Friday, March 29, 2013

[Five and Five] Communication

1. With all the other major milestones last week, I totally forgot to include that Ashlynn finally started saying Dada last Thursday. It started more of a 'dat dat dat', but now is a full out dada!

2.  She also finally started adding some other consonants other than "M" and "Y"  (mamama, yayayayay were her go to's)  Now she clearly makes "Ma" "Da" "Ya" "Na" "Ba" and also little gurgley Gs.. like a mini happy "grr" if that makes any sense at all.

3.  Back to her "M's".  I've always referred to the dogs as "puppies" that way we could distinguish between Dada and Doggie.  Also, our Boston is named Penny, so I thought she might associate the P sound more.  Probably three weeks ago now, I was saying "Pup-py" and repeating "Pa". And she would mimic back the "Pa" "Pa" and then say "Mub".  I finally  realized that she's been saying Mub for awhile I just thought she was saying "Mom" to the dogs.  When I watch her mouth, the "Mub" is close to how her lips should be saying "Pup", it just took me forever to realize it.

4. Listening.  It's amazing, but it's clear she understands us.  The greatest example is when she's eating and holds her food over the side of the tray, almost as if threatening me that she'll drop it to the dogs, I'll tell her "no, goes in your mouth" and she'll eat it.... or sometimes fake eat it, but she always will put it to her mouth when I ask her to.   She also understands "hi" (to wave), "give mommy kisses", "up", and will stick out her nose if I ask for an "eskimo kiss", but the food one gets me.  I feel like we are actually communicating!

5.  Last is sign language.  I never really got crazy about it, the only ones I focus on are "more" and "all done".  I'm not even that consistent with it, but the one day I asked if she wanted more (without signing) and she signed back.  I thought maybe she was clapping (oddly), but I asked again "more?" with signing and she got more frantic with her signs.  I've been catching her doing it in the high chair a few more times the last few days... maybe it's all coincidence, but still it's like a mini conversation with her!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how much they can communicate with us, even when their little ones! So much fun!! O's favorite is Mar Mar for Marley(our dog)


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