Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[Wednesday Weekly Check-In] Week 49

Healthy, healthy.  Last Wednesday, after our afternoon nursing session I decided to check her gums.  Usually, she doesn't let me see and puts her tongue in the way.  But a quick check and the sharp little cut of a tooth, bottom left.  It seems like it's fully cut now, but still barely out of her gums.

Wonder if the bottom right is going to sprout soon.

More nights than not, sleeping through.  It's pretty amazing.  I still have the uncanny ability to wake twice a night, but she seems to really be turning a corner.  Sunday night she was up at 4:30 pretty unhappy, most likely her teeth, but eventually went back down until  6:45.  She's typically up between 6-6:30.

6-12.  Starting to use some 12-18 tops and pjs, and retiring 9M pjs and pants.

We had busy weekend.  Saturday we traveled 90 minutes to our niece's First Birthday party and Ashlynn cried the whole way.  Combination of a crummy morning nap, being hungry, being constrained by the car seat, and probably teeth too.  Once there, she inhaled lunch and had a blast.  She, thankfully, slept the whole way home.

Unfortunately, on Sunday we had to attend a funeral.  She was SO well behaved hardly making a peep during the service.  Since it was family, we sat in the front she peeped over my should making eyes and bringing smiles to a few faces.  She especially cheered up our step brother who was sitting next to me, by grabbing his hands and picking lint off his shoulder (she's the clean police - always lets me know when it's time to vacuum). After, we drove about 45minutes to the cemetery, and at this point she should have been napping, but she stayed up and did well in the chilly weather and slept on our drive home.

Today we had a playdate with 6 month old Vincent, fun times!

Teething definitely has changed A's appetite.  One day she completely rejected pancakes, another peaches and blueberries.  Right now, I'm trying stick to soft fruits, beans, and purees.  I made Maple Dijon chicken and she loved it!  She also housed the side cabbage and carrots, such an Irish lass.

She's also LOVING bath time sophie this week.  Real Sophie is in the car, so I let her take bathtime sophie from the tub and she's been carrying (chewing on) her everywhere.


First Tooth! First Steps!

That's right, she's on her way.  On St. Patrick's Day, she took one step.  Halfway through the week she took two.  On Sunday she took 3 over and over, and one time 4.  So far she's been up to 6.  We aren't calling it walking, since it's not really independent or overly controlled.  I set her up standing and then scoot back and try to let her walk to me.  More times than not, she takes a step or two and head dives to my lap, but the 3+ steps definitely are more along the lines of steps than walking, so it's in the baby book!


  1. Love the video!! Way to go A that's big news! O is the same way with food, one day he's into something the next day not so much. The last pic is to die for too.

    1. Thanks Emily!.. It's funny those things are usually her faves, to reject them, I def know her teeth are bothering her... poor thing!

  2. I LOVED that video! Walking?!?! Ahhh B has some serious catching up to do! And that 49 week picture...I DIE. So stinking cute! PS loved her invite..adorable!

    1. B will definitely be on the move before you know it!! Our oldest niece didnt walk until 17m and her sister is two months older than A and still mainly army crawling... they all move at their own pace! Yay! Glad the invite got there :)

  3. Sooo excited to find your blog! Your little lady is the cutest!!! New follower!!

  4. She just look like such a happy baby. And such a fashionista. I love her denim jacket!

    1. She really is, even teething she's still so happy!


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