Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 48

It's March Madness, Baby!

I weighed Ashlynn last Wednesday when we stayed at my In Laws while our floors were stained.  19lbs 6oz according to the bathroom scale while I held her and then deducted my weight.

No colds or fever.  A little bit of ear tugging is going on and diaper rash, which started to completely clear by Saturday came back with a vengeance on Sunday.  I'm almost positive it's because I finally gave in and had some dairy.  She still doesn't seem to have any other serious digestive distress.  She's spit up a few times, which at this point is odd, so it probably is either an adjustment to the milk protein or a reaction.  It's really hard to know.  Some kids seem to have some issues adjusting to dairy at one year of age when they don't have intolerance.  For me to add it back, I can imagine would change things up for her.  Luckily, in less than a month we'll have her cow's milk challenge at the GI.

Slept through the night in the pack 'n play while at the in laws (amazing), and more nights than not is doing the same in her crib.  Occasionally, she'll wake up and whine until I go in, get her paci and give her a hug and rock and put her back.  She'll lay there and snuggle with her blankie and fall back asleep on her own.

Naps are pretty awesome too.  Of course, all this sleep awesomeness probably means teething isn't far away and it'll go back down the crapper, right?

6-12 mostly. I am thinking about moving her into some 12-18 pjs and she's wearing 12-18 t-shirts (like her Duke one below... in honor of her dad's 3rd grade until now NCAA crush.  This tar heel fan isn't happy about it!)

In laws house on Wednesday night to escape the fumes and we were back home by Thursday on our beautiful new floors.  Friday we got the house ready for our St. Pat's bash on Saturday where she got to hang with her little Irish girlfriends.

Sunday was family day. We had a great time spending the day with dad and having family meals. The weather was nasty Monday and Tuesday (c'mon spring!) so we laid low and played around the house.

Girlfriend is loving mandarin oranges, inhaling avocado - like would eat the whole thing if I let her, and loves black beans. She loved the baked garlic chicken and cabbage dinner from St.Patrick's Day and is still enjoying the leftovers.  She's still turning up her nose to banana, so I'm sneaking it in her pancakes.

No crying really, but definitely a little cranky.  Not sure if it's diet changes or a potential budding tooth. I mean, she's 11 months... she has to get teeth some time right?

She's taken one step twice now!  She first did it on St. Patrick's Day (while daddy was home to see) and again this morning.  I'm not counting this as her first steps since it's not actual steps nor is it really walking.  But it is one step closer!


  1. I'm in love with her booties - where can I find them? She's so stinkin' cute!! Reminds me of the phrase, "when Irish eyes are smiling..."

    1. The moccs are babygap :) And I just IG'd a pic of the two of us with that caption over the weekend, definitely fitting!

  2. So cute & I like her lil hair bow. Fun times ahead once she gets walking. You're already getting a glimpse...

  3. Where did you get the "Ashlynn" puzzle? So cute! :)

    1. So sorry for the late late response! We received it as a gift after she was born, but I found this site


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