her a blanket at night instead of going back to a sleep sack.  While she does eventually lose it from rolling around too much, she seems to really love being tucked, adorable. Watching video's of herself.  If I'm on my phone, she'll climb in my lap and sign/say "more" until I show her every video I have stored.  She doesn't even watch tv for that long.  However,  she's developing a longer attention span, which I've been thankful for when needing to rest here and there for the rough days I've been having.

Being wet.  She's become a heavier wetter at night and we've been changing jammies and sheets more frequently than any of us enjoy.  I finally bought some Pampers overnights and hoping they help keep her and the bed dry.

Finally consolidated the nap.  It was a bit forced, but I think she needed/wanted it.  Her schedule now looks roughly like this...

Wake up 7-8am (give or take, sometimes earlier, sometimes later)
Nap 10:30-11 to 1-2pm - sometimes 90minutes, others up to 3 hours - GLORIOUS
Bed 7-730pm

Still usually wakes up either an hour after going down or once or twice during the night.  Sometimes she goes back to sleep.  Sometimes I know it's teeth.  Others it's just a lost paci and need for a short snuggle.  Other times a quick diaper change. Every once in awhile she'll just be up.  She'll lay in the crib for over an hour awake, which of course, I usually can't sleep during that time either.  The silver lining is that those are the days she sleeps past 8am. 

Still pretty much a great eater.  No crazy new additions this month, still relying on a lot of favorites, but she'll try anything.  She has become even more independent insisting on feeding herself her yogurt.  She holds the cup and is actually able to spoon and fed herself with minimal mess.  I mean she still needs a wipe down, but it's confined to her face and some spots on her tray where she puts her spoon down.  Such a big girl!

We've had such a great month.  We are officially signed up for pre-school in the spring, visited friends and family, going back to storytime, and just had a blast playing like never before.  She's a little sponge and every day I'm impressed with something new she's learned to do or say.   I know when Kenley is born, she's going to seem like such a big kid.  I'm trying to soak in every minute we have just us three.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Kid Tested, Mom Approved! - Link Up] Go-to Gear

Hi Friends! Welcome back for our final link up party!  Today Vanessa is hosting over at Sunflower State of Mind, so be sure to add the button below to your post and join in on the fun!


I feel like I did a few posts recently on our current favorite products, specifically this one where I recapped the items that have lasted the time of time through baby and toddler hood. While trying to think of "gear" that's getting us through these days, I realize we don't rely on much compared to infancy with the carriers, strollers, baby food products, places to eat, mats for tummy time, places to sleep, items to swaddle in... you get the picture.

One product we recently purchased that we haven't had much experience with, but will be using quite a lot is a Potty Seat!

(need some tp for the teepee)

No, Ashlynn is not in full out in potty training mode quite yet, but she's been able to recognize when she is going and verbalizing it.  Basically, she's saying "poop" every time she does either of her numbers.  It's kind of cute.  And hysterical. 

...And yeah, this is officially a mommy blog.  We are talking potty chairs and "poop". 

Anyway, since I haven't used a bathroom alone in 17 months, I figured it'd be a good time to introduce the potty seat and let her start to learn it's use.  Whether it's just asking her to sit down while I use the bathroom (to keep her from spinning the entire tp roll or trying to flush before I'm ready), we can also bring her to it each time she lets us know she's needs to go/is going for association.

I'm not planning on pushing the training at all at this point. She's only 17 months and even if she was able to grasp the concept and have control, I'm pretty sure she'd regress when baby arrives. I'm just hoping she starts to understand the concept and when she is ready we can make it a positive experience.

So back to the gear, after looking at different options - portable floor seats or adapters for full size toilets, we decided to get a Baby Bjorn Potty Seat.  I liked that it had a high back for her sitting comfortably (this may be something boy mom's aren't so interested in?) and that it wasn't so little it'd get knocked over, kicked around, or that she'd fall off - toddlers can be quite clumsy.  We decided against using a potty seat that adapts a regular seat since she is so little, she's too short to get up there herself.  

So, while I won't be following this milestone in depth, I do hope to provide some updates when we move to different stages of training and how this product is working for us.  Any "been there, done that" moms - I'd love your feedback and input on the process and products that worked for you!

Thank you to everyone who joined in each Tuesday and Thursday this month, we had a great time linking up and getting inspired!