Monday, August 19, 2013

[Shortcakes] 16 Months!

Woot woot!  Ashlynn turned 16 months yesterday, here's her current run down!  Biggest milestone for the month was finding out she's going to have a little sister!  ....Let the closet wars begin now :)

(and yes, such a lady...)

Mama (Mam)
Dada (Da)
Bye Bye... Bye
Duck (Dut)
Bunny (Bun)
Fan (Tan)
Bopo (Baba)... my dad
Banana (Bana or Anana)
Belly/Belly Button (Buh Buh)
Choo Choo (train)
Penn Penn (for Penny, our Boston)
...and a bunch of other mumbles that make sense to me, but no one else.   I think this is the last month I'll be adding to list since her vocabulary, while muffled, is clearly attempting to grow.

Adding on to last month, signing "more", "please", and "eat" and trying "thank you" here and there.  Waves and says Hi and Bye correctly and blows kisses.  And the new one is "Ut Oh", except it's just "Ut" with cute little hand hand and should shrugs.

bow | dress (sold out)

5 Teeth (total)!  Basically the never-ending teething as finally commenced.  She cut her first front tooth before turning 15 months and at about 2 week increments cut the other front tooth and a bottom side.  The pedi said all her molars were swollen too.  Looking yesterday morning, it looks like the other bottom side (lateral incisor) might be coming and molars are looking even more swollen.  Not sure about other top teeth because she doesn't really let me get a good look.  Actually the only looks I get when I hang her upside down or by making her laugh during a diaper change. 

Other stats include from her 15 1/2 month check up at 7/31 - 30" tall and 20lb 7oz. 

Pushing buttons.  Pushing things over and saying "Ut".  Sidewalk chalk, but mainly just holding it and walking around.  Coloring.  Climbing.  The house is becoming her own personal jungle gym.  Climbs from her anywhere chair to the couch (which she proceeds to climb), all over our bed, all over any chairs, all over the stairs and other steps.  We left a folding table collapsed on the floor in the dining room after our "Sprinkle" and now it's her little stage.  She steps up and 'dances' (stomps) all over.  Getting the mail.  If I say "Want to get the mail" she'll run to the mudroom and get her shoes.  Kicking  balls, gonna be a soccer player!  Sorting shapes and starting to get into puzzles.  Loves pushing dolls and animals around in the stroller and even buckling them in... safety first!

Cutting teeth.  But in reality, she really does handle it like a champ.  We've only had a handful of "nights" and usually during the day she's awesome.

Still in the process of consolidating naps.  Getting closer to just having one long one, almost 3 hours, as long as she doesn't wake at 5:30am.  When she does, she still takes two. 

Night sleep as been hit or miss.  Sometimes she either has a hard time going down or wakes a bunch from her teeth, other nights she doesn't peep once until morning.  

Pretty much everything.  Starting to get a little pickier over some things, I noticed.  She doesn't seem to care that much about chicken.  We usually only have it once a week, (we eat mainly veggie based meals), but I noticed she'll eat some, but not a lot in comparison to other foods.  She also likes to "eat" goldfish or little cinnamon bunnies, but usually she'll suck on them and then hand them back to me... or the dogs. 

Curious about peanut butter.  She loves almond butter and doesn't have any reactions, but I tried a tiny bit of peanut butter one day and an hour later noticed some tiny red dots on her belly that went away a few hours later.  We waited a week or two and tried again yesterday, she just had a small bit of Daddy's fluffer nutter sandwich and when she woke up from her nap and small patch of red bumps on her cheek.  Could just be old coincidences, but I think I'll hold off another month or so before trying again just too see what happens.


To her highchair when asked to sit to eat or "will you go sit in your chair".   She's also been starting to take herself up the steps when she needs to be changed.  She did this a few times and I thought she was just bored being downstairs.  The one time she went directly to her diaper basket and pulled one out.  I thought, let me check and sure enough she was wet.  She also has left the family room after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ended and gone upstairs, so I put her in the crib and she went right down for her nap.  I can totally get used to both of those!

That's about it.  It's amazing how quickly her communication is growing, moreso the things she understands then how she communicates back, but even that is amazing considering 16 months ago she was just little helpless squish.   I can't wait to see what the next month has in store!


  1. It's so crazy how quickly they learn new things! A is such a sweetie and LOVE the pics of her!

  2. Happy 16 months!! I love how they turn into little people right about now.. Talking, following orders, and just knowing stuff! She's so cute!!

  3. A is such a cutie pie and I just love her curls... so adorable:)

    1. I swear every we give her a bath her hair grows, like I'm "watering" it! LOL

  4. She's only a month older than my kiddos and she says so much more than they do. Happy 16 months little girl!

    Our Little Miracles

    1. Seriously, if you look back each month, you can see that each month the list is doubling (why I'm going to stop adding to it). And I should also note, which I try, that her speech isn't very clear. Lots of single syllable sounds (Da, Dog, Bun, Tan -for fan, etc). We saw a kid at the airport a month ago who was a week younger than her and said "Mommy" clear as day, like a 2-3 year old, we sorta got nervous, but then realized they are all different and even though she isn't very clear, she's attempting to communicate and repeat things back. She also understands so much more than she can say.

  5. I'm so impressed with her initiating things! If only my son would walk to the stairs to take a nap after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Instead he just wants another episode! Lol

    1. That only happened one time, lol! But she has randomly headed up the stairs 2-3 times when wet. Either way, I'll happily let her do it again!!

  6. She is so beautiful and I wanted that dress so BAD from Janie & Jack!! But I felt since I have no children at the moment I may jinx myself! :)

  7. Sweet little A getting so big! She has an awesome vocabulary, btw!! Love her hair and that sweet dress!!

  8. She's so cute! Isn't it amazing how quickly their vocabulary grows!? My niece is 2.5 yrs and sounds like a little teen! Sofia has that same Zany Zoo, WE LOVE IT!

    Instagram: megawat

  9. She is absolutely precious! What a sweet little thing.

  10. That dress is adorable and your comment about letting the closet wars begin just made me think of earlier with Layla and Mariam. The fighting has not begun, but Layla has entered her terrible two's and as of yesterday has started to pick on her little sister. She pushed her earlier and later took a toy away. When Mariam was born I didn't have a problem with jealousy but it's starting to come out now. She didn't even want me to nurse her last night. Tsk..tsk. I hope this phase is over soon.

    1. Oh no! That has to be heartbreaking and difficult... and of course, somewhat expected. Hopefully the phase passes quickly!

  11. she is so cute! her vocabulary is great - it's so awesome when you can start communicating to each other. can't wait for that!

  12. She is such a smart little lady! It is so great that she's been telling you when she has a wet diaper -- she's already communicating her needs!!!

  13. too cute! where is that activity table from? (the last photo)

    1. It's the Zany Zoo by B. Toys from Target - great buy!

  14. isn't it crazy how much they understand? B is starting to help around the house by throwing her diapers away and picking things up for me. I'm about to give her some chores. Kidding. Kind of. :)

  15. Love this age so much. And she is still SO beautiful----trying not to focus on the superficial, but I can't help it!


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