Monday, March 11, 2013

Bunny and Rabbit

Right now, Ashlynn and I are confined to the upper level of our house.  Our foyer and kitchen floor were ripped up on Friday, we lived on our subfloor all weekend, and today a friend is laying new wood floors down for us.

We had another busy weekend, trying to stay out of the messy house.  Amongst other events I'll cover in our weekly update, we headed to our local Pottery Barn Kids and met Peter Rabbit!

Naturally, I dressed Ashlynn up in her Peter Rabbit sweater and we got our little substitute Easter Bunny shot.  I have to say, he was definitely way less creepy than the mall bunny (Donnie Darko anyone?), and Ashlynn did great -as in zero tears.

We stood in the short line watching the other children take pictures as she gave the Peter a good check out and became more interested in him.  She had no problem sitting in his lap and was pretty intrigued by his whiskers.  Overall, she seems a McKayla Maroney about it all.

Either way, it was cute to this momma.  I highly recommend checking out if your local store is having him come this weekend.  The line was short and it wasn't very crowded (and this was at the 2nd largest mall in the country), so definitely beat standing in line with the mall bunny.  Unfortunately, I left my DSLR at home and my P&S battery was dead so we only got iPhone pics, but isn't all about instagram anyway these days?!

On a side note, any reason all the bunnies are named Peter?  Peter Rabbit, Peter Cottontail... 


  1. So cute!! Love the outfit and the expression! How did you find out about this?! I looked at our mall which is pretty big here in Richmond and don't see any info on it :/

    1. Thanks! I get local store emails, like for PB, PBKids, and Williams Sonoma. They'll have info on what's happening in our stores - books signings, cooking demos, decorating classes, and craft class things at PB Kids. I'll see if I can find the email and forward it to you, maybe you can enter your zip for your store!

  2. Precious! I'm not really sure how O would react to a life size Rabbit?! He loves animals so maybe he would enjoy it?! A is looking as cute as ever.


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