Friday, March 8, 2013

Things I've Started and Things and Stopped

This is a pictureless post, sorry to disappoint.

Things I've started...

Reusable 'Paper' Towels
Finally!  I purchased these reusable "paper" towels from Mamamade back in June of last year.  They sat oh so pretty on our kitchen counter on the paper towel holder, being used never.  The idea of snaps, seemed ingenius at the time of purchase, but was more pain unsnapping when wanting to quickly grab one or resnapping after washing.

I finally grabbed a basket to keep them in on the counter, and now I use them all the time.  Mainly to wipe up A and her high chair after meals, but for other quick "dish rag" jobs too.  I've drastically cut back on our paper towel use.

Amazon Prime
Yeah, about freaking time.  Not sure why I waited so long.  There is nothing I hate more than paying shipping.  I purposely wait to buy things or spend over thresholds to get free shipping.   Let's just say, I've been a prime member a week and between the two of us, we probably already got our monies worth.

Eating Chicken
I stopped eating meat and poultry back in July of 2008.  After some killer cravings for chicken cheese steaks during my pregnancy and giving in maybe four times or so, I'm finally eating chicken (or turkey) maybe once a week.  I really started adding it back when I had to give up dairy for A's intolerance.  Dairy had been my primary source of protein and outside of eggs and fish, I wasn't getting my "complete" protein.

Drying Ashlynn's Hair
Ashlynn is normally chilly after getting out of the tub.  Her bathroom is larger than our last and it doesn't steam or warm up quite the same.  After getting her dry, lotioned up, and jammies on, I take her into my bathroom and shoot some warm air on low on her noggin.  She thinks it's pretty hysterical and tries to grab it.  Probably unnecessary,  but at least it keeps her from having a wet head longer than necessary.  Her hair always looks blonder too afterward... and soft.  So soft.

Things I stopped:

Cloth Diapers
Oh boy.... I know, the cloth diaper lover.  I originally packed them away when we moved in December because I didn't want to monopolize my in laws washing machine while we shacked up with them for a month.  As soon as I started the disposables, the lingering off and on diaper rash I was always battling, and thought was related to diet, was gone.  Totally gone.  I still want to rewash them all maybe with a different detergent and see if it was just a detergent sensitivity, but I'm pretty sure it's a sensitivity to the BumGenius diaper itself.  Whenever I had her in overnight fitteds (kissaluvs), she'd wake up with a clear and soft baby's bottom.

I might also try after the weather warms up.  Her skin is so sensitive maybe it's a combination of dried out skin and then moisture, I don't know.  At least she's still fitting in her 6-12 pants.  If she was in cloth, we'd definitely be up a size.

I'm still a huge advocate of cloth diapers, so if you are interested, check out my previous Diapees + Wipees posts!

Beaba Cook
Ashlynn eats more finger foods than purees at this point.  It easier and probably not all that much more expensive to just keep some on hand.  I'm also repurposing the jars for a project... stay tuned on that

Washing my face
Eek... this is pure laziness.  Usually after Ashlynn goes to bed, I eat dinner, clean up, and do some project or another around the house.  When I go up to bed, I usually am so exhausted I just brush my teeth and crawl under the covers.  I also blame my optometrist for allowing me to get the Day and Night contacts, now I don't even bother taking them out.  (note: I take them out every couple of days to let my eyeballies breathe, I'm not that gross... ok, maybe I am)

Also due to too many other projects going on.  Between house upgrades, crafts, sewing, cleaning, showering, and blogging, just no time.   I had gotten about half way through Bringing Up Bebe at Christmas and then book went down and hasn't gotten picked back up.

Happy Friday, Friends.  I'm off to get my chompers cleaned and stay upstairs all day as we get our foyer and kitchen floor ripped up!  


  1. Oh Amazon Prime is addictive. I did a trial membership for a while and realized I was way more apt to buying when I knew I should get free expedited shipping!

  2. Amazon Prime is life changing! Seriously amazing!

  3. Amazon Prime is the bomb. We had it pre-baby and I'm so glad I got used to the charge even though I know we get more than our money's worth. I hear you on the face washing. However, you have to work that in because the negative effect will catch up to your skin. We both do the bedtime routine, but there is a break where I make a bottle. Before I head to the kitchen, I wash my face. When it's time for bed and I remember that I've done that, I feel so...accomplished. lol


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