Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap - Father's Day Edition!

We had a great pseudo-long weekend.  The Husband was able to take off Friday from work, but unfortunately it wasn't to hang with us, it was to go to the US Open :: cue jealousy::  He got a ticket last minute from a friend and headed over (it was held local to us this year).  They lucked out with the weather since Thursday had some major rain storms come through and suspended play for a bit.  A and I watched from home.  The Husband and I celebrated our first anniversary by going to the US Open in 2010 in Pebble Beach, it was definitely a trip to remember - even if we weren't allowed to bring cameras!

On Saturday, we tackled some major yard work while A tried to nap.  She never went down for her morning since she randomly decided to sleep until 7am.  Unheard of for her, damn dog still woke me up at 5:30... so annoying!

old navy suit (last year, similar and another) | toms | snack trap

Afterwards we headed over to the Y for our first swim lesson!  Ashlynn did great and only had a few scared moments when being flipped to her belly or to her back, but quickly relaxed once she realized I wasn't dropping her or letting go.   She had a lot of fun and we are excited to go back next week.

For Father's Day we started with some fun family playtime and then actually had a successful morning nap. Then we went to our favorite brunch spot to celebrate.  We started the tradition of heading to White Dog for brunch last Father's Day and now have spent my birthday and Mother's Day there as well.  It's just so good!  Ashlynn was so well behaved, eating her eggs and pointing out all the doggies in the decor.  She really makes it easy to go out.

Afterwards we came home for some naps (and golf) and then headed over to Nanny and Pop Pop's for their Father's Day BBQ.  The weather turned on us and started to rain, but we still enjoyed our time chasing bouncy balls, playing with Minnie Mouse and showing everyone how we climb the stairs and run around like a mad woman... and by we, I mean Ashlynn.  Obv.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Father's Day celebrating the great dad's in their lives!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I am loving all of A's sweet little headbands lately!!!

    1. I just ordered a bunch more new ones, lol!

  2. love her little outfits, she's so cute :)

  3. She is so cute! I want a video monitor!! Question - what does she sleep in? I'm using a sleep sac because my baby can't walk yet. But I'm assuming that has to go soon. Do you use jammies and blanket? I always worry he isn't warm enough but I'm sure with jammies they are very comfy!

    1. We were using a sleepsack until about early May or so when it started getting warmer/hot. Our upstairs is 5-10 degrees hotter even when we have the air on, so I just put her in jammies. If its cooler, I do longsleeve footless zip ups, if hot, shorts and tee jams or sometimes a onesie if I'm out of clean jams. I'll probably start a blanket when the weather cools off in the fall.

      I think if it was colder, I'd probably still be using (or trying to) a sleepsack, but we even went out and bought a table fan to help circulate the air in her room because it's just so warm - and I still worry about her overheating.


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