Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 42

Seems like she's thinning out a bit.  I'd guess she's still in the 18-19lb range and maybe growing a little in height.

Back to 100%.  Cough is gone, unless you count the fake one she does to grab my attention.

Ouch.  Finally got her back in her room after we finished painting and wow, it did not go smoothly.  The first two nights she was up every 90 minutes or so.  Finally Saturday night, she only woke at 10, 12:30, 3, and 5:30... and I counted that a win (yikes).  The next day we painted the trim and I had her back in the pack and play in our room.   Finally we seem to be getting settled with the new nursery.  She's still waking about 4x, but I'm going to give her until the end of the week to figure it out. Then no more Mrs. Nice Mommy.  Sleep training will commence, you read it here first!

Now naps on the other hand, ridiculous.  She's good for routine, nap #1 about 90 minutes after waking. That one lasts roughly an hour and the second nap is after lunch usually lasting 90 minutes to two hours.  On Sunday, she napped from 12-3.  She hasn't taken a three hour nap since she was a newborn.

Wednesday the movers came, hallelujah!  Friday, Auntie Maria came over for a play date with 4 month old Mini Vin.  Ashlynn loved showing off how she stands and screeches and loved looking at the cute little baby.  Over the weekend, we had some friends help around the house - mainly in the basement (ripping up carpet, sanding baseboards, and painting trim and doors) and for the Super Bowl, one friend came back over with his wife and we had a little mini Super Bowl party.

The rest of the week was spent running around doing errands and getting stopped by what seems like every other employee or shopper at Wegmans, the post office, and Lowe's to comment on A's adorableness, chubby cheeks, big gummy smile, or loud screeching.  Thank you world for bloating this momma's ego that it's not only her who thinks he kid is stinkin' cute.

Lots of new finger foods this week!  We had our first try of pancakes this Sunday (starting our new tradition of family pancake Sunday), and she loved them.  We also tried avocado again, which we haven't had in a long time, and this time I let her self feed and she was back on the bandwagon.  Also tried some chopped up kiwi for the first time - another big hit.

She also had a Ella's Kitchen Four Bean Feast for her first try at beans, wasn't a fan.  I think maybe the tomato flavor turned her off.  Going to try some soft mashed beans for her to self feed and see how that goes.  I also have some pasta for her to try later this week.

A's consumption has really jumped.  If into the meal, she'll easily polish off 4oz and still want more at almost each meal.  Sometimes I'll just give some puffs, other times if she's fighting a meal (typically something with meat in it) and I start giving her some veggies instead, I'll mix the offending meal inbetween the bites and she'll just keep on eating.  I was thinking maybe she's waking up so much because she's still hungry so I think I need to figure out how to start giving a more "balanced" meal that will fill her up.

Just the middle of the night screaming.  Otherwise she's so happy and loving it makes me melt to a puddle.  She'll play and turn around to give hugs and kisses and then go back to playing, so cute!

Crawling.  It's on.  She's not moving too fast and she usually goes from all fours to an army crawl after a few moves, but she no longer sits still.  Hence the childproofing.

Also, A starting shaking her head 'no'.  When trying to feed her something she's not into she shakes no, or if I'm trying to get her to do anything she does want (diaper changes, getting her in the highchair or carseat).  I want to say she doesn't "mean it", but the fact that her reflex to something she opposes is to shake her head, I think she means it.  Luckily she can't say No quite yet, hopefully that's not one of her first words!


  1. B does the fake coughing too! So funny. And I too love the publics admiration of baby while we're out and about. B finally started crawling a bit yesterday! Yippee!

  2. She's such a cutie!! Is that the playroom above?! I can't wait to see the house come together! And yay for crawling!

  3. CUTIE PIE! We haven't tried Kiwi, I will add it to our list. Crawling is a whole new world!! SO fun and busy!! We definitely had some set backs on sleeping too and were up like 5 times a night as well, it stunk! Luckily, we are back to once or twice a night. Funny how, us Mommies that are use to getting up a bajillion times think that being up once or twice is AMAZING!

  4. I really like that tan colored wood shelf/stand where did you get it?

  5. I really like that tan colored wood shelf/stand where did you get it?


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