Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching Up with the Toddler

Another fun week has past in the blink of the eye...

Healthy little girl, even tried some strawberry flavored yogis and didn't see a reaction, so I'm trying strawberry banana yogurt today to see if that bothers her.  I'm still pretty sure there isn't an issue and the rash was a fluke.

Her top left tooth is RIGHT there, just ready to break through.  Any day, now.  Any day.  We welcome you tooth, no need to be shy.

On Wednesday, we hit up the park for fun in the morning and Ashlynn even went down the slide all by herself.  After lunch we finally went for her 1 year bloodwork that her doctors requested.  She was a trooper, but it broke my heart having to hold her down as she cried.  There was a Rita's a few shops down, so we marched straight over and got her her first water ice!  Tears were instantly gone, and I think she agrees, mango is the best flavor.  Also, I'm so sorry to all the west coast IGers I taunted with the Rita's pic... I do feel for you!

Sleep has been hit or miss.  At times she's napping up to 4 or 5 hours a day, taking a solid 90min to 2 hours in the morning, and usually a good 2-2.5hours in the afternoon, sometimes even pushes 3 hours by just laying or playing quietly in her crib.  The night time routine is wishywashy too.  Our bedtime routine is always the same, but some nights she'll go down and put herself to sleep no protest, other nights she'll fight me for an hour or so with the tantrum of standing up, crying, throwing her blankie and bink over the side and crying until I come get them... or change her... or re-read our bedtime books, and sing every song.   I guess she really is a toddler afterall!

We had quite the social calendar last week.  On Thursday, Vincent came over with his mommy (one of my BFs) and Ashlynn had a blast showing him all her toys and how she runs around.  He's just working standing (8 months), but I'm pretty sure was ready to try walking after seeing her do it!  We had a yummy lunch (so easy to make!) and got some great time to catch up!

On Saturday we returned the favor to our friends who had us over for dinner for Memorial Day and had them for dinner. Ashlynn had a lot fun playing with Fiona, although I think Fiona may have had more fun playing with the dogs ;)

We munched on some bread bowl spinach dip and caprese skewers and had sticky rotisserie chicken, creamy orzo and asparagus, and salad for dinner.  For dessert I aimed to please the kids and made dirt pudding, which probably pleased the Husband the most! (recipe coming tomorrow)

Sunday we had beautiful weather so we took a long family walk and headed to the elementary school across the street and played on the playground.

We usually go to another park that has baby swings, but we still had fun on playing around before heading home for lunch.

Other weekly outings included going to the mall to visit Apple, twice. And the usual store and target runs.  Hoping to have another fun filled week with lots of daddy love (father's day is upon us!).


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