Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 52

Tomorrow Ashlynn turns 1.  This is the last check in to complete the year... and my last check in.  While I love being able to look back and track her milestones week by week, the commitment to these posts is pretty high.

It's also April 17th, which to us, is now a very special day.  It's the day five years ago that Pete proposed and one year ago, that my water broke.  A day of new beginnings.

Here's what's been going on this last week as a "baby".

We'll get them next week at her pedi appointment.

Healthy, but gave me some uncertainty last Thursday.  While I thought the weaning process was going pretty easy breezy, she woke up Thursday morning dry.  Odd, but totally no big deal.  She finally had a wet diaper around 8am.  She took a nap and was still dry.  Ate Lunch, still dry.  By 12:30, I was becoming concerned that I only changed her once.  So I gave her some more water, I had been offering it all morning.  I nursed her around 1pm and waited 30 minutes before her nap to see what was up.  Still dry.  I put her down and called the pedi around 2.  She was drinking, no fever, acting normal... just no wet diapers.  They said if she still hadn't gone by 5pm to call again.  She woke from her nap and we headed to Target so I could grab some pedialyte.  As soon as we got out of the car she had gone, whew.  Then again around 5pm.  The next day she was back to normal, and now I've been really aware of offering water while she plays and almond milk at every meal.

Hit a strange phase for about 5 days, hoping it's ending.  She'll wake up crying hysterically.  I have to go in and hold her for a bit to calm down and then finally can put her back in the crib and she'll go back to sleep.  Not sure if it's nightmares, teeth, general growing pains, but my heart breaks to hear her cry like that.

Officially putting her in 12-18.  Still can rock the 6-12, but I'll no longer buy that size and I'm so so so done with onesies.

We had our 'last chance workout' with house renos over the weekend.  The Husband and his buddy painted the front room, foyer, stairway, and upstairs hall and I got to hang with his buddy's wife and their puppy!  Ashlynn loved watching another dog in the mix.

Lots of prepping for the party and we met some more neighbors since the weather has been so nice everyone has been out.

Really doing away with purees.  Eggs, pancakes, or french toast for breakfast.  A lot of soup for lunch (recipes makes a TON and she loves it, eats adult sized bowls.) And chicken with egg noodles or a veggie for dinner.  She's finally eating teething biscuits for a snack instead of throwing them on the floor and of course, loves herself some kiwi, avocado, and mandrin oranges.  Staples around here.

What she's not digging is almond milk.  Any tips on how I can get her to drink more than 2oz a day would be a appreciated!   Also, wasn't into watermelon.  She'd put it on her tongue and spit it out and then crush it in her fists.  I assume its a texture thing.

Just the middle of the night.  Happy as can be otherwise.

Can say ball and duck. Not very well, but I get what she's trying to say.  Also starting to walk more by herself when I'm not prompting her.  Going from toy to toy.  Still mostly crawls, but showing more confidence.

What a ride it has been, thank you all for joining us every week!


  1. Happy ALMOST first! SO exciting!

  2. Wow! Happy (almost) Birthday, Ashlynn! I have loved these weekly check-ins, but I'm sure they take a lot of time to put together. It's been great to come along for the ride, and I hope you'll still keep us updated with her progress!

    1. I usually draft them tuesday night and take the pics wednesday morning. It's the planning of the photos which is the biggest problem. Especially if we have other plans for the day or disrupted naps. I definitely plan on keeping milestones tracked and updates going, but less rigid with being on a certain day with specific topics.

      Thanks for reading them each week. I really did this for myself (and her) it's nice that so many people enjoyed it and that so many other moms jumped out the wagon too. I loved seeing what other babies were up to!

  3. Aw I am sad to see these come to an end but totally understand! They are a lot of work! But it will be so fun to look back and see her progress every week! Love that! Happy Happy Birthday to Ashlynn! Must be such a sentimental day today and tomorrow!! Thinking of you guys tons and sending lots of birthday love!! xo

    1. I hope to still update, just not in such a rigid way. I am so glad I have her weekly photos, but the I'll need to think of something else for the next one! Thanks for the bday love!

  4. obviously I've been following since way before little A, but I've really enjoyed your blog even more with the addition of her cute little face. I will definitely miss these weekly updates. can't believe it's been a year! happy happy birthday, Ashlynn Hazel! ♡

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  6. I've followed your blog since Ashlynn was born - my own little guy's birthday is Saturday so it has been fun to see the weekly updates you post compared to our own adventures! It is crazy how similar their weeks are sometimes - for example, Everett is not a fan of milk either. We are trying cow's milk, but I've had to mix it with water to get him to drink it so far. I'm hoping I can gradually decrease the amount of water I mix in and he will get use to it!

    1. Aww, happy early birthday to your little guy! I'm going to start diluting her milk too, or maybe try smoothies.

  7. I have been following for awhile, and I have enjoyed your weekly updates for 52 weeks. I am sad to see them go and I can't believe Ashylnn is a year old. I look forward to seeing her grow and meet even more milestones.


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