Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap

We had a great long weekend, it's always nice when the Husband gets off an extra day.  He spent a lot time priming the front room, foyer, stairwell, and upstairs hallway, now just on to paint it! (Probably the worst job to do in the house - have fun, I'll sit this one out!)

We also had Ashlynn's 1 year old pictures and some family shots done.  The weather on Saturday was perfect and Ashlynn was a doll, smiling at the camera and even putting up with a few outfit changes.  I can't wait to see the results!

For Easter we had my In Laws over from brunch, we served Carrot Cake Pancakes (dairy and egg free for Ashlynn) and scrambled eggs.  My mother in law brought some cinnamon pull apart bread, that I'm stuffing my face with as I write this post... so. damn.good.... and gooey. too.

Ashlynn was pretty thrilled with all her Easter gifts.  She was a bit unsure of Mimi's Dancing Puppy, but after a bit, followed my lead and started to push his feet to make him dance and would clap along - just not to the clapping songs, go figure.

While she's a bit too small for her Bunny Rocker, the Easter Bunny couldn't pass up the opportunity, she is our bunny after all!

She'll start receiving a basket next year when she can really get into the fun!  Also, the half deflated balloons from Saturday's shoot (that we forgot to use!) were a big hit, too!

The rest of the day included playing with all our bunnies, just like I used to do as a kid, reading Pat the Bunny, Peter Rabbit, and Guess How Much I Love You, and eating an easy dinner of fish, asparagus, and egg noodles.  Ashlynn skipped the fish, though I was tempted to let her try.  I want her to try egg yolk again tomorrow, so I thought I'd hold off.  She's been loving asparagus and noodles this week though, so I thought I'd use up the rest we had, give the girl what she wants!

I can't believe the weekend is over, looks like it's time to start get the ball rolling on decorating and planning for Ashlynn's Party!  Eek!

Friday, March 29, 2013

[Five and Five] Communication

1. With all the other major milestones last week, I totally forgot to include that Ashlynn finally started saying Dada last Thursday. It started more of a 'dat dat dat', but now is a full out dada!

2.  She also finally started adding some other consonants other than "M" and "Y"  (mamama, yayayayay were her go to's)  Now she clearly makes "Ma" "Da" "Ya" "Na" "Ba" and also little gurgley Gs.. like a mini happy "grr" if that makes any sense at all.

3.  Back to her "M's".  I've always referred to the dogs as "puppies" that way we could distinguish between Dada and Doggie.  Also, our Boston is named Penny, so I thought she might associate the P sound more.  Probably three weeks ago now, I was saying "Pup-py" and repeating "Pa". And she would mimic back the "Pa" "Pa" and then say "Mub".  I finally  realized that she's been saying Mub for awhile I just thought she was saying "Mom" to the dogs.  When I watch her mouth, the "Mub" is close to how her lips should be saying "Pup", it just took me forever to realize it.

4. Listening.  It's amazing, but it's clear she understands us.  The greatest example is when she's eating and holds her food over the side of the tray, almost as if threatening me that she'll drop it to the dogs, I'll tell her "no, goes in your mouth" and she'll eat it.... or sometimes fake eat it, but she always will put it to her mouth when I ask her to.   She also understands "hi" (to wave), "give mommy kisses", "up", and will stick out her nose if I ask for an "eskimo kiss", but the food one gets me.  I feel like we are actually communicating!

5.  Last is sign language.  I never really got crazy about it, the only ones I focus on are "more" and "all done".  I'm not even that consistent with it, but the one day I asked if she wanted more (without signing) and she signed back.  I thought maybe she was clapping (oddly), but I asked again "more?" with signing and she got more frantic with her signs.  I've been catching her doing it in the high chair a few more times the last few days... maybe it's all coincidence, but still it's like a mini conversation with her!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[Wednesday Weekly Check-In] Week 49

Healthy, healthy.  Last Wednesday, after our afternoon nursing session I decided to check her gums.  Usually, she doesn't let me see and puts her tongue in the way.  But a quick check and the sharp little cut of a tooth, bottom left.  It seems like it's fully cut now, but still barely out of her gums.

Wonder if the bottom right is going to sprout soon.

More nights than not, sleeping through.  It's pretty amazing.  I still have the uncanny ability to wake twice a night, but she seems to really be turning a corner.  Sunday night she was up at 4:30 pretty unhappy, most likely her teeth, but eventually went back down until  6:45.  She's typically up between 6-6:30.

6-12.  Starting to use some 12-18 tops and pjs, and retiring 9M pjs and pants.

We had busy weekend.  Saturday we traveled 90 minutes to our niece's First Birthday party and Ashlynn cried the whole way.  Combination of a crummy morning nap, being hungry, being constrained by the car seat, and probably teeth too.  Once there, she inhaled lunch and had a blast.  She, thankfully, slept the whole way home.

Unfortunately, on Sunday we had to attend a funeral.  She was SO well behaved hardly making a peep during the service.  Since it was family, we sat in the front she peeped over my should making eyes and bringing smiles to a few faces.  She especially cheered up our step brother who was sitting next to me, by grabbing his hands and picking lint off his shoulder (she's the clean police - always lets me know when it's time to vacuum). After, we drove about 45minutes to the cemetery, and at this point she should have been napping, but she stayed up and did well in the chilly weather and slept on our drive home.

Today we had a playdate with 6 month old Vincent, fun times!

Teething definitely has changed A's appetite.  One day she completely rejected pancakes, another peaches and blueberries.  Right now, I'm trying stick to soft fruits, beans, and purees.  I made Maple Dijon chicken and she loved it!  She also housed the side cabbage and carrots, such an Irish lass.

She's also LOVING bath time sophie this week.  Real Sophie is in the car, so I let her take bathtime sophie from the tub and she's been carrying (chewing on) her everywhere.


First Tooth! First Steps!

That's right, she's on her way.  On St. Patrick's Day, she took one step.  Halfway through the week she took two.  On Sunday she took 3 over and over, and one time 4.  So far she's been up to 6.  We aren't calling it walking, since it's not really independent or overly controlled.  I set her up standing and then scoot back and try to let her walk to me.  More times than not, she takes a step or two and head dives to my lap, but the 3+ steps definitely are more along the lines of steps than walking, so it's in the baby book!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tiny Diner

After a few months of solids under our belt, I posted my feeding favorites.  Now, I'm going to catch up with my current must haves for dining out.  I touched upon a few items in the first go ahead, but now that A has 3 solid meals and a mid-afternoon snack, it's necessary I keep the diaper bag stocked with these items.  No more skipping meals or waiting until we are home, if we have a hungry baby on our hands we know it!

First things first, between Ashlynn's teething and just being a bit of a germaphobe, I like to protect the area from her wandering mouth and hands.  Covering the highchair and table with a cart cover and rubber placemat are essential!

Then, just like at home, I stick with Bumkin bibs.  They wipe up super easy, are so thin and a snap to pack, and the pouch catches all that misses her mouth.

Ashlynn still bounces back and forth between feeding herself solids and eating purees off spoons.  I usually keep a pouch (Ella's Kitchen or Happy Tot are our favorites) and our Beaba Cutlery case.  I love the Beaba formula and snack container.  I never used it for formula, but I'm sure for the momma's that do, it'd be awesome.  Instead I fill up the different sections with some puffs, blueberries, and stash one or two Yum Yummy Cookies in there too!  I'm sure in a few months, they'll be full of goldfish.

Lastly, I like to make sure I have some toys attached to her shopping cart cover at all times.  Keeping her entertained or having something to teeth on that won't hit the restaurant floor is a must so I have time to feed myself.

What are your must haves for meals out??

Friday, March 22, 2013

[Sew Fun] Easy (and Festive) Envelope Pillow Cover

Staying with my resolution to finish twelve sewing projects in twelve months, I'm right on track!  Last week while the floors were being finished, I whipped up this two pillow covers to add to the family room St. Patrick's Day festiveness.   Seriously, these were so quick and easy to make!

I bought this fabric at ikea (Sofia).  I grabbed two yards for roughly $15 and its a nice hefty cotton, perfect for throw pillows that will take a beating.

I used this tutorial that I linked in my sewing project idea post and it really was so easy.  The hardest part was probably getting the fabric cut to the right length.  Of course, now I have grand ideas of making pillow covers for different seasons and holidays, but it's such an easy way to update a room.

I also used the left over scrap as a table runner of sorts and of course never took a picture, just some IGs of food on it.  If I don't make anything else out of the fabric, I'll go back and clean up the edges with some hems and reuse it next year too!

For those of you that sew, what's the easiest project you ever did?

Happy Friday, Friends!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Child Style] Weekly Photo Catch Up

Way back in early December, I promised to try to keep up with crediting Ashlynn's outfits.  I guess with the holidays, the move, and everything else mommy brain kicked in and I forgot!

Better late than never.

Things that are still available include: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update: It's Official!

We have a tooth!

11 months and 2 days in, I felt the sharp little cut through her bottom left gums!

hashtag finally

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 48

It's March Madness, Baby!

I weighed Ashlynn last Wednesday when we stayed at my In Laws while our floors were stained.  19lbs 6oz according to the bathroom scale while I held her and then deducted my weight.

No colds or fever.  A little bit of ear tugging is going on and diaper rash, which started to completely clear by Saturday came back with a vengeance on Sunday.  I'm almost positive it's because I finally gave in and had some dairy.  She still doesn't seem to have any other serious digestive distress.  She's spit up a few times, which at this point is odd, so it probably is either an adjustment to the milk protein or a reaction.  It's really hard to know.  Some kids seem to have some issues adjusting to dairy at one year of age when they don't have intolerance.  For me to add it back, I can imagine would change things up for her.  Luckily, in less than a month we'll have her cow's milk challenge at the GI.

Slept through the night in the pack 'n play while at the in laws (amazing), and more nights than not is doing the same in her crib.  Occasionally, she'll wake up and whine until I go in, get her paci and give her a hug and rock and put her back.  She'll lay there and snuggle with her blankie and fall back asleep on her own.

Naps are pretty awesome too.  Of course, all this sleep awesomeness probably means teething isn't far away and it'll go back down the crapper, right?

6-12 mostly. I am thinking about moving her into some 12-18 pjs and she's wearing 12-18 t-shirts (like her Duke one below... in honor of her dad's 3rd grade until now NCAA crush.  This tar heel fan isn't happy about it!)

In laws house on Wednesday night to escape the fumes and we were back home by Thursday on our beautiful new floors.  Friday we got the house ready for our St. Pat's bash on Saturday where she got to hang with her little Irish girlfriends.

Sunday was family day. We had a great time spending the day with dad and having family meals. The weather was nasty Monday and Tuesday (c'mon spring!) so we laid low and played around the house.

Girlfriend is loving mandarin oranges, inhaling avocado - like would eat the whole thing if I let her, and loves black beans. She loved the baked garlic chicken and cabbage dinner from St.Patrick's Day and is still enjoying the leftovers.  She's still turning up her nose to banana, so I'm sneaking it in her pancakes.

No crying really, but definitely a little cranky.  Not sure if it's diet changes or a potential budding tooth. I mean, she's 11 months... she has to get teeth some time right?

She's taken one step twice now!  She first did it on St. Patrick's Day (while daddy was home to see) and again this morning.  I'm not counting this as her first steps since it's not actual steps nor is it really walking.  But it is one step closer!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Basket Favorites... for him!

Of course my mind went right for the girl gifts in my last post.  Here are some picks for the little gentlemen out there!
Easter Basket, Teether, Peter Rabbit, Pull AlongBlocksJammiesBookBookCar

Easter Basket Favorites

Moving right along to the next holiday right!  It seems like everyone gets all excited come Halloween and Thanksgiving as the "holiday season" begins and supposedly concludes at New Year's, but does it really?

Valentine's, St. Patricks, Easter... of course, Mother's and Father's Day and the unofficial start of summer Memorial Day.  Aren't we really celebrating year round?

As exhausting as it seems, life would be pretty boring without all the hype of whichever holiday is peeking from the next calendar page over right?

Anywho, like every other momma blogger, here are some of my picks for special little Easter basket.  We are actually doing something a little non-traditional with A this year, but we'll definitely get her a basket when she's old enough to get excited over the Sunday morning surprise!

Monday, March 18, 2013

11 Months

**First things first, if you haven't heard by now, the new end of the world has been rescheduled from December 21, 2012 to July 1, 2013.  Yes, that's right, Google Reader is shutting down.  I don't know about you, but I've been keeping up with all my blogs, and Perez Hilton celeb gossip, with reader for years.   To make the transition smooth-ish, jump on over and follow me on Bloglovin!**

Moving on, another highlight to note is that A is 11 months old today.  As in one month away from her 1st birthday.  Exactly one year ago today, Ashlynn and I were getting showered by our loved ones.

Her birthday party invitations were dropped in the mailbox this morning and planning is in full swing.  I've already taken down the St. Patrick's Day gear and plan on getting some of her things up in the meantime, doubling as "Easter/Spring" decor since I don't have too much stored for the Easter holiday, and having to swap decorations every two weeks (St. Pats, Easter, Birthday) seems too exhausting.

Also, we had a great weekend.  Our party ended up being pretty low key, but fun was had by all who came.  Ashlynn had a busy day of running around with her walker.

I made some different treats for this year.  Not having a working kitchen (since we had no floors) made it impossible for me to have time to make Irish Potatoes or homemade mint chocolate cupcakes.  Instead I made some chocolate covered mint oreos and some good old boxed yellow cupcakes with store bought chocolate icing with a few drops of mint extract added, topped with Lucky Charms... natch.

We finished off the weekend by celebrating St.Patricks Day with avocado pancakes for breakfast (Ashlynn ate two), some Guinness bread baked by the Gilbert Girls, and some baked roasted garlic chicken with fried cabbage, onion, and baby carrots.  I grew up having corned beef and cabbage every single year, so I'd like to find a great non-beef recipe we can start as a tradition.  This one was made up on the fly, but it was delicious.  We all cleared our plates, even Ashlynn!

I hope everyone had a fun weekend and that the holiday hangover, or just regular hangover - you pick, isn't treating you so rough this Monday morning!