Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 45

Happy and Healthy.  The usual battle against dry skin and some flares of diaper rash, but nothing concerning.

Naps.  Amazing.
She really hit a stride with her naps in December, but this month she's been solid.  Napping about 3 hours a day broken up into two.  Morning nap from 8:30-9am to 10-10:30 and afternoon from 1:30ish to 3pm.

Night Sleep. Improved.
She's been transitioning herself to waking once a night.  Sometimes she'll wake more, but she'll put herself down.  She's had a few early mornings, but we just did her morning feeding in bed and snuggled until it was time to get up.  Also, sometime around Christmas, she really transitioned into being a belly sleeper... which I hate.  I still put her down on her back, but she rolls and at this point she's old and strong enough that it really isn't an issue.  I know a lot of people place their younger babies on their tummy to sleep because they prefer it and they are all fine.  What I really hate, is this last month she's really taking after myself and is sleeping on her face.  I don't care if her head is turned, but seeing her face down on the monitor stops my heart.  I'm constantly checking the screen to make sure she's breathing.

Get this, so I was looking at her Gender Reveal dress that I have hanging on her closet door thinking maybe it'd fit as a cute tunic, if it wasn't too small across the chest.  It's a 0-3M afterall.  We are having pictures taken for her 1st birthday, and I thought i'd be cute with jeggings and a denim jacket and if I could button it, the jacket would hide that.  Well, the damn thing fits. Almost perfectly.  It's 0-3M, she's 10 Months and probably pushing 20lbs if not more. Buttons no issue and falls right around her knees, which isn't surprising because she's short, but she's also a lot taller than a 0-3 month baby should be.  So, other than fitting in Baby Gap 0-3M dresses, she's grown out of her Old Navy 6-12 jeggings and her Baby Gap 6-12M Jeggings probably have a month or so left in the tops.  Onesies fit no issues.

Over the weekend she showed off some new tricks to daddy's friends who came over to help him finish the basement. On Monday, Dad took a three day weekend and came to Gymboree with us.  Yesterday we hit up Ikea to get a few things to finish off her room.  Going to have an Ikea Hack post coming up and then of course I'll finally reveal the nursery. After that I had to pick up some mail at our old house and stopped over at our old neighbors.  They loved seeing her and how much she's grown in two months.

I started giving A blueberries this week.  She's had them pureed, but never whole.  I still cut them in half, but she LOVED them.  I haven't been buying them since they aren't really in season, but gobbles them up.  Looks like this year, I'll be stocking the freezer when they are in season.

She's also continued to eat things from my meal and mix of chopped up steamed veggies and some purees too.  And pancakes.  Girl, loves her pancakes.

On Monday, I also let her try a small amount of scrambled egg yolk.  Her pediatrician recommended we wait until she was 1 year, but after hearing so many other people give their children eggs before 1, and reading up on the subject, it seems like waiting is the old school way of thinking.  That its rare for there to be an allergy to the egg yolk, more so the egg white so I thought we'd be safe.  She seemed to really like it, except later that day she had a bit of an odd diaper rash.  I don't know if it's related, but I decided to hold off a little longer on trying it again.

A few random early wake ups, like an hour or two after going down for the night, where she'll wake screaming.  Some kisses and cuddles and watching her rainforest crib soother make it all better.

Walking with her push walker!  She's standing solo for a tad longer, but still working on her balance.  Actually, I think she's really just working on her confidence, when she has something to hold onto, she stands so sturdy she'd be fine letting go, she just has to get used to it!


  1. Ooo the soother sounds like a good investment! And I can't believe she's WALKING!!! So cool! We have that same walker...will be fun to see Ethan using it one day! ;)

    1. I think we got it around 4 months or so when I was starting to try sleep training. We don't have a mobile, so this was a nice alternative. It distracts her and she'll usually watch it/stare at the light and fall back asleep. Sometimes after she wakes from naps she plays and turns it on herself :)

  2. She's too adorable. I so amazed that she's already walking, time flies by!

  3. she is adorable!! Love seeing your update posts and get so happy for you every time, knowing that she is in your life!!

    ♥ Ashley

    1. Thanks Ashley! I hope you get the same happiness soon!


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