Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 40

Stats: (official 9 Month)
Weight - 18lbs 4oz  (50%)
Height - 26.5" (11%)
Head - 17.5" (46%)

Doing great!  Slowing down in the weight department, which is normal for a breastfed baby. She's staying on her growth curves and doing great.  She's a shortiepie, but she has grown 9 inches in 9 months, so that's not too shabby, she just started behind being born a month early.

At Christmas, A had her first bug.  24hr fever and runny nose.  This week is her first real cold.  Caught from mommy, oops.  Runny nose, awful cough, poor sleep.  She's still pretty happy and it's just running it's course.  No fever, clear mucus, no dehydration despite the difficultly nursing, and still eating her solids without any problems.

She started with a little runny nose on Friday.  I took her to her 9 Month check up and asked if we should delay the shots, but the doctor said since she was healthy otherwise and sniffles are common this time of year they went ahead.  She was pretty much herself, just tired, afterwards, but the real stuffiness and cough came Saturday night.  She's sounding a little better today, so hopefully she's starting to get better.

Ugh, the stuffy nose is killing her.  Last night she only woke 3x so that was considered a win compared to the rest of the week.  Pretty much up every 2 hours.  She's also napping more, trying to let her rest when needed to fight it.

Still fine in her 3-6M sweaters (hysterical), mainly in her 6-12.  Will most likely be in them from 6months to 12months.

We had a big week.  Friday night our 5 year old niece came and spent the night, Ashlynn loved the extra activity in the house.  Saturday Nana and Pop Pop took our niece to the Please Touch Museum and we headed to Gymboree so Daddy could play too.  (This was before her cold turned from just some sniffles to a real cold).

Sunday, we headed up to the Poconos to see Bopo.  It was nice getting some Daddy Daughter and Granddaughter time.  Ashlynn slept and napped better than I thought in her pack n play, even if she was up every two hours from her stuffy nose.

Tuesday we headed back to the Pedi to have her lungs checked since her cough seemed to be getting worse after 3 days, but she was still doing great.  Lungs good, ears great, just a little hoarse.  Definitely made a new mommy feel better that things were going in the right direction.  I would hate to chalk her cough up to post nasal drip when its turning into something worse!

Not much new.  I steamed some zucchini in sticks and let her try to self feed.  I over steamed them so she wasn't really able to hold and chew like I planned.  When she went to pinch they would break, but she was still able to get the pieces in her mouth and mash.

She's been a bit fussy from her cold.  A few times she woke up in the middle of the night screaming.  I'm not sure if its just discomfort, a nightmare, or maybe a bit of teething.  The last one is a hopeful stretch that we are getting sick and teeth at the same time, doubtful.  She's started drooling a ton again, but I'm pretty sure that's due to her mouth breathing.

CRUISING!  Saturday night, Ashlynn cruised along our mattress (we have it on the floor) over to the bookcase I'm using as a night stand and repeated each time I moved her back to the end of the bed.  The next day she cruised along the couch at her Bopo's, and on Monday she cruised along the diaper box after pulling herself to stand and switched over to her table that was on the other side.  She's a little wobbly and doesn't move too too fast, but she's definitely getting the hang of it.  Thank goodness the mobility is kicking in right when we are about to move to our empty new house.  Perfect opportunity to baby proof!

She's also waving a lot more.  She's been slowly doing it since Christmas, but now when we come downstairs in the morning, she waves to her Pop Pop and Nana, and she waved frantically to her Daddy when we got home from our girls trip to Bopo's.

Also got her flu booster and another vaccine.


  1. yay for cruising! what a big girl :)

  2. Love her cute pjs!! And she's a cruisin!! Love it!

  3. Oh poor baby - I hope she feels better soon. She went a while without being sick - that's awesome! They grow so fast!


  4. Cutie pie, cutie pie! Hope she is feeling better. Here comes mobile baby-cruising! So exciting! Love the jammies, adorable!


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