Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Sew Fun] Birthday Crown

April has come and gone and as did my sewing goals.  I started Ashlynn's teepee what seems like months ago, but then had a snafu with the poles and returned the ones I got and had the Husband pick up new ones.  I'm currently waiting for him to cut them down to length so I can double check my measurements before sewing everything together.

Luckily, I still was able to complete a project this month, which is a feat in itself considering I spent so much time prepping the house and the decorations for Ashlynn's party - then being totally wiped out afterwards.

You may have noticed Ashlynn's Birthday Crown during her smash cake photos, that was project #4.  It was a totally made on the fly type of project, I saw a few different tutorials for crowns and went with the felt option, I wanted to jazz it up so I used some coral polka dot fabric I had stashed away.

(My shotty attempt as describing my method since I didn't take pictures) 

I measured Ashlynn's head and gave myself an extra inch for hemming and to make sure if would sit loosely and not have to be squeezed over her noggin'.  I cut my felt in 2" stripes and sewed two stripes together before cutting it down to my desired length (I think it was 18").  Then I sewed the fabric wrapped over the bottom so it was visibly stitched on both sides.  This is when I wasn't sure what to do next, I ended up pinning the fabric in the middle and just freely cutting my triangle points out.  I then sewed the fabric to the points, removed the pins, and (machine) stitched it together in the back.


Far from perfect, but was still super cute for the photo op and a bit different from a standard party hat.

Past Projects

Down and Out

All three of us got knocked out by the same cold.  Luckily both the Husband and myself are feeling better today, though still pretty stuffy.  Knowing Ashlynn feels the same way breaks my heart!

Hopefully I'll have more energy tonight to put a respectable post together!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Brain Dump

Here it is... everything that's on my mind - stay with me!

1.  Ashlynn had her 1 Year Check Up on Thursday.  19lbs 3oz and 28" tall, 50% for weight and 10% for height, which is the curve she's been on for months now.  I'm a bit surprised she didn't weigh a little more (I was expecting 20), since she's really only gained a pound in 3 months. But since she's on her curve and it's normal for breastfed babies to slow in the weight department, there is no concern.

She also got one shot.  I was expecting more, so that was actually a nice surprise.  For me, not Ashlynn.

Everything else is right where it should be developmentally and the pediatrician said to go ahead and just try dairy.  She gave us some hemoccult cards to test to see if she has an adverse reaction.  I'm probably going to cancel her milk challenge with the GI since they are driving me nuts.

2.  Going on with diet changes.

Ashlynn was barely taking 3-4oz of almond milk all day.  I tried for about 2 weeks offering it at meals, during play. Just no interest and preferred water.  I told the doctor and she said just try milk.  So far it's the same.  No interest.  I've tried warming it, putting it every single sippy and straw cup we own.  Just does not want it.   Hopefully when we are fully weaned she just decides to chug it down.

New favorite foods of the week include egg salad and roasted red pepper hummus on toast.   She's been eating scrambled eggs and waffles for breakfast more often than pancakes, which is nice break for me!  She also had Annie's Mac and Cheese for the first time, made with almond milk, but trying to start incorporating more foods with dairy to see what happens.  So far so good!

3.  Weaning.  As of Saturday, I officially cut our midday feeding.  She's just doing morning and night and while a tad fussy in the afternoon, isn't going crazy or putting up a fight for it.  I have a feeling it's going to end quickly now.  Which is really sad, but also exciting.  Hopefully it'll help her get used to real milk and getting all her nutrition from actual food.  While most people seem to have a hard time letting go the night feeding, I think breaking the morning one will more difficult.  Our routine is that once she's up, anytime between 5:30-6:30am -early people, I go get her and bring her into bed with me.   She's too awake to fall back asleep, but she'll snuggle for 5-10 extra minutes while getting her milk.  I'm going to miss not having the extra time in bed in the morning.

4.  Weekend.  Finally a weekend with no plans!  The Husband spent Saturday cutting down the oddest tree ever blocking in our patio, trimming the willow, and weeding our ridiculously overgrown flower beds.  Yesterday, he did some more weeding and cut the grass.  Then he was a real smooth operator and when he left for the gym he drove over the rake he didn't put away.  So he spent his gym time changing his mangled tired.

While he did all that, the shortcake and I battled some colds.  The day after the shots Ashlynn had a low grade fever and the next day a runny nose.  Not sure if it's related to the shot, teeth, or something she may have picked up in the doctor's office.  I woke up yesterday with shards of glass in my throat, so this doesn't look like it's going to end well, since I'm pretty sure this is not allergies.   We took lots of walks around the neighborhood, blew bubbles, and played with some new toys (aka, the mommy guilt post shot treat).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

[Child Style] Summer Stock Up

Between Ashlynn's birthday loot and some things I picked up for her, her closet is now totally stocked for summer!  Good thing too because we only had cooler weather clothes in her new 12-18M sizes.   When we opened her gifts, I literally died over the cuteness... I would take almost everything in my size.

Mommy and Me indeed!

Shirts: Flutter Sleeve | TankTee | Tank
Shorts: White | Neon | Pink | Tie-Waist

Looks like Mommy needs to play catch up!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ashlynn's Birthday Weekend

I guess the birthday celebrations truly started Wednesday night.  My dad came down to spend the night since he had to get my step mom from the airport in the morning.  He arrived around 5pm and was able to spend some time playing before having dinner with Ashlynn and doing our night routine or bath, play, books, and bed.

Of course, we were up before Bopo on Thursday morning - Birthday Day, so we started with some funfetti pancakes to celebrate.

Once Bopo was up, Ashlynn played some more, read some books, and then took her nap when it was time for him to go.  Little did she know that shortly after she got up, Mimi would be coming to stay!  Grandparent craziness!

Mimi arrived during birthday lunch, all of Ashlynn's favorites - avocado, Mandarin oranges, and black beans.  We finished up and then all went to the grocery store, in the pouring rain.  We got the last few things we needed for party prep and then got Ashlynn back home for her second nap.  When she woke,   she really started showing off.

Walking from Mimi, to toy, to me - all over.  She's really starting to take off!  When daddy got home we all went out to dinner.

Friday, daddy was off and did some last minute around the house to-dos - painting, cut the grass, and install the panelling on our island. Mimi and I took turns watching Ashlynn and baking goodies for the party.  I also did most of the set up so we were good to go.

Saturday was party day!  We started our morning just like any other day.  Breakfast, play, nap.  She was up by 10 and Mimi and I had the house ready to go.  The Husband showed up around 10:30 with the balloons, food, and ice.

At 11:00 the guests starting rolling in, fast.  It was a bit overwhelming for A, and to be honest me too!  We had about 30 adults and 15 children.  Basically it was chaos!  However everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and find ways to stay entertained.  My concern was that the older children (3-5) would not have anything to play with.  I bought some sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and giant bouncy balls for them to play outside if the playroom was "too babyish", but turns out, they seemed to love the baby toys best - specifically the Elephant Popper (thanks Nat and Blair!).  There were about 3-4 children surrounding it at all times!

At 12:30 I changed Ashlynn into her smash cake attire and we sang happy birthday.  She didn't hesitate and went both hands in as soon as we blew out the candle.  She seemed to play with it more than eat it until I cut her a slice that she could pick up!

(warning: crazy amount of cake smashing photos below)

Most of our guests left at 1pm and I went to put the tired baby down for her nap at 1:30.  Even though she was crazy exhausted, either the commotion or sugar kept her from napping.  We hung out with our out of town friends who stayed for a bit longer. 

Sunday was of course, recovery day.  And still feels like we are catching up!

I decided since I won't be doing Ashlynn's weekly posts, but since I still want to track milestones and changes, that it'd just be easier at this point to do monthly check ins.  Of course, you'll get our day to day in my regular posting, but toddler progress will be more like my Ashlynn at One Year post.  What's new, what she's loving, what she's hating, and general changes.   We go tomorrow for her 1 year check up (read: shots), hopefully she doesn't feel too down and out after.  Looking forward to seeing her stats!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ashlynn's 1st Birthday Confetti Bash!

I have a long weekend to recap, but I'll get right to the goods - Ashlynn's First Birthday Party!

I decided months ago that I wanted to go with a "confetti" party.  I pinned tons of inspiration and about 2-3 months ago, I started doing a few little crafts and planning out what we needed for the big day.  This was huge in the end, as the party date snuck up so quickly and having a baby to look after makes it tough to pull things out last minute.  Planning was key!

If you follow me on instagram, you got a lot of sneak peeks, but here's the full dirty details!  (prepare, photo heavy!)

I used Printstagram to print my favorite shots from the last year.  I ordered the 2.5" photos and the quality is great, highly recommend!  Unfortunately, I took the pictures of the photo clothesline (mini clothespins from Michaels and monthly markers from Little Baby Garvin) before we set up the drink station.  We had a tub full of organic milk for the kiddos (vanilla and chocolate, of course) and sodas and water for the adults.  I also made a coral pink lemonade punch that was a HUGE hit, and so sad I didn't take a shot of it.  Not only did it taste great, it matched the color scheme perfectly! 

And of course, paper straws

Another printstagram craft.

For lunch we served tomato pie (a bit of a local staple, people come from all over to get from the bakery near us) and hoagies from Wegman's, which like anything from Wegman's, were ridiculously good.  The usual snacky sides of veggies and chips and of course, desserts!  We weren't sending home 15 children under the age of 5 without a sugar high!

The set up.

tablecloths, streamers, plates, napkins, plasticware, and cake stand - Target

We served funfetti cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing, dipped birthday cake flavored oreos, funfetti blondies, and pink lemonade sugar cookies.  I also put out little cups of iced animal crackers and goldfish, which like the milk boxes, were all gone by the end of the party.... kids, so predictable!

 And of course, Ashlynn's Smash Cake!

While the kids entertained themselves with some of Ashlynn's toys, I set up a few things for the adults to meander over to in case they needed a break from the chaos.   I set up a Time Capsule for our friends and family to make predictions about life in 15 years, what Ashlynn will be like at 16 years old, or to leave a note to future Ashlynn. 

I'm going to seal them up and we can open them when Ashlynn turns 16.  Of course, we had to sneak peek them and some are amazing.  We can't wait to look back and see what comes true... zombie apocalypse, anyone?

I also set up a photo booth - slash - backdrop for friends to take pictures or Instagram.  Which would have worked out better if I didn't set it up in front of a window - backlighting fail.

Lastly, we sent our littlest guests home with some bubbles. Another super easy DIY - baby food jars, chalkboard paint for the lids, pipe cleaner for the bubble blower, and bubble solution.  Perfect for all our young guests... 5 weeks to 5 years!

I'll recap how the party went tomorrow, this girl is still recovering from the craziness and this post is long enough!  Hope everyone had a great weekend, we did!

Also, thank you all so very much for all the birthday love at the end of the week on our posts and on IG.  I haven't had a chance to respond to the comments, but I read each and every one!

Friday, April 19, 2013

[Birthday Week] Ashlynn's Virtual Birthday Bash

Welcome to Ashlynn's Virtual Birthday Party!

Grab some goodies and meet the gang!

Owen and Emily at Dear Owen

Chris, Meghan, and Noah from The Adventure Starts Here

Natalie and Blair (Ashlynn Baby Blog Twin, both 35 weekers)

Elisabeth and Erin

precious Scarlett

Maeve who picked Ashlynn a daffodil, so sweet!

ltdeveau in Colorado

Thank you all for "attending" our bash!  We had a great time celebrating our sweet little girl yesterday and today Mimi and I are baking machines.  Can't wait to recap our birthday bash next week!  Have a great weekend!

Also, thank you all so very, very, very much for all the blog, instagram, and facebook love yesterday!  If Ashlynn could read she'd be overcome with joy, instead I was amazed at this community's kindness.