Monday, February 25, 2013

One Month

It's been exactly one month since we got the keys and moved on into our family home.  In that time, I've been fairly quiet around here, but crazy busy around the house.  The Husband and I were going through all that we've accomplished and wore ourselves back out thinking about it!

Carpets steam cleaned*


Painted the nursery (SW Sea Salt)
Painted the nursery trim and closet

Hung Ashlynn's curtains, frames, shelves, and mirror

Made a confetti garland to hang over the crib (I'll post more on this later)

Ripped up the carpet in the basement (the prior owners had a cat pee problem, thankfully as soon as the carpet was out of the house, so was the smell!)
Installed new hot water heater * (previous one was leaking carbon monoxide - not okay!)
Painted the basement, trim, banister, spindles, and all doors
Replaced almost every stinkin' light bulb since they were all burnt out
Mopped tile floor and clean out sand from closets... don't ask, we don't know
New carpet installed*
Sump pump replaced and back up installed*

Painted the dining room (SW Grays Harbor)

Painted the family room and trim (BM Revere Pewter)
Attempted to decorate the mantel and hung frames over couch

Bought new couch
Ordered new media stand (last one was damaged during moving process)

Started to remove wallpaper from kitchen
Scrubbed kitchen cabinets, inside and out
Cleaned the appliances and fixed the streaky stainless steel
Purchased new faucet to install
Purchased a microwave
Removed decorative metal vine from pendant light

Scrubbed the grout floor and shower in master bath
Scrubbed the soaking tub
Reorganized toiletry bins and guest bath linen closet

Organized His and Hers closets, dresser, and chest
Picked up desk for sun room
Set up sewing machine and craft area
Set up printer and organized office supplies

Installed new roof and new sky lights*

*professionally done

WHEW!  While we are definitely planning on slowing down a bit, especially since all these improvements completely massacred our wallet, we do have some projects on deck.  Hopefully I'll get better at picking up my camera (and not my iphone) and writing up posts about what we are doing in real time.

Our motivation is to be done with the following my Ashlynn's 1st birthday.

Finish removing wallpaper
Paint kitchen
Install new faucet
Add beadboard to island
Paint living room, foyer, upstairs hall
Hang curtains in dining room, kitchen, and family room
Hang shelves in dining room (decorate!)

and a big one, possibly installing hardwood flooring in the first floor!

Thanks for hanging with me!  I promise to get back into more regular posting... I hope.


  1. Wow I'm impressed with all you've done! Especially with a baby on the move! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Holy smokes you've been busy...Love you paint color choices:)

  3. Great work, we are using Revere Pewter too! Do you remove all your trim to paint it then rehang it?

  4. love this!! I want to put beadboard on my penisula in the kitchen too!! You have got a lot done, so proud!

    ♥ Ashley

  5. Wow lady, have you slept at all?!? It is all looking amazing and I am LOVING all the paint colors you picked! Can't wait to see more pics!


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