Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Standard Morning... in pictures

First things first, I'm over today guest posting my breastfeeding journey at The Girl in the Red Shoes!  I love Julie's The Breastfeeding Diaries series and so glad to be a part of it!  Please go check it out!


Back to your regularly scheduled posting

This meant to be a "day in the life" post, but half the day was spent wondering aimlessly at Target and taking an extra long afternoon nap - both of us, so it really wasn't all that exciting.

And of course, after said nap, I never picked up the camera... so instead, here are some scenes from last Wednesday morning.

... and by some,  I mean way too many.  I apologize for photo overload, except I really don't.

Some playing while drinking morning milk while mommy decides what's for breakfast... also stomping bunny in the process, poor Bun. 

Too lazy to scramble an egg, fruit and toast it is...

which works for her, so I make my breakfast...

and two minutes of stirring later, I finally have my Carnation.

... and she's done and playing with her food.

Time to go play for a bit before morning nap.

She runs to go watch tv, which I try to explain no Mickey.  So she pushes all the buttons she can find.

I direct her to the playroom.

She decides torturing the dogs is more fun than her toys.

She finally plays, tearing apart the room in the process.  After a bit she's ready to nap (this is still hit or miss so I'm thankful for no battle this morning).

She wakes after 2 hours or so and I get her dressed, head to Target,  and home for lunch.

Egg Salad, one of her favorites.  Kid loves mustard, it's weird.

And for being virtually toothless (count is at 3), she does a decent job with "sandwiches".

...and of course Bunny watches.

Why not add some avocado, a full sandwich clearly isn't enough food.

.. something to add to my lunch.

And more time to play...

And there is a standard morning and afternoon.  Lots of scheduled meals, naps, errands, and play.  

... and somedays too many pictures. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[Sew Fun] Project #7 & #8: Baby Blanket and Hairbow

Definitely making up for lost time this July with my sewing challenge!  So far this year I've completed eight projects for my goal of one of month.

 - Baby Blanket
 - Hair Bow Headband

I decided to try my hand at some homemade gifts for Baby Paisley, of course, using a pretty paisley print. I made what I thought would be a simple and an easy baby blanket with cotton print on one side and soft minky fleece on the other, but that might have been harder than the coordinating bib and hair bow!  Getting two perfect 38" squares of fabric proved to be a bit more difficult than I intended.  I trimmed the blanket with some watermelon colored cotton bias tape made from a fat quarter and called it a day.  Once again, a project where the sewing was simple as pie and the fabric cutting stressed me out.  Hopefully I can get the hang of it because I'd love to make more.  A perfect blanket for tummy time, covering the car seat/stroller, or snuggling with through toddlerhood. 

After the blanket, I wiped up another terry backed bib.  This time I used a more symmetrical pattern and I'm really happy with the result. 

Finally I used some scrap to make a tiny bow for a headband.  This was my first attempt at a bow and definitely wasn't my best effort.  I think after completing it I thought of I more simpler way, so I'll try again to make a few more.

I also whipped up an envelope style cushion cover for an overstuffed pillow I've been using in Ashlynn's teepee.  However, I'm not really counting it as an official project.  Just a bunch of scrap material - canvas and coordinating leftovers from the teepee - made into a little cushion for her to lean against or sit on.  

Or day dream... 

...or make faces for when we won't leave her alone her and baby V alone in the teepee... we know he's an adorable boy who so nicely shares his puffs, but sorry honey, you're locked up for now!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

that's what little girls are made of!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to pass off a "playdate" (i.e. an excuse for us girls to get together - and drag along the husbands and kids) and throw a Sprinkle for one of my best friends.  She's expecting her second little girl this Fall and with how busy every one's summer schedules can be, we thought it'd be fun to catch her off guard and celebrate their family of three turning to a family a of four!

Of course, I didn't pick up my camera once company arrived - typical - because I was too busy eating - also, typical - and catching up and playing with the kiddos. 

I was lucky enough to partner up with Minted. as a Party Ambassador for our event. They have such a great selection of party decor and supplies designed by a global community of independent graphic designers, so all their item designs are so unique and you can be positive the product quality is always top notch. 

Since our mom-to-be (again) has already announced Baby Girl #2's name, I thought I'd personalize some banners and signs so she could take them home and either use in Paisley's room, for pictures, or the welcome sign to hang after her arrival.   

I loved the soft whimsy and feminine florals of the Botantical Affair collection and thought it'd fit our girlie party perfectly.  Using a combination of party supplies, like Minted's table signs and tents, pinwheels, flag stickers, and table confetti created the perfect little tablescape. 

I served a non-alcoholic pink lemonade punch and of course we had some beers and booze on hand for the men and non-pregnant.  

We had a combination of caprese skewers, almond butter and raspberry preserves and cucumber finger sandwiches, arugula salad with goat cheese, potato salad, croissants, and a variety of desserts.  We also had plenty of veggies, fruit salad, chips, dips, and a hoagie platter.  To say everyone went home well fed is probably an understatement.  Baby K was bouncing of the womb all night!

... but that's probably because of the desserts.  Lemon cupcakes with raspberry buttercream, chocolate covered pretzels, and classic black and white cookies. 

And aside from stuffing our faces, we got in some much needed girl time to gab, spoil the momma to be, and watch our little ones have a blast playing together.  My my how our times have changed!

We had a great weekend, hope everyone else did too!