Monday, May 20, 2013

[Shortcakes] 13 Months

Ashlynn turned 13 Months on Saturday, here's her monthly update!

Mama, Dada, Doggie, Hi - (mostly "Hi Dog-gie"), Duck, Ball

Headband, Shirt (handmade with love), Skinnies

Her Doggies!  Eating bubbles in the bath, eggs, trying to use utensils herself.  Running around, climbing stairs, opening cabinets and stacking tupperwear. Good Night Moon, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, and Sandra Boynton Books, specifically ones with cows.  Itsy Bitsy Spider, Skinamarinky Dinky Dink, Wheels on the Bus.  Eating out at restaurants.

The car, diaper changes, and going to bed.  Also getting checked out by the doctor.

Mostly through the night.  Disliking going to bed at bedtime, but has no problem going down for naps. Naps twice, 830-10 and 1:30-3.  Needs her blankie and bink.

More than me!

(typical day)
Breakfast - sometimes a little milk, an egg, 2+ mini waffles, handful of fruit.
Lunch - yogurt, hummus and pita, avocado chucks.
Snack - fruit, cheese, puffs or graham cracker
Dinner - veggie lasagna or mac and cheese or shredded chicken or whatever else we are eating.

Also, finally drinking whole cows milk. Score.


Not sit still!  Seriously, kid is basically on the verge of running... and wobbling, simultaneously.  The most hysterical thing is when she coming directly at you and then last second pivots and is off in another direction.   Taking her monthly photo was hysterical, each time I sat her down she just came running towards the camera, my photos look like this:

She also doesn't seem to mind our multiple daily walks around the neighborhood in the stroller.  The weather has been so nice and its great to break up our play and meal times.  Plus it's the only exercise I get and it's free, can't say the same about going and wandering around Target.

She also loves running up to the dogs and falling down, then rolling around her head on their bellies or inadvertently kicking them. I think its because she sees them playing and rolling around and figures that's how she should join in - when they are napping quietly alone in the sun.   Either way, it's pretty hysterical.

She's such a blast and just gets cooler and cooler.  You always hear parents mourning their babies growing up and passing milestones, but I find the older she gets the more awesome she is, each day is more fun than the last and she's just a sponge learning and exploring the world around her.  I have the best job in the world and couldn't feel luckier to be her momma. 


  1. My monthly photos are getting harder and harder, too! She is a doll!

    1. These kids, just can't sit still... don't they know Mommy is trying to take their picture!

  2. Oh she is too cute, I love that the doggies and her are getting along.

    1. Thanks Rosa, and seriously, Penny loves her to death. Baxter could probably do without some of the high pitched screaming and chasing, but he'll come over and snuggling/play every once and while too!

  3. Oh my gosh, she is too cute for words! Love her loving on your doggie!

    1. Thanks, it's so funny to watch them together!

  4. awe i loved this update! she is adorable!

  5. Loving this monthly update layout...will be copying when we get TWO months! Crazy! ;)

  6. 13 MONTHS! How did this happen?? I'm off the blogs for a She's SUCH a cutie. They just get more and more fun, don't they? And I love your monthly layout, although I really dropped off w/ Sadie's Weekly (until now - I'm back). Working FT + 2 Babies = not ideal. Is her chair Pottery Barn? Love it. I want to get Max (and eventually Sadie) one.

    PS - Hand Hand Fingers Thumb has long been a fav of ours too!


  7. love A giving all that love to the doggie, precious! Awesome on the cow's milk, we have finally made it there too! Don't you just love watching them toddle around?!

  8. Happy Thirteen Months! She is just lovely!


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