Sunday, March 3, 2013

[Sew Fun] Tooth Fairy Pillow

For my 30th Birthday, my mom got me a sewing machine.  While some may read that and thinks its a prank, I was stoked.  So being that I'm a New Year's Baby, I made it my New Year's Resolution to learn to sew!

I was dying to make this Ombre Quilt, and decided to start on a mini-version just in case it turned out a hot mess I wasn't wasting a ton of time and materials.  And technically, while the quilt was the first project I started, the first project I completed was this little tooth pillow for my niece.  She's 5 and has her first loose tooth.

One of the first sewing projects I ever pinned was Martha Stewart post.  I thought it might be possible to hand stitch, similar to the cupcake applique I did two summers ago. However, having a sewing machine made it super easy.  I completed it during one of Ashlynn's naps!

I wanted to complete twelve sewing projects this year, feels great to knock one off the list!

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  1. Really cute, and great little keepsake. I'm impressed with all your projects!


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