Friday, June 21, 2013

[Recipe Share] Veggie Lasagna

Veggie lasagna is a total staple in our house.  We had to go months without it when I went dairy free for Ashlynn's MSPI, but she's back on dairy and so am I!  It's definitely one of her favorite meals, she eats portions as big as ours, and it's a great way to get tons of veggies in her.

I started making a variation of this recipe after using one I found in a sorority cookbook a few years ago.  I'm not really one who follows recipes exactly, unless baking of course, so I'm sure if I were to look that recipe up this would now be really different.   Actually, it's usually different each time I make it since I usually just grab whatever veggies need to go.

I make it A LOT with eggplant, although I didn't this time.  If you'd like to try it with eggplant, I pare the eggplant and slice it in 1/2" pieces then cube it up and saute with the rest of the veggies I'm using.

For last night's recipe, here's what I used...

1/2 large onion - chopped
1 green pepper - chopped
1 yellow squash - sliced in halves
handful button mushrooms - sliced
1 package frozen spinach (thawed)
2 TBSP minced garlic
6-8 lasagna noodles (I use ready to bake)
15oz container of ricotta cheese (organic)
shredded mozzarella (organic)
marinara sauce 


1. Heat two swirls of EVOO in a stock pot.  Add garlic and onion.  I usually chop the rest of my veggies while the garlic and onion get a head start sautéing.

2.  Add fresh veggies to pot and stir.  Drain thawed spinach, removing as much water as you can.

3.  Once veggies are softened, turn off burner and add spinach and ricotta cheese. Mix.

4.  In baking dish (8x8 for ready to bake noodles, 9x11 for cooked noodles) spread thin coating of sauce to bottom of pan.  Layer first two noodles.  Add veggie ricotta mixture and top with thin layer of sauce, making sure noodles are fully covered so they will cook (if using ready to bake).  Add next layer of noodles and repeat process until out of ricotta mixture or baking dish is full.

5.  Top final layer of mixture with two noodles and cover completely in sauce, top with mozzarella cheese to your liking.

** I love prepping this dish during Ashlynn's nap and covering with foil and throwing it in fridge until we are ready to eat**

6.  Preheat oven to 350.  Bake for 30 minutes and let cool for 5 min.   Enjoy!

You can really use any veggie combination you like, I typically use eggplant, zucchini, spinach, onion, and usually add in whatever else I have on hand.  You could easily use kale, red pepper, sundried tomatos, or even add beans.  I believe the original recipe used a teaspoon or two of italian seasoning, but depending on your sauce you might already be getting enough flavor.



  1. YUM! Can't wait to try this. :)

  2. Does this ever look good. I love lasagna and I think you have just inspired me to make this on the weekend :)

  3. that looks great and simple enough :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's definitely simple! Especially if you use the oven ready noodles because then its a one pot clean up (aside from the baking dish)!

  4. Definitely going to try this! We made your asparagus frittata last week and really enjoyed it. Our daughters are the same age and have been enjoying your blog so much this past year. And congratulations on your pregnancy! What a happy surprise!

    1. So glad you liked the frittata, I've made it again too! Let me know what you and your daughter think of the lasagna! Thank you for the well wishes!

  5. Looks and sounds delish! I love a great veggie meal. And where is that cool bowl from?!

    1. And it's a hearty meal too! I know a lot of men need their meat and potatoes or it's not a meal, but this will fill you up! The bowl is Boon Spill Catcher, we love it!

  6. New follower here, love your blog!! What kind of camera do you use? Great pictures!

    1. Welcome Megan, glad you found me! Thank you, I use a Canon Rebel T2i, but seems like recently my iphone has been getting more action ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing!! I am going to give this a try next week. Sounds and looks delish! A completely sold me on how tasty it is!

    1. Haha, girlfriend can do that! She's a great eater, we've been so lucky so far in that department. Let me know what you think of the dish, O too of course!


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