Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap/Toddler Tuesday

I love long weekends, even more so when the Husband takes off additional days and is around for 5 straight!  They were still full of yard work, home improvements, and errand running, but it's so nice to be able to ask him to watch A for a bit while I cook up dinner and all eat lunch together.

I think A may be getting ready to cut another tooth.  Nothing I can see coming through yet, but she ran a light fever on Friday and was just generally a bit cranky and clingy.  She's been better since, but still has her fussy mood swings.

Pretty good although her naps have been a bit shorter, again thinking it might be teething pain waking her.  At night she'll sometimes wake up if she loses her paci, but I usually just have to give it back and walk out and she goes back down.

Luckily, that bedtime screaming phase seems to have ended.  I think the earlier bedtime and consistent routine, not switching who does bedtime, has smoothed that out for her.

Still loving almost everything, now even bananas.  Egg, waffle, yogurt, avocado, fruit, chicken, veggie lasagna (her favorite), mashed potatoes, asparagus, and some bites of tilapia. She's a great eater, I hope that continues.

Had fun running errands at Ikea and Lowes over the weekend and hitting up the park on Memorial Day.  On Saturday night we went to our friends for an amazing dinner, and Ashlynn had a blast playing with her little girlfriends Fiona and Hazel, as usual.   She loved playing kitchen and gobbling up Erin's homemade roasted red pepper hummus and cheese lasagna.  On Monday, we stopped over our neighbor's BBQ and got to know them and their children.  We are so happy in our new neighborhood, everyone is so nice and welcoming.

No biggies this week, just crazy how much she understands.  If I ask her to get her baby and bring it to mommy, she'll bring me her doll.  If I ask for other items like the doll's sippy or spoon, or a ball or book she'll grab exactly what I want.  She also can successfully point out her ears, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, and toes.  None of this is new, really but I just find it so cool that we can communicate even if she can't really say much yet.


  1. So cool how responsive she is! The interaction has to be one of my favorite parts so far!

    1. It's so much fun! When I actually sit and think about everything she understands it blows my mind. I love that she 'plays' now too.

  2. love the top pic. veggie lasagna?? homemade, I'm sure? will you share the recipe sometime? I agree, it's amazing to watch their little communication skills blossom.

    1. I'll share it! It's actually not an official recipe, just kinda what I do and I always change it up, but since we added dairy back, it's a new favorite in the rotation!

  3. Teething is the worst! Poor babies! It is so hard to hold them all. day. long., but how could you say "no" when it's all they want? Glad you had some extra hubby hands around to help for a few extra days!

    1. All day, the tugging on my shorts! And the "up up" arms, LOL! And when its not that, she's running around the house and climbing stairs... so nice to have extra hands and eyes!!


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