Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paint Swatching

If you didn't notice during our little house tour, take a second look, this house has some BOLD paint choices.  Butter yellow in the main living, fruit punch red in the dining, celery plus wall paper in the kitchen, teal and mint in the living room, and that's just down stairs.  Upstairs includes a sage green master with a yellow and navy bath, a yellow brown would be nursery, and plum purple guest bath.

We immediately painted Ashlynn's nursery, and just a few more tweaks and I'll consider it 'finished'.  We chose Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and I'm in love. It's exactly the color I wanted and looks great with her decor from her first nursery.

The basement is the Husband's man cave of sorts.  I picked out the neutral, but modern, BM Valley Forge Tan for the majority while he wanted a some Phillies red (actually closer to the 1970s maroon) for the behind the bar and pool table area.  Knock yourself out, man.

The living room is BM Revere Pewter a taupe-y gray that's a great base to layer upon.  I originally wanted to do the kitchen at 50% of Revere Pewter, but since the wall connects, we think we are just going to take down the wallpaper divider strip and just extend the paint through.

We primed and painted the dining room the second weekend we were here, getting rid of the 90s red and going for a dramatic grayish navy, Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor.  We still haven't decided on a color to replace the main living area which extends up the stairs to the upstairs hallway.

The basement should be finished by next weekend.  The tan portion is complete, and the red area is primed and ready to go.  New carpet is being installed this Wednesday.  Speaking of installions, we now have a brand new roof over our heads, and seriously, Ashlynn napped in her crib the first day they were here no problem.  Her room sounded like the epicenter of the pounding and the dumpster shoot for demo was literally outside her window.  What a trooper!

Any suggestions for a foyer/livingroomwillbeplayroom/stairway/hallway color?  I'm becoming totally indecisive!


  1. i love all the colors! great job making it all go together!

  2. I love your color choices!!! All this talk of house hunting and moving and decorating makes me want to move to a bigger place!!! I love it and so happy tht you were able to find a home that works for you!! Can't wait to see it come together!! Keep us posted E!!

    ♥ Ashley


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