Thursday, August 8, 2013

[Child Style] Blue Jean Baby, PA Lady

You might have seen our ridiculous mail day last Friday if you follow me on instagram (@ehayes1183).  Amongst a few things I picked up for Baby K and a new bow for Ashlynn, my Baby Gap haul arrived.

6 Pairs of Denim.

I think we are set for Fall/Winter (outside stocking up on cute leggings), especially considering most of them are still big on her even at 12-18 size.  6-12 are too short and the 12-18 too long, but whatever, hopefully we'll find some cute boots or something to tuck them into.

Or tight role.  90s are back afterall!

Make it work!


  1. i can help u in the leggin' department he he he ;)

  2. I loooove baby gap (basically because they're the only ones who have that fancy button & elastic waist band so I can make them small enough to kinda sorta fit lex). And those jeans are way way cute! I bet A will fit into the 12-18 length wise before you know it!! Just one big growth spurt :)

    1. I agree about the waist adjustment, and seriously, I just roll her shorts LOL. I'm hoping by fall they aren't so long, but I know she'll fit in them soon enough. Nothing like being prepared! We have nothing in the next size/season... looks like A and K will both be getting some closet makeovers!

  3. A and K are going to be the best dressed little girls around!

  4. SO many cute jeans!! I know we just roll up the jeans if they're too long! Can't wait to see all of A's cute outfits!!

  5. Love your taste, I like the pink one the most :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  6. LOVE! Gap has had the best sales lately.. just got Em some of these last week! We think alike. :) PS.. Em is a short cake too.. I think I'm going to have to roll her jeans!


    Brittany @ Pretty Little Elm


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