Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Crafty Lady] Mantle Makeover

Now that we have a fireplace, we more importantly have a mantle!

I wanted to decorate it for St.Patrick's Day so I threw some things up there.  Most of these items had homes where they belonged in our last house, but since we still haven't hung much on the walls or decided where tables, shelves, and bookcases will live, I have a lot of random decor floating around.

I'm on the hunt for some permanent decor (a salvaged window sash, please), but this will work for a few weeks before I change it up for Ashlynn's Birthday.

It started like this, totally mishmashed and just a parking lot for breakables out of baby's reach.  Now it's a bit more festive and I'm still planning on tweaking it.

I decided to makeover our old and ugly Target painting.  It was bought on a whim to fill a spot in our last house and we never really cared for it.  So with a foam roller, some chalk board paint, and of course a napping baby, boom we got new art.

I'll be the first to curse pinterest for single handedly killing all things chevron, bunting, and chalkboards, but what can I say, it was an easy answer to upcycling and making a free project.  Plus now we can change it up for the holidays or swap it from different places around the house with it always fitting in and not clashing colors.

The rest of the items are old.  Crate and Barrel vases, an Ikea hurricane, Michaels bud vase, Target shamrock, and my DIY lucky blocks and pennant banner (made before pinterest came crashing into our lives!)

What's your favorite decor for mantles?  Frames? Art? Are you over chalkboards, yet?


  1. Oh that's SUCH a good idea! Might need to do this with some old painting/pictures we don't like anymore!

    The mantel looks amazing!!

    1. Thanks, I still think it looks a little cluttered, but works for now!

  2. Loving the mantle and really loving the cute, festive bunting!!!

    1. So easy to make! This is the 3rd St.Patty's I'm getting out of it and I have a few others too, cheap and easy decor :)

  3. Wow this looks great E!!! What a great idea to paint over an old piece of art!!! I love chalkboards I don't think they will ever go out...there is just too much to do with them.

    ♥ Ashley



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