Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 43

Sorry for the absence, friends.  I am completely exhausted.  Between keeping up with my playing, moving, and eating machine and working on the house when said machine is napping or sleeping, I barely get any screen time.  That's computer screen and tv screen.  I've fallen mad behind on Revenge and keep forgetting to set the dvr.  Silly Super Bowl and Grammy's distracting me...

Anyway, on to the child... it was a big week!

Same ballpark.  Maybe 27" and 19lbs, dunno.

Awesome.  Healthy and Happy.  Only issue is her flaring eczema.  Her chin is dry from drool and hand chewing, her cheeks just chapped from the weather and dryness.  Her hands are also beat up from probably the hand chewing and weather, too.  What was getting me was this random thumb print sized spot on the back of her neck.  It first came about two weeks ago and I thought it was a scratch.  It was taking longer to heal, so I kept some ointment on it and then one day I noticed it was in the same spot as the tag on her sweater that I always throw on her when we go out.  Duh.  Well, I stopped putting the sweater on her and when it was almost healed, one day after a nap it was bright red again.  At this point I was thinking allergic reaction.  I called the Pedi and they didn't think it was since it wasn't all over nor was it hives.  It's healed again with some aquaphor.  The only things I can think that would be causing it allergy style are cinnamon or her new vitamin.

No sleep training needed.  Girlfriend figured it out all by herself.  We are back to two wakings a night (her usual) around 11 or 12 and 3am.  She sleeps until sometime between 6:30-7:30.  I'm going to start weaning the 3am feeding and maybe, just maybe, we'll get an official stamp of Sleeping Through The Night!


Finally getting back to Gymboree a few times a week and on Saturday night she got to play with her friends Fiona and Hazel.  Now that we moved we are even closer to the girls, so hopefully lots of play dates are in store (hear me E?!)

Currently, she's getting lots of Mimi time in.  Mimi came down yesterday and A's been showing off all she can do since!

Mixing lots of finger foods and purees during meals.  Finger foods including steamed up cauliflower and broccoli, pastina and coarse chopped steamed carrots, and more kiwi, pears, banana and pancakes.

She's also weaned herself to 4 daily feedings.

She's in love with books.  Typically, she's been the kid trying to eat the book not let you read it, but now she'll sit in my lap and watch the pages go by.  She'll look back a lot and watch me talking as if she's putting together that I'm actually telling a story.

Some of our favorite board books of the moment include this, this, this and of course this.

Meh, she's a happy honey!

We finally swapped out our infant carseat to the convertible.  No wonder 70% of people install them correctly, definitely a task that is harder than it looks.  Thankfully, I'm scheduled to have it checked out this week.

Another milestone is clapping.  Sunday night A finally clapped back when I was urging her on.  The Husband was down in the basement painting and said since I didn't capture it on video it didn't happen. So the next day, she wanted to prove her daddy wrong and we captured this.

Later that evening, completely unrehearsed, she did this on cue.

Yep.  I have the smartest kid, EVER!  Totally kidding, don't love when parents act like their kid's a genius because they stuck some puffs in their mouth and not their ears?

I feel like something else happened, but I'm losing my mind among the paint fumes.

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers!


  1. I hear ya E!!! ;)

    Clapping is HUGE! I remember teaching Fiona "clap your hands for daddy" and we were downloading applications to Yale!haha

    I'm hopping in the sleep training bus this week--words I never thought I'd say. Good luck:) ---E.G.

    1. Ha, hysterical. I hope everyone is sleeping better and that Fiona is having fun with grammy :)

  2. The clapping is SO cute! Love love love it! And adore her sweet outfit!

    1. The top is actually part of a pj set, ha. I just liked the heart and that wasn't too valentine's cheesefest :)

  3. Ah, moving into a new house is SO tiring! I will never forget the exhaustion but you will get used to it! Had to chuckle at the screen time comment---I feel like I never get enough screen time and that is without a recent move! Also-A's eyes are simply stunning .I love them and her chunky self.

    1. We don't watch too many shows, just HIMYM and Modern Family for musts and then things like New Girl, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec when we catch them. So like 30 min a night (outside of background noise of sportscenter and E! news). Revenge is the one show we don't wait for netflix, so I hate missing it.. thank goodness for on demand!

      If we didn't have our St.Pats Party and A's Bday lighting a fire under our asses, we'd take more time with getting the house in shape, but nothing like wanting some awful wallpaper gone in time for company!

  4. Yay for clapping! So dang cute as always. O loves "Moo Baa, Lalala, great one in my opinion.

    1. All the Sandra Boynton books are great! Def a favorite of ours, I think we have like 5 or 6.

  5. Gorgeous and a smarty?! Hope your hubs has the shotgun ready ;)


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