Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 39

Will find out official 9 Month weight at her appointment on Friday.

Overall, still going strong and no signs of flu even with playing at Gymboree.   In regards to her MSPI, we aren't quite sure what's going on.  I was given the go-ahead to add back baked dairy at her 8 Month GI check up.  I've slowly been adding things, first soybean oil, no apparent reaction and now some dairy.  Two weeks ago at brunch I had a waffle, which may have thrown her off schedule and led to a questionable diaper two days later.  I wasn't fully convinced they were related.  Especially since the little cookies I had on New Year's didn't seem to have any effect.   I tried a chocolate chip scone on Friday and Saturday had a sugar and a oatmeal cookie.  Sunday and Monday she was a little backed up and then Tuesday holy blow out.  Like, right into the bath kind of one.  (Note: we packed away our cloth diapers and are using disposables while living with the in laws).  I'm still not 100% there was a severe reaction (blood), but I do think it was responsible for the change.  Going to see how things are tomorrow and maybe try one more item at the end of the week and see what happens.

Getting better.  For the most part this week was tolerable with her usual two wakings.  Some mornings she was up early and Monday night she was up every two hours which was rough.  Naps while still inconsistent are really showing improvement.  Yesterday she napped for almost 2 hours!  Seriously, I'm really hoping with a little work once settled in the new house she might just have it down.


We had a fun week.  Went to Gymboree last Wednesday and Saturday went to our friends annual holiday party in New Jersey.  There were 7 children under the age of 2 1/2 and two more on the way!  We are going to be outnumbered in no time!  We did Gymboree again on Monday and really made some strides in crawling, but still not quite there yet.  Unfortunately, we had to skip it today since I'm feeling a little under the weather.

I picked up some Earth's Best jarred food.  I wanted to try their chicken and see if it was more platable for A.  Since they were 5 for 5 and I was fresh out of homemade purees, I grabbed a few.  And I'm glad I did.  She LOVED the sweet potato and chicken puree!  However, for a Stage 2 food, I'm pretty surprised how runny it is.  I've been giving her pretty coarsely chopped up purees and this seemed thinner than applesauce.  Just a strange observation.

She also liked the spinach and potato, and ate up the Ella's Kitchen Broccoli, Peas, and Pears I brought with us to our party over the weekend.

Baby Gear Love:
Nothing new, loves playing at her activity table.  Wish I could bring home a ramp mat from Gymboree, so much easier to work on crawling.  Also LOVES bath time, but nothing new to rave over.

Nothing out of the ordinary.  Even handled the 90 minute car ride home at 7pm from NJ with minimal tears - a first!

She's been on a roll with her Mama's again, I really feel like she actually means it now!

Getting so close to pulling up on her own.


  1. Awww what a doll. I love her leggings! This makes me weepy for my maternity leave with my kiddos. I started back to work this week.


    1. Aww good luck returning to work, has to be so hard! And how did that happen so quickly?!

  2. Love the pic of her looking cockeyed at the camera! So sweet! And interesting about the chicken puree. Glad you like the Earth's Best brand though!

    1. Her cheeks in that pic kill me! I guess we'll try mommy's chicken when she can chew solids a bit more, my puree was not so great, oops.

  3. She has the prettiest blue eyes! And that hairbow - ahhh!!!

    1. Thank you, love those baby blues. Headband is from Baby Gap :)

  4. Glad naps are getting better, it makes such a difference to have a few hours to get things done! O loves the spinach, pears and peas from Ella's kitchen. And to be honest both the Ella's Kitchen meat dishes and the Earth's Best are the only meat I have been able to get my little guy to eat.

    1. I'll have to try Ellas Kitchen ones. I just got some of the stage three Happy Baby turkey and veggie dinners. Well see how those go!

  5. I adore A's updates and her sense of fashion ;) great job mama! I bought the exact same headband from Gap yesterday.

    We find naps to be harder than sleep too but she's finally getting the hang of them. At least she naps in her crib every day now instead of her swing which is amazing (she'll be 5 months next week)

    1. That's great. Napping in the crib (and not on me!) was a big transition!


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