Friday, August 23, 2013

[Little Room #2] Progress Report

Just thought I'd catch up with some of our (slow) progress in Baby K's room.  We finally got the paint up on the walls (and by "we", I mean the loving obliging Husband), and painted the brown trim back to white.   

Still in need of some child proof outlet covers, which is why some are missing.  The others will be plugged and hidden.   And you can see the boxes of Ashlynn's hand me downs ready to be sorted.

We need to pick up some shelving for the closet and of course, you know, furniture.  Luckily, we know what we are getting/ordering, we just have do it.  K's mattress arrived yesterday so hopefully we'll be ordering the crib soon enough to place it in.

Right now the focus is deciding on fabric, I have a handful of choices and I'm waffling all over the place.  Hopefully I can make a decision this weekend!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and great weekend!


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with! It is going to be amazing, I know!

  2. Love those colors! Not the usual pink or blue. very very cute.

  3. So so so excited to see it all come together!!

  4. That really is a pretty paint colour. Excited to see the final product!

  5. I love this! That paint color looks great with all the natural light pouring into the room :) I would sit on that ottoman all day, so cute!


  6. Love the paint color! And that ómbre print where is it from?

  7. Ok are we the same person? If we are in fact having a girl this is totally almost the exact color scheme and look we are going for. You have to tell me, is that black and white wallpaper? I really want to do one wall papered in the nursery.

    1. That's funny another blogger is having a girl and doing similar colors as well! Must be a new trend :)

      The black and white won't be wallpaper, but probably fabric accents... blankets, storage baskets, something where it'd be pulled in but not a focus. I am going to do a "treatment" to the closet since we aren't putting doors back on, but it won't be 'wallpaper' per se ;)

  8. Oh Erinn it's looking great! So excited to see it come together!


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