Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 44

Not sure, roughly the same I'd imagine.  Clothes still fit, still seems short.

Happy and healthy.  Battling dry skin.

Get ready....

On Friday, she slept through the night.  Like went down at 7pm and didn't wake until 5:30am.  I on the other hand was up at 2 all like WTH, but she slept!  This is seriously the first time since maybe when she was sleeping 10-4 somewhere around the 10 week range.

Since then she's been closer to her usual 2 wakings.

Same, 6-12

Mimi came to visit in the middle of last week and Ashlynn had a ball.  Even though Mimi hasn't stayed  with us in months, Ashlynn still had zero problem being handed off to her.  Not her usual character, but so sweet to see her go willingly into her arms.  (Yes, we have a stage 5 clinger)

We hit up Gymboree on Saturday while Daddy went and got me a craigslist ikea desk so I can get to work on my sewing projects (Mimi brought down my gift, too!).

Sunday we celebrated Nana's birthday with the extended family and even though it was scheduled smack in the middle of naptime, A was a total trooper only getting a bit cranky at the end and sleeping in the car on the way home.

The rest of the week we've been locked up in the house as we had the roofers here Friday, Monday, and Tuesday morning, our contractor here replacing our sump pump all day Tuesday, and the carpet guys here this morning. We are itching to get out and the fridge is empty too.

A's really starting to eat what we are eating.  We seem to do pancakes every other day (sometimes fancing them up with some banana, pumpkin puree, or cinnamon applesauce).  We tried out some homemade ground chicken meat sauce and pasta, but after a few bites she had enough.  She loved eating the cannelli beans, diced tomatoes, and onions from our homemade ribollita soup, along with some (dairy and soy free) wheat bread.   Still, her favorites are her greens. I steamed up some green beans and she just can't get enough.

Had a little incident on Saturday.  I was going to place her on the floor and she was about a foot from the ground when she decided to plunge head first to the floor.  I caught her in a odd grip right by her hips, but she managed to scratch her cheek like the Joker and balled for 5 minutes probably more from being shook up rather than hurt, but my heart broke into a million pieces.

Standing went in the baby book!  We've been working on letting go when she's holding my hands and standing in front of me, and she'll be good for a second or two before leaning forward and losing balance.  While at Gymboree on Saturday, she was so wrapped up in watching our class leader start class she just stood there in front of me for probably 5 seconds before turning to me and losing balance. She's done a few times since, everyday getting sturdier.

Also sleeping through the night, clearly was huge!


  1. So fun that she's eating real food now! And that bib/top thing is awesome! What is it? Isn't it scary when they lurch? I've had a couple close calls that have made me totally freak!

    1. Its a Bumkins long sleeve bib. It'll be great for finger paints, and of course the messier foods it's a must. Such a laundry saver, especially this time of year where it's too chilly to strip her down in the highchair to eat.

  2. She's just too cute for words :) and yay for sleep!!

  3. I think I've missed a few of these ... since I am running on fumes lately. She is getting so big!


  4. love this!! what a great way to document her life!! you are going to be so happy that you have this to look back at in the years to come. her room looks great!

    ♥ Ashley

  5. Yay! A slept through the night! Even if it was just a few nights..wasn't it glorious?! That's all O has done too but boy is it a treat when it happens! Her room looks awesome. And I wanted to say "Thanks" for the pumpkin pancakes idea, Owen's loving them! I haven't found too many finger foods he likes so this was a great find.


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