Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[Sew Fun] Mini Quilt - First Project Complete!

1 - Fat Quarter Selection
2 - Pattern Cut
3 - First Stretch of Quilt Sewn
4 - Naptime 
5 - Rows Complete
6 - Rows Sewn Together, decided to add another
7 -  Quilting
8   - Fully Quilted
9 - Binding
10 - Complete!

When I found out I was getting a sewing machine for my birthday, I went crazy looking for a (sorta) simple project I could start with.  I wanted to make something actually useful, but simple enough in technique that I wouldn't want to throw in the towel completely if I struggled. 

A friend recommended this quilt and I fell in love.  It was perfect and so cute.   I went and bought my fabrics, but then got hesitant that maybe I wouldn't be as great starting out as I hoped, so I bought more fabric.  I picked up some fat quarters at JoAnns and binding tape.  When I got home, I realized the fat quarters weren't going to yield the right number of triangles required.  So I cut down the template and figured I'd make a smaller version of the quilt with smaller triangles.  

I definitely got a lot better as I went along in terms of sewing straight and having a more even seam allowance.  I started the quilt (cutting my triangles) on Tuesday, February 19 and finished hand stitching the binding on Thursday, February 28 only working during naps.  The "sun room", where my sewing machine is, is over the garage and freezing at night.  So I only worked during the day when Ashlynn was napping.  

I only quilted the white and black and white floral fabric.  This was similar to what the See Kate Sew tutorial did and I really like the random triangles on the back of the quilt.

The rows of triangles, due to my inability to consistently sew even seam allowances, don't quite match up. Some areas look perfect, others are so far off it's laughable.  

Luckily, the new owner doesn't seem to mind.

The back of the quilt is a sale fabric I ordered with the rest of the original planned quilt's fabric.  It's a halloween run, but I love it so much.  I want to order more.

For the binding I used store bought binding tape, and used this tutorial to attach it.  This was the part I was most intimidated by, but it really wasn't that bad.  Hand stitching the backside was tedious and my blind stitch isn't that blind, but it works and it seems secure. 

I'm really happy with my choice of fabrics.  Not only because the mix of seafoam and coral match A's room, but because I unknowingly purchased prints.  The printed fabric is definitely way more forgiving than solids.  It's harder to see where errors like puckers, pulls, or uneven seams exist. 

I was so proud of my successful first project.  That was until I washed it!  Back again to my uneven seam allowances.  It seems wherever I had too small of a seam allowance the stitching opened up during a gentle wash.  I've got back and hand stitched them closed.  I'm not sure how it's going to continue to hold up in the wash, but it'll work great as the little play picnic blanket intended and it's more than okay to have some flaws.  I'm glad I learned that lesson now, and not on the real version with pricier fabrics and more hours invested.

So there's my recap in a nutshell!  I can't wait to get started on the next project!


  1. Ah it's so adorable! I am seriously impressed. My hubby and I tried our hand at dog collars and were successful but to this day I am still scared of tha machine. He did all the sewing and I picked out the material. Guess I'm sticking to scrapbooking...

  2. Such a cute first project! I am inspired to get my sewing machine out now that my girl is taking longer naps!

  3. Yay! It really does look great. Awesome job!

  4. Clearly A loves it! It turned out awesome, good job Momma!!


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