Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ashlynn's Birthday Weekend

I guess the birthday celebrations truly started Wednesday night.  My dad came down to spend the night since he had to get my step mom from the airport in the morning.  He arrived around 5pm and was able to spend some time playing before having dinner with Ashlynn and doing our night routine or bath, play, books, and bed.

Of course, we were up before Bopo on Thursday morning - Birthday Day, so we started with some funfetti pancakes to celebrate.

Once Bopo was up, Ashlynn played some more, read some books, and then took her nap when it was time for him to go.  Little did she know that shortly after she got up, Mimi would be coming to stay!  Grandparent craziness!

Mimi arrived during birthday lunch, all of Ashlynn's favorites - avocado, Mandarin oranges, and black beans.  We finished up and then all went to the grocery store, in the pouring rain.  We got the last few things we needed for party prep and then got Ashlynn back home for her second nap.  When she woke,   she really started showing off.

Walking from Mimi, to toy, to me - all over.  She's really starting to take off!  When daddy got home we all went out to dinner.

Friday, daddy was off and did some last minute around the house to-dos - painting, cut the grass, and install the panelling on our island. Mimi and I took turns watching Ashlynn and baking goodies for the party.  I also did most of the set up so we were good to go.

Saturday was party day!  We started our morning just like any other day.  Breakfast, play, nap.  She was up by 10 and Mimi and I had the house ready to go.  The Husband showed up around 10:30 with the balloons, food, and ice.

At 11:00 the guests starting rolling in, fast.  It was a bit overwhelming for A, and to be honest me too!  We had about 30 adults and 15 children.  Basically it was chaos!  However everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and find ways to stay entertained.  My concern was that the older children (3-5) would not have anything to play with.  I bought some sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and giant bouncy balls for them to play outside if the playroom was "too babyish", but turns out, they seemed to love the baby toys best - specifically the Elephant Popper (thanks Nat and Blair!).  There were about 3-4 children surrounding it at all times!

At 12:30 I changed Ashlynn into her smash cake attire and we sang happy birthday.  She didn't hesitate and went both hands in as soon as we blew out the candle.  She seemed to play with it more than eat it until I cut her a slice that she could pick up!

(warning: crazy amount of cake smashing photos below)

Most of our guests left at 1pm and I went to put the tired baby down for her nap at 1:30.  Even though she was crazy exhausted, either the commotion or sugar kept her from napping.  We hung out with our out of town friends who stayed for a bit longer. 

Sunday was of course, recovery day.  And still feels like we are catching up!

I decided since I won't be doing Ashlynn's weekly posts, but since I still want to track milestones and changes, that it'd just be easier at this point to do monthly check ins.  Of course, you'll get our day to day in my regular posting, but toddler progress will be more like my Ashlynn at One Year post.  What's new, what she's loving, what she's hating, and general changes.   We go tomorrow for her 1 year check up (read: shots), hopefully she doesn't feel too down and out after.  Looking forward to seeing her stats!


  1. Loved the party! You guys are great:)xo

  2. love this post! you did such a great job. the cake smash photos are amazing - the first one is my favorite - the way you and P (who I didn't even recognize without his hair!) are looking at her melts me.

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  4. Awww sounds like SO much fun! And I totally have to get that popper for E soon! Love that it was so entertaining for everyone!

  5. We love the popper!!! And love the party!!


  6. Great party...Ashlynn is a lucky girl :)
    Where is her highchair from?

    1. It's a Keekaroo. I got it on Diapers.com :)


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