Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Shortcakes] 15 Months!

Oh hey!!!  Ashlynn is 15 months old today, here's what she's been doing lately.

Mama (Mom)
Dada (Da)
Bye Bye... Bye
Duck (Dut)
Bunny (Bun)
Fan (Tan)
Bopo (Baba)... my dad
Banana (Bana or Anana)
Belly/Belly Button (Buh Buh)

Signs "more", "please", and "eat".  Waves and says Hi and Bye correctly and blows kisses.

3 Teeth!  Finally cut her front upper left and it looks like front upper right isn't far behind.

Getting her official height, weight, head at the end of the month at her appointment.

Light switches.  Points and signs 'please' for me to pick her up so she can turn on and off the lights... over and over.  Also, pointing fans... everywhere.  Swimming.  Any balls, current favorite a small sized soccer ball.  Putting her babies or animals to bed - placing them in the cradle and giving them a kiss.  Watching daddy or neighbors cut the grass.  Hide and Seek (by hiding behind my back).  Anything with buttons, and pushing them.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, no other show will do.  Sitting in her anywhere chair to watch tv.  Outdoor toys, loved pushing around her cousin's bubble lawnmower and driving shotty in the Jeep.  Dancing and trying to snap like mommy.  And stomping her feet for all three parts of "if you're happy and you know it".

Sleeping places other than her crib.  Car rides.

In the process of consolidating naps.  Some days two like usual (8-10am and 1-3 or 3:30pm) or some days it's just one long from 9:45ish to 1pm.

Night sleep is generally through the night, bedtime at 7-7:30pm and waking between 5:30-6:30am.

She did hit her record of sleeping into 8am twice this month!

Everything.  Loves almost and all fruits and veggies.  Loves having bananas from the peel.  Can use fork and spoon without assistance, not perfectly and usually is too impatient so just goes in with her hands.  Of course her favorites still include veggie lasagna, creamy orzo with veggies, and eggs.

(current favs) What is Your Dog Doing?, Brown Bear, Goodnight Moon... and of course Duck and Goose books and anything with flaps or touch and feel.

Girlfriend must have grew!  Her size 4 Toms are getting smaller and 12-18month clothing is fitting better (onesies and dresses).  Can get her hair in pigtails and finally leaves (some) headbands in.

On her first airplane ride and family vacation!   My stepfamily lives on a farm, so she also got her first farm animal experience - horses, chickens, hens, roosters, peacocks, and goats.  Swim lessons.

She had a pretty exciting month with lots of milestones and is just becoming the coolest little person ever.  Seriously.


  1. Sweet A, getting so big! Another update that confirms her and O would be the best of friends! :)

  2. She is so precious. Three whole teeth?! Love it;) Hope all of them don't come in at once for you guys. Big girl is growing up and I still love watching her do it!

    1. Seriously, three teeth. I know like 6 month olds with more. Oh well, they'll come when they are ready, she can eat with the best of them. Apparently they say the longer they take the healthier they will be since there is less time for decay before they start losing them... idk, whatever works.

  3. She is SO cute in that romper! Makes me want to have a baby girl!

    1. I will be sad the day she's too old for them, so easy and always cute! Although I guess as long as she's potty trained it won't matter so much :)

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  5. i LOOOVE her!! shes the sweetest with those big baby blues!!!

  6. I can't get over all of her cuteness! Ashlynn has the most adorable petite little face :)

  7. The day she slept until 8 did you wake in a panic? Annabelle slept until 630 one day and I sprung out of bed thinking I must have slept through her crying, lol. A is such a peanut! I'm pretty sure shell fit in romper a for a long while, love it!

    1. Not a panic, but I was up at 6-6:30 and kept checking the monitor to see if she was breathing lol. Still do that at 15 months!

  8. She is so precious! Love her little outfit and chair!

  9. So cute. I bet she'll be excited to become a big sister!

  10. My son LOVES (and I think loves is an understatement) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He stares at the tv with his mouth open just in awe of Mickey! LOL

  11. aw i loved reading this!!! i gotta check out this mickey mouse clubhouse thing. sounds like a win! and how jealous am i of her naps?!?! 10-1...if i could be so lucky! you will be needing all that napping so you can make all those teepees ;)


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