Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 46

Not sure, probably pushing 20lbs, maybe somewhere in the 27"range.

No sickies here.

I had my very first latte in 8 months last week.  My 'grande 2 pump vanilla soy latte' and it didn't seem to bother her!  Huge huge win.  I'm thinking about picking up some soy creamer to add to my black coffee and see if the Starbucks was just a fluke.  At this point though, I'm so used to black coffee having creamer will make it taste like a candy bar!

We had another sleep through the night experience on Monday, and I don't think I woke up either!  However, that might have been because girl has put the protest on all naps.  I put her down at her normal naptime, when she is clearly tired, and she just rolls over, sits up, and stands up and walks circles around her crib.  I'll go in and sit her down, lay her down, you name it, and as soon as I leave she's back on the escalator!

Seriously though, she's fallen asleep maybe 3x this week sitting up. And for the most part she's barely napped.  Some days I'll get her, play a little longer and try again then I get 20-40minutes, not her usual 90min+.  It's likely phase, and doesn't seem to be teething related, I'm guessing developmental as all she wants to do is walk around with her little walker thing.

Since she doesn't nap all day, she crashes hard after dinner.   I try to keep her up until 7, but some nights she been going down earlier... leading to early wake ups, throwing us off the daily schedule and messing more with the naps.

She's out of a few pairs of pants in length.  Some Carters 9m and her green Old Navy jeggings.  Everything else is still fitting great, like it's supposed to for once.

Gymboree on Saturday, rest of the time been cooped up around here fighting the napping game.  Ran a few errands to break up the days here and there.

Lots of her favorites.  Pancakes (banana, apple apricot, and blueberry), blueberries, kiwi, avocado, peas, and peaches.  Still mixing in a jar of puree about once a day, the rest is finger food.

We tried some toast with a smidge of organic jelly (it's basically grape puree, no added HFCS), she didn't seem to into it.

Loves anything she can cruise with... the walker, furniture, boxes, her doll cradle, and even the wall.

Happy honey.  Not many tears, even with her lack of naps.

Standing solo longer, but still not that sturdy on her own.  She did it for so long this morning she cracked herself up.  Just standing there, laughing.  Hysterical.


  1. Your little one is just the cutest. And that blanket! Wow! I think I commented on it on your IG the other day when you were cutting out all the pieces! It came out just beautifully!

  2. My little girl fell asleep against her crib bars many many times :) Walking is SO exciting it really messes with sleep for a while. I have a pic of her with "honeycomb" face from falling asleep face first in her pack and play on vacation.

    1. That's hysterical, the honeycomb face. As her daddy says, "she just doesn't want to miss a fart", so eloquent.

  3. ADORE her outfit! Wish I had bought the Peter Rabbit sweater for Ethan when they still had his size! And can't even imagine what life will be like once Ethan can stand his crib. I'm sure he'll never sleep/nap again! As it is, he rolls around a ton!!

    1. I went a little nuts with the Peter Rabbit collection... but she's our 'bunny' and the stuff is cute for spring! It's funny she's been able to stand in the crib for a while now it seems, but just this last week is obsessed with it.

  4. She's so cute. I'd give up naps for sleeping through the night!

  5. So great to go back and read the 46 week update which is where my little boy is at right now. He's not napping so its reassuring to read he isn't the only one! Very adorable daughter you have!


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