Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Sew Fun] Birthday Crown

April has come and gone and as did my sewing goals.  I started Ashlynn's teepee what seems like months ago, but then had a snafu with the poles and returned the ones I got and had the Husband pick up new ones.  I'm currently waiting for him to cut them down to length so I can double check my measurements before sewing everything together.

Luckily, I still was able to complete a project this month, which is a feat in itself considering I spent so much time prepping the house and the decorations for Ashlynn's party - then being totally wiped out afterwards.

You may have noticed Ashlynn's Birthday Crown during her smash cake photos, that was project #4.  It was a totally made on the fly type of project, I saw a few different tutorials for crowns and went with the felt option, I wanted to jazz it up so I used some coral polka dot fabric I had stashed away.

(My shotty attempt as describing my method since I didn't take pictures) 

I measured Ashlynn's head and gave myself an extra inch for hemming and to make sure if would sit loosely and not have to be squeezed over her noggin'.  I cut my felt in 2" stripes and sewed two stripes together before cutting it down to my desired length (I think it was 18").  Then I sewed the fabric wrapped over the bottom so it was visibly stitched on both sides.  This is when I wasn't sure what to do next, I ended up pinning the fabric in the middle and just freely cutting my triangle points out.  I then sewed the fabric to the points, removed the pins, and (machine) stitched it together in the back.


Far from perfect, but was still super cute for the photo op and a bit different from a standard party hat.

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  1. So crafty!! Love the crown!


    1. Thanks, for not having a game plan I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

  2. love it! talented Momma! We felt the exact same way after O's party, hope your taking it easy and feeling better!


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