Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink... to swim lessons

Hi! I'm Natalie from Nat Your Average Girl and I am a Mama to my 17 month old daughter, Blair! When I found out I was having a girl I didn't think my heart could be any fuller. I pray that we share the same close relationship that I have with my own Mother and I so look forward to coloring, playing dress up, and shopping of course!

Although I can't get enough of the girly stuff (painted toes, glitter hair clips, fluffy skirts etc) one thing that I wasn't expecting to enjoy so much was teaching Blair an athletic skill...swimming! We did our first "Mommy and Me" swim lessons this summer and even though they weren't for the faint of heart, I LOVED teaching her something that I knew she would use for the rest of her life. It was a great bonding experience and it was neat to see how much she trusted me in the water.

pretending to "sleep" so she didn't have to go under water :)

lovin the kiddie pool at a friend's birthday party

and just for fun...her bikini! not so functional for swim lessons!
The day of her last lesson my hubby captured her on film and created this short's pretty sweet and my heart melts every time I watch it.

Even though it's hard to watch her grow up so fast I can't wait to teach her more things as she gets older. Tying her shoes, riding a bike, and driving (Eeek!) are sure to be great adventures!


  1. Blair is SO CUTE! Swim lessons are a fav pastime of ours too.. Major laughs and giggles when lex gets close to a body of water!

  2. Swim lessons are SO fun once they get into it but it makes me tired just thinking about them! Ha! I love all of Blair's swimsuits! PS. I don't think the video is working correctly. When I tried to click the play button is just directs me to pin the "image" on Pinterest.

  3. How much fun! We didn't do swim lessons this year, although I wish we had. Definitely plan to soon though. Blair and Natalie-y'all are such a cute Mommy and Baby Girl duo!

  4. Swimming lessons are so much fun! We did them this year, but my daughter did one-on-one lessons with a teacher using our pool and she didn't enjoy them as much as she did the group lessons so next year, group lessons it will be :)

    Btw -- Blair always has the cutest clothes and bathing suits :)

  5. such sweet responses! i uploaded the video to blogger instead of you tube...i'm going to fix that tonight! thanks for being patient!


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