Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Standard Morning... in pictures

First things first, I'm over today guest posting my breastfeeding journey at The Girl in the Red Shoes!  I love Julie's The Breastfeeding Diaries series and so glad to be a part of it!  Please go check it out!


Back to your regularly scheduled posting

This meant to be a "day in the life" post, but half the day was spent wondering aimlessly at Target and taking an extra long afternoon nap - both of us, so it really wasn't all that exciting.

And of course, after said nap, I never picked up the camera... so instead, here are some scenes from last Wednesday morning.

... and by some,  I mean way too many.  I apologize for photo overload, except I really don't.

Some playing while drinking morning milk while mommy decides what's for breakfast... also stomping bunny in the process, poor Bun. 

Too lazy to scramble an egg, fruit and toast it is...

which works for her, so I make my breakfast...

and two minutes of stirring later, I finally have my Carnation.

... and she's done and playing with her food.

Time to go play for a bit before morning nap.

She runs to go watch tv, which I try to explain no Mickey.  So she pushes all the buttons she can find.

I direct her to the playroom.

She decides torturing the dogs is more fun than her toys.

She finally plays, tearing apart the room in the process.  After a bit she's ready to nap (this is still hit or miss so I'm thankful for no battle this morning).

She wakes after 2 hours or so and I get her dressed, head to Target,  and home for lunch.

Egg Salad, one of her favorites.  Kid loves mustard, it's weird.

And for being virtually toothless (count is at 3), she does a decent job with "sandwiches".

...and of course Bunny watches.

Why not add some avocado, a full sandwich clearly isn't enough food.

.. something to add to my lunch.

And more time to play...

And there is a standard morning and afternoon.  Lots of scheduled meals, naps, errands, and play.  

... and somedays too many pictures. 


  1. She's such a busy lady, I'd be exhausted too by the end of the day. This post is too cute.

    1. Thanks Rosa, and yes, I'm always crashing at 7pm!

  2. every single time i am in shock & awe of what ashlynn will eat! go momma!

  3. She's a busy girl! And I am SO honored to have you guest post for me today!

  4. Love love love this! She's seriously the cutest... And out days look pretty much the same around here (minus the mustard loving!).

  5. I love day in the life posts! I always like seeing what other moms and babies do during the day -- pretty much the same thing we're doing! I wish Owen would eat like Ashlynn! She is a great eater! I'm lucky if I can get him to gnaw on some toast in the morning -- and he has 11 teeth!

  6. That last pic is TOO cute! Love reading about your routine! And seeing how big she's gotten!

  7. No such thing as too many pictures. NEVER!!

    Love this. A's eyes are just the sweetest.

  8. I just read your BF story over on Julie's blog and stopped over to look around. I am HOOKED on Carnation for breakfast too! But I use a magic bullet to mix it in about 5 seconds - it comes out nice and frothy - like a shake.

    1. So smart, I'm too lazy to use the blender because i never feel like cleaning it after, LOL! A magic bullet would definitely be easier and not as big as the full sized blender for such a small drink!

  9. She is so cute! I love a day in the life posts, it makes me so excited for our little one to arrive. The pictures are adorable. Do you drink carnation for any specific reason? (weight loss, etc. I'm trying to make a plan for losing baby weight!!)

    1. No reason other than I've been drinking them since I was a kid! I usually don't have an appetite right away in the morning, but am hungry (nothing sounds appealing, but stomach is grumbling). So I have a carnation to hold me over until A takes her nap then I usually make a bagel or cereal or something. Gotta love waking at 6am!

  10. I found your blog thru Julie's the girl in the red shoes!! Your daughter is adorable! I'm EBF my 5.5 son who also was diganosed with a dairy intolernce and possible soy intolernce! Does your daughter drink cows milk now?! Did she outgrow her allergy?! We were told most babies out grow the intolernce which we are hoping! I know how hard it is to eat out and I hate having to grill the waitress about everything!


    1. Hi Ashley! Sorry for the delay in reply! Ashlynn does drink milk, eat cheese, and loves yogurt! She slowly starting adding things to my diet around 9m (per the GI doc's rec), but probably could have done it faster than I did. By 1 year she was fine transitioning, thank goodness! It makes mealtime so much easier, as I'm sure you can imagine.

      I hope your son grows out of it too!!!

  11. i love these kind of posts! it's fun to peek into life in a day with little A!


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