Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mudroom Makeover

I know, I owe a bit of an updated house tour since we have actually done a shit ton lot to the house already, but I've been hesitant to take pictures since nothing is really 'reveal' ready... just paint and some furniture, but all pretty far from being finished... well aside from Ashlynn's room, which I decided will never ever be finished since she's constantly growing and needing new things.  And to be honest, every room usually has some sort of toys, clutter, dog bones, you name it and I tidying up for a photo shoot during a nap is currently pretty low on the priority list.

Anyway, since we had some rainy days over Memorial Day weekend, the Husband wasn't able to get outside to continue on the never ending yard work each day.  I kindly suggested if he was looking to make his time off productive, why not prime and paint either the mudroom or guest bathroom - both of which are currently the most horrendous rooms in the house.  He decided to go with evergreen sloppy painted mudroom over the eggplant bathroom.

The first thing he did was remove the closet doors.  Not only were they completely off track, both the garage door and door to the family room were constantly slamming into them each time you opened them. They were riddled with lock dings.   I suggested that we keep the alcove open and turn it into a mudroom drop zone since we don't really need a second coat closet.

Anyway, we didn't get any before shots of the dark and messy room, but I do have a snap from the realtor listing.  What you can't see is that half the ceiling is splashed with the green and there are about 100 holes and dings in the wall.  The previous owner removed the wall shelving, but the cabinets remain.

After primer, already brightening up!

We are planning to board and batten the wall across from the cabinets and create some sort of storage/dropzone/locker area in the old closet.  We need an area for shoes, cleaning supplies (vacuum, mops, etc) and maybe some hooks for jackets, backpacks and gym bags. An basket area for outdoor toys, like bubbles and sidewalk chalk would also be welcome.  He did get a coat of paint up before the weekend was over - BM Manchester Tan, but since I still haven't gotten some shots.  I thought I'd post some of our inspiration photos.

We are loving the black doors.  I don't have the balls to paint all the doors in the house black, nor the patience, but I love the look and how they anchor the room.  Since the doors and trim in the mudroom are all beige, the trim already got a coat of crisp white and the doors are begging to get freshened up too. 

I'll definitely keep up with our progress in real time, just hang with us as we have ten other projects going on simultaneously!


  1. What a great space to have! Can't wait to see what y'all do with the space. I think I have almost everyone of those inspiration pics pinned as well.

    1. It's so nice to have a dedicated mudroom area. I do miss our upstairs laundry that our townhouse had, but I'm thankful it's not down in the basement!

  2. Our mudroom wins the fugly contest hands down. 1970's laminate flooring, ceiling tiles and wood paneling. keep up the good work.


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