Monday, January 21, 2013


It seems like Ashlynn could have filled a book of nicknames in her nine short months, eighteen if you count pregnancy.

She started as 'tiny bouncer' after actively bouncing on the yolk sac during her 11week ultrasound.  Then it was shortly shorten to bouncer.  Once we knew we were having a little girl, and that her name would be Ashlynn, it was Little A. Of course, once she arrived, much to her Bopo's insistence that we call her Peanut due to her tiny preemie status, we already have a puppy named Penny who goes by that moniker.

I shortly started calling her Pip and Pippie after her birth, due to the adorable little high pitched pip squeaky noises she'd make, but that only stuck with me.  The Husband went with the more generic sweetie and cutie.  Somewhere along the way she became our Bunny.  Also Bun, The Bunny, Sweet Bun, Honey Bun, and of course Bun-Bun.   Ever since, that's just what she's been, our little bouncing bunny.

She had already had a bunny lovie from her mom-mom, and we picked out Mira for her too naturally to match.  But now with Easter styles being released, I just can't escape the rabbity goodness!  I'm in (bunny) love...


  1. So sweet! I love that nickname. Max started as Blue (for size of a blueberry) and Sadie started as Sesame (size of a sesame seed)... Max is now mainly Mino (for Maximino) and Sadie is a billion things - maybe it's a girl thing?? But she is probably most often called Sissy since Max calls her Sissy. She has a bunny lovie from Pottery Barn Kids - so cute.


  2. i JUST ordered some of the bunny cuteness from gap and it arrived today! i got that cute little circle eyelet dress along with some other adorable things. :) I really wanted to get the yellow bunny dress they have but it wasn't on sale (heaven forbid i pay full price!). that nickname is just too sweet. :) love bun bun!

    1. Thats why I love Gap, wait two weeks and it'll be on sale! And seriously, I plan on having the whole Peter Rabbit collection by the time Easter rolls around, love our bunnies!


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