Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toddler Tuesday

This was one of those weeks where everything blurred together and I can barely remember what we did yesterday... or was it the day before?

The rash Ashlynn had on her body and legs is pretty much gone.  Still not convinced it was the strawberries, but we are still going to hold off a bit longer before trying again.

Ah man, things seem better now, but this week was rough!  I don't know if it finally some kickback from no longer nursing, that we were trying to push her bedtime from 7 to 7:30 so the Husband can get a bit more time with her after work and since it seems to be a bit more reasonable.  However, since she still wakes between 5:30-6:30am, I think we are really pushing her even though she seems fine right until we go to the crib.

It first really started two Fridays ago when we tried to go out on a date while my mom was here.  She couldn't seem to settle herself to sleep, something she's been doing for months -even when nursing, she'd still go to the crib awake and put herself to bed.  She woke up within an hour screaming.  This happened a few times last week, then it turned into bed time freak outs.

I think last Wednesday she went down fine, but woke up at 10pm (right when I was about to go to bed)  and was UP.  No rocking, swaying, or even reading books were going to get her to go back in that crib.  I finally brought her downstairs to veg out with some Mickey Mouse hoping it would get her sleepy and that didn't work.  I had tried the crib two or three times with no success before just letting her watching Letterman, and then Fallon with me.  She finally fell asleep on me around 1230 and I got her to crib without a problem.  Then the next day it changed to direct bedtime. She'd be totally cool until it was time to lay her in the crib she'd scream, get up and cry and until you'd come back in and not settle. This happened two more nights, before I decided we needed to change the bedtime routine and stick with it.  I think having us both put her bed was distracting and that 7:30 might be too late and she's overtired.  So far, knock on wood, the little changes seemed to have helped and she's going to down and putting herself back to sleep easier.

Not too much new things week.  Enjoying sharing my afternoon snack of grapes and cheese and she's getting pretty good at feeding herself with a spoon and fork too.  She's getting a tad pickier in terms of not wanting leftovers.  She's good with having things once, but not impressed if it shows back up in front of her the next night.  She'll still eat a bit, but not a meal.

I think it was the night she woke up freaking out, I had given her cows milk before bed -and she drank it!  I was a tad concerned it gave her a stomachache at that was why she was up, but she's been fine with yogurts and cheese and is still drinking it in small amounts.  I mainly offer it at bed and in the morning, but at least she's getting some.  I'll try to up her ounces when she actually starts finishing what I give her so it's not wasted... organic milk is expensive!

Last Friday we met up with the Gilbert Girls again to play at our local park.  Ashlynn loved the swings and even had fun going down the slides (with a bit of support).

Saturday we met the in-laws for lunch to celebrate the husband's birthday and mother's day.  As usual, A did great eating out - eating almost her entire grilled cheese (and a Plum Organics pouch, and the blueberries and puffs I packed to entertain her until the food came... yeah, she's a slob).  On Sunday, we hit Nordstrom to return the shoes I had shipped to the house last week.  They were fitting her perfectly which made me nervous that they wouldn't last much longer so we exchanged one pair for the next size up and returned the other since the sole was more of a crib shoe than walker and this girl is ready for hard soles.

The rest of weekend she got lots of daddy time and we got things done around the house.  The Husband is really starting to make some strides in clearing out our completely overgrown and weed filled flower beds.

We also have two peony bushes, those babies will not be ripped out like everything else!

Drinking milk is the big one for the week


  1. Oooh those denim Tom's…adorable! And I'm not looking forward to buying organic milk either--I can't believe how pricey it is!

    1. We drink organic milk, but not whole! We are switching almond (I was using that for the last year while A had her intolerance), and we'll just buy the dairy for her!

  2. She's such a little doll! The sleep thing is always an ongoing issue...no matter the age.


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