Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 38

According to the bathroom scale (with and without me) 19ish pounds.  Who knows how accurate?

Doing great.  I'm actually getting my flu shot today (eeek, so late on it, but better late then never!) and I'm thinking about calling the pedi if I should come in soon for Ashlynn's flu booster.  They were going to do it at her 9 month check up in 2 weeks, but with the crazy outbreak I'm thinking it might be better to do now.

Aw man, where do I begin.  It was bad.  Really bad.  She'd wake screaming and really not be consoled by anything other than nursing, which I'm trying to withhold when she doesn't need it.  Actually, she doesn't need it at all through the night, but I won't let her more than twice or closer than 3 hours apart.  Finally, the last three nights have been pretty tolerable.  Almost like old times if you will.  a 1:30-2 wake and a 3:30-4am wake.  Can totally deal with that!

In the last week we had two 90minute naps, pretty much a record around here.  She's getting in the routine of a 30 min in the morning, an hour around lunch, and another 30-60 minute in the late afternoon.  I was trying to drop that third nap, but unless she sleeps longer in the morning, her 2nd nap is too early.  Whatever works.   Maybe once we move out of here and have more "routine" we'll figure it out.  In an ideal world she'd nap from 9-1030am and 1-3pm, but that's just my fantasy land.

6-12.  She still fits in her 3-6M sweaters. (6-12 below, nice and roomy)

What a week!

Saturday A came with us furniture shopping, we got a new sectional for our next house's family room.  After that she got some daddy time since I finally got a hair cut (more on that below).

Sunday, she came to brunch with Auntie Abby and our old roommate J.  She was a total doll even though she was due for a nap.

Monday we tried out Gymboree.  She LOVED it.  She was the youngest and least mobile in the class, but she was smiley and loving the other thing.  So many babies to look at, things to explore, and songs to sing.  They join their level 2 and 3 class (age range from 6m-16m) so most of the children there were 1 year + and toddling around.  We are going back today to join for the month!

Meal time is a bit of mess.  Puffs are full on go, her pincer grasp improved like crazy over a few days and she's taking the puffs fine dry.  We tried chicken (pureed with some green beans) and she wasn't a fan until I masked it with some applesauce.

Meal time is a mess since she seems to put up a fight.  We tried some diced sweet potatoes in case she was jonesing to feed herself and over the spoon feeding, but not so much.  She actually took her pureed squash and carrots like a champ that night.  She couldn't eat it fast enough, and she took down 4 oz when normally she doesn't each more than 2 (if even that much).  About 5 minutes after she literally turned green, and that last ounce came right back up.  I felt so terrible!  I didn't think I was over feeding since she still lurching for the spoon, poor thing.  I'm going to try change up meal time in regards to how closely her nursing sessions are to see if a better appetite helps her be less fussy at the high chair.  Any advice is welcome!

Just the pissed off middle of the night crying (which is slowly going away, fingers crossed) and the fussing at the table.  Otherwise she's a smiley lovable little shortcake.

I decided to chop my hair.  Its been long for years and was just driving me crazy.  I wear it up pretty much 24/7 and when I do take the 30 minutes to blow dry it straight (it's naturally wavy, poufy, and frizzy) I end up pulling it back because of A.  I'm still not crazy about how my cut looks, but I'm also so not used to seeing it.  The cut itself, a long bob, is amazing.  My stylist really knows how to work with my not so user friendly hair and it feels and lays awesome.  So while, I'm not in love with it, I'm glad I did it.  I needed a change and it's easypeasyness was needed.

Still getting the hang of waving and had her first Gymboree class.


  1. Again, lots of similarities around here. Sleep has been a nightmare since getting back into our routine after traveling for the worst yet. Hoping for a better night tonight. We are going to Gymboree this Friday for the first time and O is still hit or miss on finger foods. Loves puffs, occasionally toast, hard boiled egg, mango and cheese, but really it's hit or miss. She is just looking so big, these days! CUTIE PATOOTIE!

  2. What a cutie as always. How fun about the new class! I love taking Max to music and other classes - so I can't wait to take both of them. I really fell behind several weeks on Sadie's Updates - so this is an inspiration. With the holidays and everything ... eep!

    I feel you on the sleep too. Sadie (and how I am acting) is the total opposite of Max. Although I'm beginning to think in my situation it is mainly my fault. I go back to work Monday (sadness) - so this should be interesting. At this point Sadie really shouldn't need a middle of the night feeding, but I do feed her anyways! And she's sleeping with me part of the time - double eep.


  3. those EYES!!!! Ahh A is killin' me with her cuteness. boy do I love her style too :)


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