Thursday, August 29, 2013


1,462 days of marriage, or better known as four years....

Happy Anniversary, Husband!

What an amazing year with so many changes and milestones (buying a house, I turned 30, our baby started walking and talking and turned 1, and we are expecting again!)  Can't wait to start our 5th year and experience all it will bring, together.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink... to changing outlooks on relationships

Hi! I'm Veronika from Veronika's Blushing and I'm honored to be participating in Erinn's series called "Girl Moms."  I'm choosing to share something very personal because I didn't think I'd ever get to this place and I want to offer hope and encouragement for other women facing a similar issue.

My relationship with my mother was rocky for many, many years.  My parents had a bad marriage and I harbored a lot of resentment towards her because I felt she didn't protect me.  As an adult, I spent years in therapy trying to overcome a lot of these issues and though I was making progress, I never felt like I could have the kind of relationship with my mom that I hoped for because there was still a lot of pain between the two of us. No matter how many emails I wrote and how many times we talked and cried, she could never quite find the words I needed to hear to heal.  

Before I was married or even dating "the one," I always hoped I'd have at least one daughter someday.  I wanted so badly to give my daughter a loving family, a great father and unconditional and abundant love.  When I was pregnant, I was actually convinced the baby was a boy and was downright shocked (and overjoyed!) when the ultrasound tech told us we were having a girl. This was my chance to do things differently. It was my chance to raise a daughter without her having to face a lot the the things I went through as a child. It was my chance to build a relationship with my daughter that I wish I had with my own mom.

The realization that I was having a daughter was indescribable but I struggled a lot during my pregnancy with continued feelings of resentment towards my own mom. As I was growing this precious life inside of me, I imagined my daughter and I kept telling myself "how could my mother or father have done X,Y and Z?... I could never put my child through that."  I was kind of consumed by these thoughts at times and it made me feel stressed about what our relationship would be like after I had Harper. Would I be angrier or more resentful once I became a mother too?

My mom was planning a visit a few weeks after the baby was born because I wanted the first couple of weeks to adjust to our new life and settle into a little bit of a daily routine.  I was worried that my mom and I would argue or otherwise have tension when she was here visiting, but I tried to let those thoughts escape my mind, which wasn't too hard since my focus was basically 100 percent on feeding my baby and changing her diapers.

When she did finally arrive, it was like everything fell into place.  There wasn't the tension or drama I was worried about that happened during every other visit. Just love and caring. We were both so in love with Harper and my mom cared for both of us while she was here.  Seeing how much my mom loved and cared for Harper, and for me, changed everything.  Instead of feeling resentment about the past, I began to have feelings of hope about the future.  I wanted my mom to have a great relationship with my daughter and I thought that maybe through that incredibly special love we both had for Harper, we could also find a way to have a relationship again.

My mom while visiting Harper a few weeks after she was born...

Becoming a mother myself made me have more compassion for the struggles my own mom went through. I developed a little more sympathy and understanding. Though I would still make different choices, I understood why she didn't have the strength to. I also came to understand that this new life we created was a chance for my mom and me to find a way to renew our love for each other, through our love of her.  

Nowadays, since my mom lives in Canada, we FaceTime and text a lot. Even Harper FaceTimes with my mom so that she gets to see her face and hear her voice. You can see a cute little video of their little FaceTime chats here.

Having Harper has been the biggest, most significant blessing I've ever experienced. I'm so glad she brought so much love and happiness to our family and I'm thankful that she also gave me hope that my relationship with my own mother could be mended.  I'm not saying it's perfect or that everything is 100 percent better, but I hope that over time it will continue to improve. I want Harper to see her mom and grandma be close because it's my hope that Harper and I are super close no matter what age she is. That she sees me as not only her mother but as someone who unconditionally loves and supports her, through all of life's ups and downs and everything in between.  Having a daughter changed me and I'm so thankful that God blessed our lives in this special way.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kid Tested, Mom Approved - Link Up Party!

We are one week away from our first Link Up for our Kid Tested, Mom Approved Link Up Party.

We are kicking off the fun next Tuesday over at Hello Erin sharing our favorite mini styles, so be sure to post your favorite fall fashions and link up so we can all be inspired for some "back to school the grind shopping".

The rest of the month has some awesome link ups too - crafts, food, memories, toys, and gear - things we could all use some new ideas with from time to time.  I can't wait to share my ideas and get tons of new ones from all our awesome readers!

Mark your calendars!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Moo, Baa, and ROOOOAARRR....

I had a few questions after this weekend's video post, so I thought I'd do a little follow up to talk about our "learning environment" a bit.

First.  I am not a teacher. I went through a long phase where I always assumed I'd go into teaching after having children, but as I am now having children, I don't see that happening... I think.  However, I do like to try to create a home where my child (and future children) can be inquisitive, explorative, and have full use of their imaginations.  My brother and I had crazy imaginative play as children and I want my kids to be just as creative.

However, when it comes to learning the ABCs and 123s, I'm really no genius parent other than singing the alphabet and pointing out letters at obvious opportunities - like spelling Ashlynn's name on her personalized blanket and chair or counting out toys and blocks with her on occasion. 

As for her animal sounds, the video actually surprised me a bit!  We've only broken out those flash cards maybe 3 times or so, and usually they just end up strewn across the floor where they end up becoming a makeshift slip and slide. We received the Baby Genius flashcards as a gift at her birthday party and I believe they  came in a package deal with other Books, CDs, and DVDs we got with them.  I think most of her noise knowledge has come from books and I haven't really realized how many she had.

It seems the majority of our books, or at least our current favorites, are centered around animals.  I also have a tendency to add on to the stories.  For example,

In Are You A Cow? Instead of just reading, "are you a sheep? no."  I usually add in each animals noise,  "are you a sheep... do you say 'baaaa'?  no?  okay."  We also do this with Moo, Baa, La La La, Old Mac Donald had a Farm, Touch and Feel Animals and Wild Animals,   Ten Little Lady Bugs ("... along came a frog - ribbit, ribbt"),  and of course Dear Zoo.

Dear Zoo is definitely where she learned to associate the roaring with the lion, she loves getting to that page and flapping down the cage and roaring at the lion.  She got the elephant from watching me make the noise every time she handed me her little stuffed elephant, she used to bring it to me just to get me to make the noise - over and over.

So parents of toddlers, share!  What do you do to encourage learning in an "at home" non structured environment?  Any fun ideas for colors, shapes, counting?  Spill it!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

...and you’re gonna hear me ROAR

Just a little morning fun from the other day, and two major cases of bedhead. 

Check out our little smartie pants...  and video ham. Don't you love how she turns to the camera to answer, hysterical.


Friday, August 23, 2013

[Little Room #2] Progress Report

Just thought I'd catch up with some of our (slow) progress in Baby K's room.  We finally got the paint up on the walls (and by "we", I mean the loving obliging Husband), and painted the brown trim back to white.   

Still in need of some child proof outlet covers, which is why some are missing.  The others will be plugged and hidden.   And you can see the boxes of Ashlynn's hand me downs ready to be sorted.

We need to pick up some shelving for the closet and of course, you know, furniture.  Luckily, we know what we are getting/ordering, we just have do it.  K's mattress arrived yesterday so hopefully we'll be ordering the crib soon enough to place it in.

Right now the focus is deciding on fabric, I have a handful of choices and I'm waffling all over the place.  Hopefully I can make a decision this weekend!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and great weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Recipe Share] Coral Party Punch

I promised this recipe way back after Ashlynn's first birthday and after we made it again after our Sprinkle, so here it is!

Coral Party Punch

1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
2.5 cans water
1 carton orange sherbet
2 liter Sprite
3 lemons, sliced

Mix thawed lemonade concentrate with water and mix.  Freeze until slushy, 3-4 hours.  When ready, add lemon slices and layer of sherbet, then pour Sprite over top.  It will get frothy on top, so be sure to stir it to mix the sherbet and soda with the lemonade.

Serve and enjoy.

** You could also swap the Sprite for champagne or sparkling wine if you'd like to make it for adults only**

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink... to swim lessons

Hi! I'm Natalie from Nat Your Average Girl and I am a Mama to my 17 month old daughter, Blair! When I found out I was having a girl I didn't think my heart could be any fuller. I pray that we share the same close relationship that I have with my own Mother and I so look forward to coloring, playing dress up, and shopping of course!

Although I can't get enough of the girly stuff (painted toes, glitter hair clips, fluffy skirts etc) one thing that I wasn't expecting to enjoy so much was teaching Blair an athletic skill...swimming! We did our first "Mommy and Me" swim lessons this summer and even though they weren't for the faint of heart, I LOVED teaching her something that I knew she would use for the rest of her life. It was a great bonding experience and it was neat to see how much she trusted me in the water.

pretending to "sleep" so she didn't have to go under water :)

lovin the kiddie pool at a friend's birthday party

and just for fun...her bikini! not so functional for swim lessons!
The day of her last lesson my hubby captured her on film and created this short's pretty sweet and my heart melts every time I watch it.

Even though it's hard to watch her grow up so fast I can't wait to teach her more things as she gets older. Tying her shoes, riding a bike, and driving (Eeek!) are sure to be great adventures!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mallow & Graeme

Mallow & Graeme is officially open for business!

If you follow @mallowandgraeme on insta or "like" the facebook page, you saw I finally posted my listings to the Etsy Shop this past weekend.  I'm super excited to take this on, even if 6 months pregnant with a crazy little toddler!  It's been overwhelming, yet so much fun at the same time.  I definitely thrive on chaos and staying busy.  

All the details are provided at the Mallow & Graeme Etsy store, but the run down is that I will be selling a combination of custom and pre-designed toddler teepees.  The pre-designed teepees are in stock and ready to ship and the custom options include your choice of fabrics.  If you still don't see anything that matches your nursery, playroom, or vision perfectly, you can message me for a custom listing. I can't wait to share these wonderful little play spaces especially with my readers!

I have some other really exciting announcements coming soon regarding the shop so, if interested, follow on instagram and "like" on facebook for the updates and special promotion codes!

Monday, August 19, 2013

[Shortcakes] 16 Months!

Woot woot!  Ashlynn turned 16 months yesterday, here's her current run down!  Biggest milestone for the month was finding out she's going to have a little sister!  ....Let the closet wars begin now :)

(and yes, such a lady...)

Mama (Mam)
Dada (Da)
Bye Bye... Bye
Duck (Dut)
Bunny (Bun)
Fan (Tan)
Bopo (Baba)... my dad
Banana (Bana or Anana)
Belly/Belly Button (Buh Buh)
Choo Choo (train)
Penn Penn (for Penny, our Boston)
...and a bunch of other mumbles that make sense to me, but no one else.   I think this is the last month I'll be adding to list since her vocabulary, while muffled, is clearly attempting to grow.

Adding on to last month, signing "more", "please", and "eat" and trying "thank you" here and there.  Waves and says Hi and Bye correctly and blows kisses.  And the new one is "Ut Oh", except it's just "Ut" with cute little hand hand and should shrugs.

bow | dress (sold out)

5 Teeth (total)!  Basically the never-ending teething as finally commenced.  She cut her first front tooth before turning 15 months and at about 2 week increments cut the other front tooth and a bottom side.  The pedi said all her molars were swollen too.  Looking yesterday morning, it looks like the other bottom side (lateral incisor) might be coming and molars are looking even more swollen.  Not sure about other top teeth because she doesn't really let me get a good look.  Actually the only looks I get when I hang her upside down or by making her laugh during a diaper change. 

Other stats include from her 15 1/2 month check up at 7/31 - 30" tall and 20lb 7oz. 

Pushing buttons.  Pushing things over and saying "Ut".  Sidewalk chalk, but mainly just holding it and walking around.  Coloring.  Climbing.  The house is becoming her own personal jungle gym.  Climbs from her anywhere chair to the couch (which she proceeds to climb), all over our bed, all over any chairs, all over the stairs and other steps.  We left a folding table collapsed on the floor in the dining room after our "Sprinkle" and now it's her little stage.  She steps up and 'dances' (stomps) all over.  Getting the mail.  If I say "Want to get the mail" she'll run to the mudroom and get her shoes.  Kicking  balls, gonna be a soccer player!  Sorting shapes and starting to get into puzzles.  Loves pushing dolls and animals around in the stroller and even buckling them in... safety first!

Cutting teeth.  But in reality, she really does handle it like a champ.  We've only had a handful of "nights" and usually during the day she's awesome.

Still in the process of consolidating naps.  Getting closer to just having one long one, almost 3 hours, as long as she doesn't wake at 5:30am.  When she does, she still takes two. 

Night sleep as been hit or miss.  Sometimes she either has a hard time going down or wakes a bunch from her teeth, other nights she doesn't peep once until morning.  

Pretty much everything.  Starting to get a little pickier over some things, I noticed.  She doesn't seem to care that much about chicken.  We usually only have it once a week, (we eat mainly veggie based meals), but I noticed she'll eat some, but not a lot in comparison to other foods.  She also likes to "eat" goldfish or little cinnamon bunnies, but usually she'll suck on them and then hand them back to me... or the dogs. 

Curious about peanut butter.  She loves almond butter and doesn't have any reactions, but I tried a tiny bit of peanut butter one day and an hour later noticed some tiny red dots on her belly that went away a few hours later.  We waited a week or two and tried again yesterday, she just had a small bit of Daddy's fluffer nutter sandwich and when she woke up from her nap and small patch of red bumps on her cheek.  Could just be old coincidences, but I think I'll hold off another month or so before trying again just too see what happens.


To her highchair when asked to sit to eat or "will you go sit in your chair".   She's also been starting to take herself up the steps when she needs to be changed.  She did this a few times and I thought she was just bored being downstairs.  The one time she went directly to her diaper basket and pulled one out.  I thought, let me check and sure enough she was wet.  She also has left the family room after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ended and gone upstairs, so I put her in the crib and she went right down for her nap.  I can totally get used to both of those!

That's about it.  It's amazing how quickly her communication is growing, moreso the things she understands then how she communicates back, but even that is amazing considering 16 months ago she was just little helpless squish.   I can't wait to see what the next month has in store!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time passes.

The other night, Ashlynn had me up three times.  This has become pretty par for the course lately as multiple teeth are trying to make their way though.  She's had three come through in the last month alone and I see more on their way.

As I got out of bed, again, to console her and hope just a well placed paci and back rub would console her enough to get me back in bed. She instead wanted up, and like usual, I obliged. Her pathetic cries told me this was pain and not just being cranky or a middle of the night nightmare.  I decided to give her some tylenol and then we sat and rocked.  She straddled my lap and rested her head on my shoulder, quickly being soothed by her blankie and bink... and mommy's embrace.

And I realized, as I do quite often, I didn't mind being up.  These days will pass us, just as her long nights as a newborn did.  One day, she'll loose these teeth that are working so hard to break through her precious gummy smile.  One day, her mouth will be full of full size teeth... and probably braces too.

And those days, even during the pain of orthodontic visits, she won't be consoled by sitting in my lap and snuggling on my shoulder.  And I remember, when she was just 5 pounds and literally wearing clothes the size for a doll, when did she get so big?  When did she start sitting in my lap and resting her head up on my shoulder at the same time?  Wasn't it just yesterday we had our nightly routine... and not a year ago?!

And time passes.

And I'm still in this chair, rocking my sleeping baby back and forth soaking in her freshly shampoo'd hair and rubbing the soft skin on her back humming a lullaby.  Will she ever remember how much I loved her at these moments...  Our relationship will change, no doubt, soon even with better verbal skills and more discipline on the horizon.  Will she ever remember the way I cuddled her endless hours of the night, the way I kissed her chubby soft cheeks, and our tradition of morning Eskimo kisses?

I love this child.  More than she will ever comprehend. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. . . to tea parties

Hi! I'm erin from hello erin, first time mom to 17 month old alexandria (more affectionately known as "lex"), and lover of all things sparkly and girly. When I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I immediately began dreaming of bows, ruffles, and glitter. So far lex has not disappointed in that department--and she's as fond of a good accessory as i am (she's rarely seen without a necklace). One thing that wasn't even on my radar was tea parties-but lately it seems our lives are one BIG tea party. They started innocently enough- a simple gathering on a quilt in lex's room, an impromptu cup on rainy afternoons--and then things got crazy.  I purchased and painted the ikea latt kids table, paired it with this adorable tea set, and voila: an instant, too-cute-for-words tea party. As soon as Lex sets her sights on the spread, it's immediately "tea, tea, TEAAAAAA."  Practically any time we get close to the tea set she's screaming for tea.  And of course I'm more than happy to indulge her every time-- my heart swells when she pours tea for her friends, feeds them treats, and lifts their cups to help them drink.  

tea parties are totally where its at my girl mom friends.

our recipe for the perfect tea party involves: cute friends, a cute tea set, and adorable desserts

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kid Tested, Mom Approved - Link Up Party!

As moms we sometimes get "stuck." It's hard coming up with new, fun, and fool-proof ideas when you're forever busy with dirty diapers, laundry, and a baby. Having a network of other moms is essential to learning what works and what doesn't! So we decided to create a link-up party where moms can share their "kid-tested &mom-approved" ideas. Link up with us in September where over the course of three weeks we'll all share our favorite clothes, crafts, recipes, memory making ideas, toys, and gear!
Hello Erin on September 3rd for The Style File: Dressing our kids is one of the perks of being a mom! Where are your favorite places to shop for your little one? What items have you found that are stylish yet still hold up to lots of play time?

Strawberry Swing & Other Things on September 5th for Mommy and Me Craft: Have you been able to make a special craft or work on a project with your little one? We want to know all about it!

Meet the Sullivans on September 10th for Family Friendly Food: We all know kiddos can be picky eaters! But of course we want them to eat healthy, yummy foods. What is your favorite kid-friendly go-to meal?

Dear Owen on September 12th for Making Memories: Time with our little ones goes by so quickly! How do you make it memorable? How do you capture those memories? Share with us your best ideas for making and preserving memories with your kids.

The Girl in the Red Shoes on September 17th for Tried and True Toys: Let's face it, kids love toys...and so do moms! We all have a ton of them, but what toys are your kid's favorites? 

Sunflower State of Mind on September 19th for Go-To Gear: Having a baby means your life can get taken over by stuff! What gear is on your must-have list?

So get your thinking caps on and start brainstorming your best ideas to share!  We can't wait to see the ideas and inspiration!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Baby Buys - Tried and True Baby & Toddler Gear

The title says it all.

When we were expecting Ashlynn we tried to limit the amount of "stuff" we bought and registered for, leaving only the 'must-haves' of seriously can't get by without - place to sleep, eat, drive in, bathe, etc.   Okay, and few other things because while not extravagant, we aren't minimalists either.

At the time we were living in a townhouse with less space than we have now and I was always afraid of buying something too girly that wouldn't get use if a second child was a boy - like a hot pink exercauser.   Additionally, since we don't have a large extended family, I knew being gifted with a bajillion places for a 3 month old to nap in wasn't going to happen (all the swings, bouncers, rock n plays, and whatever other revolving contraptions are out there) and having other items like a pack n play, stroller, boppy and bottles were bigger needs and items we hoped to be lucky enough to receive at our shower.

Turns out, we barely used half our bottles.  Never even touching any of the 8oz size since by the time Ashlynn was taking that amount she was all boob. Anyway, now that I'm thinking about Baby #2 and what we can reuse and what we need to add, I've found the things that have been our tried and true favorites.  Things that I've had little to no regrets about buying, so now I'm sharing!

Keekaroo High Chair:  While I wouldn't recommend this for smaller infants, especially those under 6 months or any that are unstable sitting unassisted, this high chair has been great.  It's so easy to wipe down and keep clean.  We used a family member's Graco padded highchair while on vacation and it was mess by the end of our five day stay with crumbs stuck in the fabric cracks and the tray just not wiping down as easily as our one at home.  The only drawback I found initially was that it doesn't have shoulder straps, but after a choking scare, it was so easy to get her out as fast as lighting and not have to move her arms in and out of straps.   The 3 point lap belt has never given us an issue.  The only drawback is the depth of the tray.  Personally, it doesn't bother me because we keep her close to the table so she's eating with us and not stowed away in some corner, but the tray isn't deep enough to fit her Boon non-slip plate, which is why you see us use the spill-catcher bowl... all. the. time.  Also, the high chair easily converts to a toddler seat and also a regular chair that an adult can sit in.

Boon Spill Catcher Bowl:  See above.

No seriously, this thing is great, pretty self explanatory.  It sticks to the tray and catches (most) of her dripples.

Bumkin Bibs:  When the spill catcher doesn't catch her drips and spills, her Bumkin bibs usually do.  Not to mention since they are thin and not the rubber/silicon Bjorn ones, they are super easy to stuff in my purse when heading out since I no longer carry a diaper bag.  And I rinse them post meal and usually throw them in the wash every day or two.   We have two.  Only two, and they are still holding up 10 months later.

Aden + Anais Anything:  Particulary their swaddle blankets, sleep sacks, and loveys.  I also have their wash cloths and burp cloths, but those didn't get as much use.  I'm not sure about Baby K being a winter baby, if we will love the swaddle blankets as much, but for Ashlynn they were perfect.  Lightwight and breathable for summer temps, kept her swaddled, were great for covering the stroller or car seat without over heating, and perfect for wiping spit up, spilled milk, and drool.   I pretty much always had one within arm's reach the first six months.  We used the sleep sacks from about 3months when we broke the swaddle until this past May when it just became too hot in her room for her to even need a blanket.  Now she just needs her Bunny, her Blank (A&A Lovey), and her Bink to sleep.

For "Toys" these few items have been played with for months.  I mean the O-Ball is a newborn's first "toy" for little itty bitty fingers learning to grasp, but Ashlynn still plays with it pretty frequently.. throwing, kicking, chasing, or teasing the dogs.  Her Fisher Price Musical Activity Walker was great for entertainment when all she wanted to do was sit and play, she used it to learn to pull up, and later to walk.  Now she just has fun pushing it around.  Toddlers love pushing things, seriously.  Finally her activity cube was another toy that she loved when she was first sturdy enough to sit and play.  It would entertain her longer than any thing else.  We hadn't played with it in a while, but somehow it got pulled out a few weeks ago and she still having fun with it.  Definitely more of a "baby" toy, but still getting use at this point too.   A lot of pushing around actually.

Getting into our gear, of course the crib, mattress, carseat, and stroller are complete necessities to having a child, but other items that served and are serving us well are the Pack 'N Play and crib soother.  The Pack 'N Play provided us with a makeshift bassinet while A roomed with us for the first 12 weeks before being converted to the crib.  After that it became a safe place for her to play while I showered or folded laundry in our bedroom.  We still have it set in in a corner of our room as a "ball pit" and while this entertained her at the late baby stage, she's sort of over it now.  Still, if I need to corral her, this is my only option.    Her Fisher Price Rainforest Crib Soother, could I guess fall under a toy, but we bought in place of a crib mobile when she was about 4 months old.  We had moved her to the crib and I was hoping it would help lull her to sleep - or at least distract her while I snuck out of the room.  Around 8 months she learned to turn it on herself, and now she turns it on and off before going to sleep, plays with it when waking up, and it provides a nice nightlight for me when I need to find a fallen paci on the floor.  I'm not sure she's going to let Baby K use it because she loves it so much.

Of course there are so many other items we love and couldn't live without, but I thought maybe this list would help anyone looking to get some bang for the buck in buying items that will get through the long haul.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

[Child Style] Blue Jean Baby, PA Lady

You might have seen our ridiculous mail day last Friday if you follow me on instagram (@ehayes1183).  Amongst a few things I picked up for Baby K and a new bow for Ashlynn, my Baby Gap haul arrived.

6 Pairs of Denim.

I think we are set for Fall/Winter (outside stocking up on cute leggings), especially considering most of them are still big on her even at 12-18 size.  6-12 are too short and the 12-18 too long, but whatever, hopefully we'll find some cute boots or something to tuck them into.

Or tight role.  90s are back afterall!

Make it work!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[Girl Moms] On Wednesdays We Wear Pink...

Over the last few months I've noticed the hashtag "boymom" on instagram quite frequently.  Whether it's a picture sons with trains, ninja turtles, dirty scrapped knees or just "boys being boys", I realized I rarely see the opposite and the hashtag "girlmom".   And with Baby Girl #2 on the way, and this being our last child, I'm officially a #girlmom.

And while you'd assume being a "girl mom" would just require some bows, ruffle butts, and lots of pink, there is so much more!

okay, and there are some matching outfits too...

Growing up I assumed and longed to be a boy mom (two boys and girl, because you know, I totally have a say in the matter in my 14 year old day dreams), being a tomboy and completely anti -pink myself, little girls with dolls and play purses seemed like a foreign idea to me.  I always thought I'd relate better to climbing trees and playing neighborhood kickball.  Yet, the ironic thing was... as a girl, I did all these things.  I played with Barbies and Rainbow Brite (and troll dolls, remember those), built lego houses, made tree forts, and was pretty kick ass in neighborhood Jail Break, not to mention all of the after school sports I played as I got older.  Being a girl, or a mom to girls, is so much more than a stereotype of pink and princesses.

I thought it'd be fun to have a weekly feature from some of my favorite #girlmoms out there to share what they love, what has been unexpected, or what they look forward to being a girl mom.  To keep it fresh and not completely alienating all the boy moms out there, I'm looking forward a wide variety of topics and not just the weekly gushing over daughters, dress up, and dolls - though there may be a bit of that too!

In the end, being a mom to a son or daughter is still just being mom.  I hope you enjoy the series and the XX experience!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[Mallow & Graeme] Blood, Sweat, and Toddler Teepees

Things have been VERY busy over here at the Strawberry Swing house.  And not just throwing sprinkles and painting nurseries!

Just a little blood (damn sewing needles), lots of sweat, and so far no tears and I've been transitioning into a "Work at Home Mom".  I'm working hard to complete the test pattern phase for my Toddler Teepees and things are moving at warp speed.   I'm hoping to have my Etsy Shop open next week!

Until then, sit tight or follow @mallowandgraeme on Instagram to follow along!  
Lots of BIG announcements coming soon!