Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[Crafty Lady] Brenda's Canvas Sneaker Makeover

Hi Readers, today we are having two special posts.  Yesterday, I was so lucky to be able to be featured on Brenda Birds' From Me, With Love Designs and today I'm having her here share one of her awesome DIY refashions.

Hi Everyone! I am so excited Erinn asked me to guest post for her!  She has been nothing but sweet and so welcoming to me! I am Brenda from From Me, With Love Designs.  I can't wait to share with you a fun and easy DIY.

As a wife to a grad student (aka no income) and growing children, I don't have much of a budget for things for me....I think most of us can relate! I have really been on a shoe kick lately, but this time I wanted to make something for myself. I picked up a pair of canvas shoes from Target and decided I could make them into something cute and fun for the spring.  I picked gray because white just gets dirty but you can pick any color you want! I even want to get these next...


  1. Carefully sand the rubber on the shoes. This gives the paint something to stick to.
  2. Wipe off and if you want, you can tape around the shoe so you don't get paint of the fabric. Or you can eyeball it, which is what I did.
  3. Paint! I did 2 coats but it depends on what the paint shows up like.
  4. This is optional, but I made new shoelaces to go with different styles of outfits.  Making a shoelace is so easy! For one, I used the original laces and just painted the plastic ends a matching neon pink.  For the other 2, I cut my ribbon to desired length and taped the ends, just like where the plastic would go on regular laces. Voila!

Here are different outfit styles I picked and you can style them however you like.  I am in love with my *new* sneakers...who knew they could be so cute! Plus, with my little rugrats I need something I can catch them in! If you make these for yourself, please send me a picture! I'd love to see what you guys come up with.  

Just post on my facebook page or hashtag #frommewithloveblog.

Thank you for hosting me, Erinn!

Stay tuned for more from Brenda later today!

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