Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Toddler Tuesday

Starting this week's update with a health status, continuing on from the rash mentioned in yesterday's post.  When I gave Ashlynn a bath on Friday night, I noticed some spots up on her upper chest near her shoulder.  They weren't really raised and my mom thought it was just heat rash or possibly some chaffing irritation from the top she was wearing.  I figured I'd check it in the morning.  After the meltdown while we were out fiasco, I came home and settled Ashlynn by laying on my bed so she could cool off with our ceiling fan blowing.  Her room was pretty warm and she was bit sweaty.  I had her in shorts and tee pj set and could some tiny bumps on her leg.  I thought it was odd, but was more concerned with her cooling off and settling her back to sleep.

In the morning I noticed the bumps on her legs were bit a worse and red.  We went to brunch and by the time we left, they had spread even more.  Some were even up her torso/chest.  I put a call into the pedi and the doctor said, without seeing her she couldn't tell us anything.  That if she didn't have a fever or seem sick, just wait it out, or go to the ER if concerned.  She was fine and totally her playful self so I just gave her an oatmeal bath before bed, lotioned her with coconut oil, and once again waited it out.  The next morning they were definitely clearing up and even more so yesterday and today.

I'm thinking it was possibly an allergy, though the only new addition was strawberries and she started having them earlier in the week.  Even the pedi said she would expect a more immediate reaction, but I think I'll hold off on them for a bit longer before trying again.

Well after begging for the 5:30am wake calls to stop, Ashlynn got the memo and started sleeping in past 7.  It was amazing, even though it started putting a crazy wrench in our usual routine since naps and meals times had to be adjusted, small price to pay for some extra sleep.  However, after the rough night Friday and being up half the night Saturday (my mother's day gift I assume), she seems to be back to waking at 5:30.  I hope this passes quickly.

Naps are pretty boss.

Well, strawberries were new and she did love them, but I guess we will be holding off.  The last new thing we tried which I will also be stopping is berry flavored (strawberry and blueberry) kefir.

A had veggie lasagna for the first time this week and couldn't get enough, she was double fisting it.  She also has been eating a steady diet of eggs, string beans, gnocchi, pita and hummus, raspberries, kiwi, and finally is digging bananas.

Lastly, she's finally drinking milk.  Coconut milk, and she didn't start until yesterday, but I haven't really pushed it.  I try every few days and just offer it.  It's been over a week since she stopped nursing so I think that may have been the trick.  She drank a full sippy yesterday morning, and half a sippy before bed.  I'm hoping to transfer her to WCM or almond milk, need to see which she takes and which is more nutrient rich for her diet.

Last Wednesday, we headed over to play with the Gilbert Girls.  Fiona loves playing with Ashlynn even though Ashlynn isn't quite at the play together stage.  She loved checking out the new toys, petting baby Hazel, and giggling at their doggie Rocky.   We celebrated the Husband's birthday and Mother's Day and just spent the rest of our time enjoying the nice weather outside.

Drinking milk.

Walking more than crawling.

Learning to use a spoon.


  1. So cute! Oh I hate when their sensitive skin gets irritated and you don't know why! I hope it clears up soon!

  2. Can't believe how much she's changing each week. And scary about the bumps! I do think the reaction is more immediate...Ethan had peas when he was around 6 months and got a rash right away and then started vomiting. Once he got them out, he was fine, so maybe that was just an intolerance? Ethan's had strawberries a couple times per our ped and has done fine. BUt it still scares me from time to time!

  3. I was so happy for you when I read that she was sleeping til 7!!! But then I kept reading:( 7 would be so fabulous! Carter usually is up between 6-6:45, but today it was 5:40.

    And glad the rash cleared up, I've noticed when I switch laundry detergents Carter gets a rash on his face so I've gone back to only dreft for a while.

    The first pic of you two is so cute!

  4. Can't believe she is walking SO much now, I love it! Hoping she learns to sleep in again sometime soon--sleep is the best.


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