Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Good News:  We bought a house!!!

Bad News:  SOOO overwhelmed by said house.

Luckily we do have internet (though currently at the moment no cell reception- what?!).  Comcast came on Saturday to hook us up.... 3 hours after they were scheduled to arrive, natch.

We had the carpets cleaned right after we had the keys handed over and we spent our last night at the in laws on Friday.  The snow really set us back moving on Saturday morning, and our plans of moving all of our things from the in laws to the house and painting the nursery were immediately squashed.  Neither happened.

Still have no clothing here since it didn't make it in the dirty truck, thank goodness, but apparently it was over looked when we loaded all four cars.  Guess bedding and baby essentials are more important anyway (wink).  I set up the crib in the nursery even though we didn't paint, which was a smart move because A had a ridiculously good night's sleep.  She's still trying to kick the cold and little naps in the last 3 days haven't helped.  The rest of the day was spent scrubbing away 20 years of other people's grime in the kitchen and bathroom. YUCK!

Sunday was more of the same.  I scrubbed cabinets, inside and out, while the Husband made a Lowes run for more supplies.  When he got back I finally ran out to get food since we hadn't had anything to eat in about a day.  The worst part is there isn't a built in microwave, so we need to buy one, and our pots and pans are packed.  I'm living off cereal and the toaster oven while the husband eats left over pizza I can't touch.  We tore up ruined carpet in the basement and got primer and and some paint up in the nursery.  I won't take too much credit since the child still wasn't napping and was still a bit clingy from this cold she can't kick.  The goal is to get it finished ASAP so she can get back to sleeping in her room and hopefully sleeping without 3+ wakes a night.  And since the Husband is returning to work tomorrow, that means I need to get a good nap from her in the Pack N Play to get that accomplished.

And while all this stressful stuff is sorta fun stuff too, it's particularly dampening when we had plans to attend a baby shower out of state.  We didn't realize until we had returned the truck around 5pm Saturday (and that we had no clothes) that taking the day to travel was going to be nearly impossible.  So that was huge bummer and we hope we can make it up to the mom and dad-to-be.

Goals for the next few days:

- Finish painting the nursery
- Gymboree if Ashlynn ever gets over her cough
- Buy a microwave, and/or a tea kettle (I bought Starbucks Via thinking we could drink that until our coffee maker came back, I wasn't thinking we had nothing to boil water!)
- Finish deodorizing and treating the floor in basement (need to do this before our furniture arrives)
- Roofer Quote (did I say the house needs a new roof, like last year?)
- Carpet Quote (to replace the stinky carpet we just tore out of the basement)
- Sofa Delivery
- Movers are coming!
- And hopefully Mimi gets down to see the house and help me out with the babe so I can keep the momentum on cleaning and unpacking.

WHEW!  And we aren't even living among packed up boxes yet!  Did anyone get anxiety from just reading this post?  Not sure when the next update will be, hopefully not too long!


  1. What a beautiful house! How exciting :)

  2. Are you redoing the nursery or keeping the same room?

  3. Love the house! Goodluck with the move!!

  4. what a beautiful home! Congratulations!

  5. SO exciting to be in!! Cannot wait for the revealing of the house! Congrats again!!

  6. How exciting!!! I love your new house. Congrats on closing and getting in there, lots of work to do but it will be so worth it!!

  7. Love the outside of the new house! Don't worry girl, you will get it done! Thank Goodness for Mimi's right?! Congrats, again!! So exciting!

  8. Ah, yes. I remember those days of a HUGE to-do list that comes with moving into a new house. It will be worth it, of course. But try to rest some too!!


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