Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Things

Between the painting, ripping up carpet, and other home renovations, little things - like my ring set - have been set aside. While they are need of a good polishing and not in the finest condition, I'd like to avoid any accidents or paint drips that I can.

Earlier this month, Sarah from Red Envelope reached out to me and sent me this adorable elephant ring holder from their collection of catchalls.  It's timeless and will look great on my night stand or where ever I end up displaying my jewelry and the elephant is meaningful to me, too.   Not only are they just one of my favorite animals, blame it on the E is for Erinn and E is Elephant pre-school exercise, but they say elephants never forget.  So I'm in love with such a symbolic trinket.

Do you have any special places to keep your jewelry or prized possessions?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 41

No pics this week, but I'm sure some of you have been following along on instagram (pics at the bottom of my right sidebar).  The movers are here today, so I'm writing this post in advance since I'm sure I won't have time to get to it.   I will be taking A's weekly photo, so I'll try to update that once it's uploaded.

Probably still in the 18lb range.

Still coughing, but seems to be herself.  We've been skipping Gymboree because I don't want to be that mom with the sick kid, even if she's no longer contagious and germy.

The night we moved in, I had her sleep in her crib in her nursery.  She only woke once at 3:30am and then slept later than we did, finally waking around 7:20am.  Miracle.  Sadly, we started painting her room the next day, need it done before her furniture arrives, since it's going to get anchored to the wall. She's pulling up like mad so safety first.  We finished some touch ups last night, so tonight will be the first night back.

She's been sleeping in the pack n play in our room, and let's say, I'll be pretty excited to finally not have to tip toe around and wake up 3+ times a night.

Same old. 6-12.  Not moving up any time soon.

Not much.  She did great at our closing on Friday and even not having any consistent naps from her schedule being crazy, she's been a trooper.  Cranky at times, but can't really blame her.  Need a schedule back ASAP.

Relying on jars and pouches this week.  There isn't a built in microwave and our pots and pans are packed, so all we have is a toaster oven.  We tried out a blend with raspberries, she wasn't crazy over it since it had bananas and she loved the blueberries and apples we tried out this morning.  I'm hoping once things get back to normal, we can really start doing a blend of purees and finger foods.  She's upped her consumption and has been eating great.

Still having some middle of the night freak outs, I guess it's night terrors.  Not sure.  Other than that, she's a happy kid.

Pulling up on everything.  Her activity cube, activity table, my legs (if sitting in front of me), her crib.

New home!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Good News:  We bought a house!!!

Bad News:  SOOO overwhelmed by said house.

Luckily we do have internet (though currently at the moment no cell reception- what?!).  Comcast came on Saturday to hook us up.... 3 hours after they were scheduled to arrive, natch.

We had the carpets cleaned right after we had the keys handed over and we spent our last night at the in laws on Friday.  The snow really set us back moving on Saturday morning, and our plans of moving all of our things from the in laws to the house and painting the nursery were immediately squashed.  Neither happened.

Still have no clothing here since it didn't make it in the dirty truck, thank goodness, but apparently it was over looked when we loaded all four cars.  Guess bedding and baby essentials are more important anyway (wink).  I set up the crib in the nursery even though we didn't paint, which was a smart move because A had a ridiculously good night's sleep.  She's still trying to kick the cold and little naps in the last 3 days haven't helped.  The rest of the day was spent scrubbing away 20 years of other people's grime in the kitchen and bathroom. YUCK!

Sunday was more of the same.  I scrubbed cabinets, inside and out, while the Husband made a Lowes run for more supplies.  When he got back I finally ran out to get food since we hadn't had anything to eat in about a day.  The worst part is there isn't a built in microwave, so we need to buy one, and our pots and pans are packed.  I'm living off cereal and the toaster oven while the husband eats left over pizza I can't touch.  We tore up ruined carpet in the basement and got primer and and some paint up in the nursery.  I won't take too much credit since the child still wasn't napping and was still a bit clingy from this cold she can't kick.  The goal is to get it finished ASAP so she can get back to sleeping in her room and hopefully sleeping without 3+ wakes a night.  And since the Husband is returning to work tomorrow, that means I need to get a good nap from her in the Pack N Play to get that accomplished.

And while all this stressful stuff is sorta fun stuff too, it's particularly dampening when we had plans to attend a baby shower out of state.  We didn't realize until we had returned the truck around 5pm Saturday (and that we had no clothes) that taking the day to travel was going to be nearly impossible.  So that was huge bummer and we hope we can make it up to the mom and dad-to-be.

Goals for the next few days:

- Finish painting the nursery
- Gymboree if Ashlynn ever gets over her cough
- Buy a microwave, and/or a tea kettle (I bought Starbucks Via thinking we could drink that until our coffee maker came back, I wasn't thinking we had nothing to boil water!)
- Finish deodorizing and treating the floor in basement (need to do this before our furniture arrives)
- Roofer Quote (did I say the house needs a new roof, like last year?)
- Carpet Quote (to replace the stinky carpet we just tore out of the basement)
- Sofa Delivery
- Movers are coming!
- And hopefully Mimi gets down to see the house and help me out with the babe so I can keep the momentum on cleaning and unpacking.

WHEW!  And we aren't even living among packed up boxes yet!  Did anyone get anxiety from just reading this post?  Not sure when the next update will be, hopefully not too long!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mommy and Me

Finally taking advantage of the mirrored closets in our guest bedroom here at the inlaws, sometimes you just need to get in the picture yourself...

We have settlement today!  Can't wait to start this next chapter in our lives.

Happy Friday, Friends!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 40

Stats: (official 9 Month)
Weight - 18lbs 4oz  (50%)
Height - 26.5" (11%)
Head - 17.5" (46%)

Doing great!  Slowing down in the weight department, which is normal for a breastfed baby. She's staying on her growth curves and doing great.  She's a shortiepie, but she has grown 9 inches in 9 months, so that's not too shabby, she just started behind being born a month early.

At Christmas, A had her first bug.  24hr fever and runny nose.  This week is her first real cold.  Caught from mommy, oops.  Runny nose, awful cough, poor sleep.  She's still pretty happy and it's just running it's course.  No fever, clear mucus, no dehydration despite the difficultly nursing, and still eating her solids without any problems.

She started with a little runny nose on Friday.  I took her to her 9 Month check up and asked if we should delay the shots, but the doctor said since she was healthy otherwise and sniffles are common this time of year they went ahead.  She was pretty much herself, just tired, afterwards, but the real stuffiness and cough came Saturday night.  She's sounding a little better today, so hopefully she's starting to get better.

Ugh, the stuffy nose is killing her.  Last night she only woke 3x so that was considered a win compared to the rest of the week.  Pretty much up every 2 hours.  She's also napping more, trying to let her rest when needed to fight it.

Still fine in her 3-6M sweaters (hysterical), mainly in her 6-12.  Will most likely be in them from 6months to 12months.

We had a big week.  Friday night our 5 year old niece came and spent the night, Ashlynn loved the extra activity in the house.  Saturday Nana and Pop Pop took our niece to the Please Touch Museum and we headed to Gymboree so Daddy could play too.  (This was before her cold turned from just some sniffles to a real cold).

Sunday, we headed up to the Poconos to see Bopo.  It was nice getting some Daddy Daughter and Granddaughter time.  Ashlynn slept and napped better than I thought in her pack n play, even if she was up every two hours from her stuffy nose.

Tuesday we headed back to the Pedi to have her lungs checked since her cough seemed to be getting worse after 3 days, but she was still doing great.  Lungs good, ears great, just a little hoarse.  Definitely made a new mommy feel better that things were going in the right direction.  I would hate to chalk her cough up to post nasal drip when its turning into something worse!

Not much new.  I steamed some zucchini in sticks and let her try to self feed.  I over steamed them so she wasn't really able to hold and chew like I planned.  When she went to pinch they would break, but she was still able to get the pieces in her mouth and mash.

She's been a bit fussy from her cold.  A few times she woke up in the middle of the night screaming.  I'm not sure if its just discomfort, a nightmare, or maybe a bit of teething.  The last one is a hopeful stretch that we are getting sick and teeth at the same time, doubtful.  She's started drooling a ton again, but I'm pretty sure that's due to her mouth breathing.

CRUISING!  Saturday night, Ashlynn cruised along our mattress (we have it on the floor) over to the bookcase I'm using as a night stand and repeated each time I moved her back to the end of the bed.  The next day she cruised along the couch at her Bopo's, and on Monday she cruised along the diaper box after pulling herself to stand and switched over to her table that was on the other side.  She's a little wobbly and doesn't move too too fast, but she's definitely getting the hang of it.  Thank goodness the mobility is kicking in right when we are about to move to our empty new house.  Perfect opportunity to baby proof!

She's also waving a lot more.  She's been slowly doing it since Christmas, but now when we come downstairs in the morning, she waves to her Pop Pop and Nana, and she waved frantically to her Daddy when we got home from our girls trip to Bopo's.

Also got her flu booster and another vaccine.

Monday, January 21, 2013


It seems like Ashlynn could have filled a book of nicknames in her nine short months, eighteen if you count pregnancy.

She started as 'tiny bouncer' after actively bouncing on the yolk sac during her 11week ultrasound.  Then it was shortly shorten to bouncer.  Once we knew we were having a little girl, and that her name would be Ashlynn, it was Little A. Of course, once she arrived, much to her Bopo's insistence that we call her Peanut due to her tiny preemie status, we already have a puppy named Penny who goes by that moniker.

I shortly started calling her Pip and Pippie after her birth, due to the adorable little high pitched pip squeaky noises she'd make, but that only stuck with me.  The Husband went with the more generic sweetie and cutie.  Somewhere along the way she became our Bunny.  Also Bun, The Bunny, Sweet Bun, Honey Bun, and of course Bun-Bun.   Ever since, that's just what she's been, our little bouncing bunny.

She had already had a bunny lovie from her mom-mom, and we picked out Mira for her too naturally to match.  But now with Easter styles being released, I just can't escape the rabbity goodness!  I'm in (bunny) love...

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and if not, that this brings a smile to your face!

(taken 1.7.12)

Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Month Countdown Is On!

As of today, Ashlynn is officially 9 months old.  And now sounding like every mom on the planet, where has the time gone?!

This also is a push for me to start putting together plans for her 1st birthday bash.  Naturally, thanks to pinterest, I've been brainstorming ideas for months, but now it's actually time to start putting some of those ideas into action.  With unpacking from the move and prepping the house in February and our St. Patrick's Day party in March, I don't want April to sneak up on me unprepared.

I know Ashlynn will grow up having plenty of requests for themed parties focusing on everything from Winnie the Pooh to Cookie Monster to Cinderella and probably more things that I don't even know about yet (seriously, what are some of these shows on kids channels?? Man, I miss some Dumbo and Fraggle Rock).  So with that in mind, I want to have a simple, yet whimsical and fun day celebrating her first year.

Inspired by the idea of a confetti party, here's my personal 'pinspiration' board...

Hopefully after moving in and unpacking my craft supplies, I can start putting some things together.  You know between tearing down wall paper, painting rooms, and sewing a quilt!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 39

Will find out official 9 Month weight at her appointment on Friday.

Overall, still going strong and no signs of flu even with playing at Gymboree.   In regards to her MSPI, we aren't quite sure what's going on.  I was given the go-ahead to add back baked dairy at her 8 Month GI check up.  I've slowly been adding things, first soybean oil, no apparent reaction and now some dairy.  Two weeks ago at brunch I had a waffle, which may have thrown her off schedule and led to a questionable diaper two days later.  I wasn't fully convinced they were related.  Especially since the little cookies I had on New Year's didn't seem to have any effect.   I tried a chocolate chip scone on Friday and Saturday had a sugar and a oatmeal cookie.  Sunday and Monday she was a little backed up and then Tuesday holy blow out.  Like, right into the bath kind of one.  (Note: we packed away our cloth diapers and are using disposables while living with the in laws).  I'm still not 100% there was a severe reaction (blood), but I do think it was responsible for the change.  Going to see how things are tomorrow and maybe try one more item at the end of the week and see what happens.

Getting better.  For the most part this week was tolerable with her usual two wakings.  Some mornings she was up early and Monday night she was up every two hours which was rough.  Naps while still inconsistent are really showing improvement.  Yesterday she napped for almost 2 hours!  Seriously, I'm really hoping with a little work once settled in the new house she might just have it down.


We had a fun week.  Went to Gymboree last Wednesday and Saturday went to our friends annual holiday party in New Jersey.  There were 7 children under the age of 2 1/2 and two more on the way!  We are going to be outnumbered in no time!  We did Gymboree again on Monday and really made some strides in crawling, but still not quite there yet.  Unfortunately, we had to skip it today since I'm feeling a little under the weather.

I picked up some Earth's Best jarred food.  I wanted to try their chicken and see if it was more platable for A.  Since they were 5 for 5 and I was fresh out of homemade purees, I grabbed a few.  And I'm glad I did.  She LOVED the sweet potato and chicken puree!  However, for a Stage 2 food, I'm pretty surprised how runny it is.  I've been giving her pretty coarsely chopped up purees and this seemed thinner than applesauce.  Just a strange observation.

She also liked the spinach and potato, and ate up the Ella's Kitchen Broccoli, Peas, and Pears I brought with us to our party over the weekend.

Nothing out of the ordinary.  Even handled the 90 minute car ride home at 7pm from NJ with minimal tears - a first!

She's been on a roll with her Mama's again, I really feel like she actually means it now!

Getting so close to pulling up on her own.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Checklists - Sew Much Fun

I had thought about doing the ubiquitous blogger resolution post, but between the crummy internet connection and just having my mind on so many other things, I never brainstormed what I'd like to resolve for the year before the year actually started.

Also, I'm not really one to make resolutions anyway, so no harm no foul in my mind.  However, I am one to make checklists - lots of them. There is nothing I love more than scratching off item after item on a to-do list.  I know anyone out there with OCD like tendencies can agree on that high.

So with a new house less than two weeks away, I'll have TONS of house related projects to look forward to doing (and I'll share some of my ideas along with a house tour when we move in!).  Another big thing I'm looking forward to this year is learning to sew.  Mimi got me a sewing machine for my birthday, so actually learning to use it is high a top my priority list.

Somewhat inspired by Heather and her 2012 resolution to sew a dress a month for her daughter, I'd like to pick 12 sewing projects to complete for the year to keep me accountable from letting the shiny machine from gathering dust.

I won't have the machine until February (after we move in), so hopefully I can roughly bang out a project a month and bonus project too.  Goals, people.  Goals.

Here are my inspiration projects!

5 - Felt Food

9 -  Wings, Cape, or Dress Up clothes of some sort

10 - Play Teepee or Tent

11 - Custom Burp Cloths (my go-to new baby present, would love to DIY)

12 - Custom Toy Organization or Storage

Some of these pins are the exact items I hope to make, others are just inspiration of projects to try.  I already ordered some fabric to give my first project a go once I master some basics.  I have a feeling it may be a bumpy ride with lots of rookie mistakes, but I can't wait for the challenge!

Are you challenging yourself to try something new this year?

Monday, January 14, 2013

...more on filling up that tiny tummy

After writing my last post on my favorite feeding essentials and some of our habits, I thought about some more feeding related details.

Since starting solids at 6 months, Ashlynn is total hit or miss in her interest.  This doesn't bother me in the slightest since I'm a bit in the camp of "Food before One is Just for Fun!".  I know she's getting her main and necessary nutrients from nursing.  However, I don't plan on nursing forever.  Ideally, I'd like to wean around her 1 year mark.  So keeping that in the back of my head, I know we need to start reducing our feedings and letting her interest in solids grow.

For the most part, I'm an "on-demand" parent.  I nurse on demand and let her nap when she's tired.  We don't adhere to a strict schedule, which works for and against us.  I didn't want to be tied to a set in stone nap time and be pressured to run out of appointments, errands, or get-togethers in fear of a nap time meltdown, but it also means it's hard to make plans not knowing when she'll be napping each day.

This has also explained the up to 8 daily nursing sessions and sometimes three, even four, 30 minute naps.  I started reading Bringing Up Bebe around the holidays and had some game changes almost immediately.  To coincide with the whole, we are going to need to start the weaning the process soon so I don't just quit cold turkey - as I think that would be torture to us both - I want to cut back on the amount of times I nurse.  I like the mindset of the French where it's common place for children to be fed at 8am, 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm.  Otherwise known as breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.  I mean what a novel idea, apparently Americans' common sense get's thrown out with the placenta!

Within a few days I was able to stretch her nursing time to 4 hours, one day she even went 4.5 hours without ever complaining.  On average now our schedule looks something like this:

4-6: Morning wake up fed (if she wakes before 6 she goes back down, if after it's usually up for the day)
7:30: Breakfast - Baby Oatmeal mixed with Fruit
8-8:30: Nurse
8:30-9: Nap
12:00:  Nurse
1:00 Lunch - Veggie puree, puffs
3:00: Nurse and Nap
5:30: Dinner - Veggie, Puffs, and trying to add proteins
6:20: Bath
7:00: Nurse and Bed

And I'm still feeding her around 1-2am for a middle of the wake up.

That brings us to 6 solid feedings a day.  And the best part, the feedings are no longer short distracted ones, they are serious "give me a meal" deals.   I hope once we move into the new house to drop the 4am one first and get her to sleep until 6:30-7am daily.  And maybe a month after that drop the middle of the night.  That brings us to 4 (daily, as in during the day) feedings by 10 months old.  At that point, if we can begin to wean the afternoon session and replace with a snack, by 1 year I hope we can swap the "meal time" feedings with whole cows milk, or almond milk if she still shows intolerance to dairy.   This could all be wishful thinking, but I think having some sort of goal or direction is needed at this point.  She's getting too old for this to be a free for all and getting acclimated to our family schedule is important.  We want to operate as a unit and not to a dictatorship of a infant.

I have to say, since getting this schedule underway, she's been eating solids better and taking longer naps.  I'm still not rigid on set times, but I try to keep the routine the same and doing things within a 30minute-ish window.  It's only been a week, so I know this could change tomorrow, but I'm really pleased so far.

For the experienced moms out there, how did you transition from a baby or bottle schedule into a toddler schedule?  Do you still feed your child separate meals from the family meals or does everyone eat the same thing at the same time?

Friday, January 11, 2013

[Babycakes] Feeding Favorites

Now that we have almost 3 months worth of feeding experience, I thought I'd share a bit on my process (hits and misses) so far.

I waited to introduce solids until six months based on the advice of my pediatrician and some general online information.  Little A is exclusively breast fed so starting early with rice cereals wasn't big concern.  Looking back, I was pretty rigid on being 'exactly' 6 months before letting anything get in that tummy aside from milk when she was clearly itching to eat like mommy and daddy.  Next time, now that I'm confident in making and serving food, I'll probably start when there is interest and not withhold the yumminess so long.

Even still, when starting solids I skipped right over the cereal aspect.  In my mind, I saw it as empty calories that would just fill her up with little nutritional value and if she's was going to eat something other than the nutrient packed momma's milk, it should at least be a healthy veggie or fruit.  So based on that mindset, we started with pureed sweet potatoes.  I did a bunch of veggies and fruits (apples, avocado, peas, pears, carrots, etc) and finally when I made a very runny butternut squash puree, I mixed in some oatmeal cereal, just for some more texture.  We now start almost every morning with a oatmeal cereal and fruit mixture of some sort.  The vitamin C in the fruit helps iron fortified cereal get the most absorption, so some sort of applesauce, pears, peaches, or the dreaded mashed banana (she hates it) with some cereal.  Then have veggies and puffs for lunch, and veggies, puffs, and slowly adding protein to dinner.

*I love the HappyBaby Puffs for A's MSPI since they are dairy and soy free!

I make almost everything at home, using the same organic fruit and veggies we buy for ourselves, with the Beaba Babycook.  So easy to steam and puree.  Only items I store buy are applesauce (I prefer the Santa Cruz brand - original and peach apple flavors).  I store the purees in 1 ounce containers by Juvenile Solutions which are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe - and free of BPA.  I started with storing and freezer my purees in a the Beaba food storage, but at the time A wasn't eating the full two ounces and it was a pain (a small one) to defrost the puree prior the meal.  With the individual cups I can keep enough in the fridge and take out frozen ones to thaw in advance.  I also can mix and match what I'm serving, or with the snap close top, keep something until lunch or dinner if it's not fully finished.

So far we only had to deal with traveling and feeding a handful of times.  Since we don't have a portable highchair, I just use the bumbo and tray and use the Beaba utensil pack, a wipeable bib, and pouched puree since it's all easy to to keep in my diaper bag, outside the Bumbo obv.

Lastly, we've been playing around with some sippy cups.  I introduced the Dr. Brown's soft spout sippy when A turned six months.  She loved playing and chewing it, but never seemed to get water.  I tried it myself and I had some trouble getting water out easily.  Nana bought her a Nuk one which if bitten correctly water will come out.  I thought if she was using it as a teether maybe she's put two and two together, but not so much.  Finally last week I picked up a Tommee Tippee transitional cup.  Out of all three, it was the easiest for me to get water out of, I just had to get her to have the instinct to sip.  The spout is a bit more like a bottle nipple than the others, so I think that helps.  We are finally getting some progress, hopefully this one does the trick!

What are your meal time favorites?  Any tried or true items I should give a go?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 38

According to the bathroom scale (with and without me) 19ish pounds.  Who knows how accurate?

Doing great.  I'm actually getting my flu shot today (eeek, so late on it, but better late then never!) and I'm thinking about calling the pedi if I should come in soon for Ashlynn's flu booster.  They were going to do it at her 9 month check up in 2 weeks, but with the crazy outbreak I'm thinking it might be better to do now.

Aw man, where do I begin.  It was bad.  Really bad.  She'd wake screaming and really not be consoled by anything other than nursing, which I'm trying to withhold when she doesn't need it.  Actually, she doesn't need it at all through the night, but I won't let her more than twice or closer than 3 hours apart.  Finally, the last three nights have been pretty tolerable.  Almost like old times if you will.  a 1:30-2 wake and a 3:30-4am wake.  Can totally deal with that!

In the last week we had two 90minute naps, pretty much a record around here.  She's getting in the routine of a 30 min in the morning, an hour around lunch, and another 30-60 minute in the late afternoon.  I was trying to drop that third nap, but unless she sleeps longer in the morning, her 2nd nap is too early.  Whatever works.   Maybe once we move out of here and have more "routine" we'll figure it out.  In an ideal world she'd nap from 9-1030am and 1-3pm, but that's just my fantasy land.

6-12.  She still fits in her 3-6M sweaters. (6-12 below, nice and roomy)

What a week!

Saturday A came with us furniture shopping, we got a new sectional for our next house's family room.  After that she got some daddy time since I finally got a hair cut (more on that below).

Sunday, she came to brunch with Auntie Abby and our old roommate J.  She was a total doll even though she was due for a nap.

Monday we tried out Gymboree.  She LOVED it.  She was the youngest and least mobile in the class, but she was smiley and loving the other thing.  So many babies to look at, things to explore, and songs to sing.  They join their level 2 and 3 class (age range from 6m-16m) so most of the children there were 1 year + and toddling around.  We are going back today to join for the month!

Meal time is a bit of mess.  Puffs are full on go, her pincer grasp improved like crazy over a few days and she's taking the puffs fine dry.  We tried chicken (pureed with some green beans) and she wasn't a fan until I masked it with some applesauce.

Meal time is a mess since she seems to put up a fight.  We tried some diced sweet potatoes in case she was jonesing to feed herself and over the spoon feeding, but not so much.  She actually took her pureed squash and carrots like a champ that night.  She couldn't eat it fast enough, and she took down 4 oz when normally she doesn't each more than 2 (if even that much).  About 5 minutes after she literally turned green, and that last ounce came right back up.  I felt so terrible!  I didn't think I was over feeding since she still lurching for the spoon, poor thing.  I'm going to try change up meal time in regards to how closely her nursing sessions are to see if a better appetite helps her be less fussy at the high chair.  Any advice is welcome!

Just the pissed off middle of the night crying (which is slowly going away, fingers crossed) and the fussing at the table.  Otherwise she's a smiley lovable little shortcake.

I decided to chop my hair.  Its been long for years and was just driving me crazy.  I wear it up pretty much 24/7 and when I do take the 30 minutes to blow dry it straight (it's naturally wavy, poufy, and frizzy) I end up pulling it back because of A.  I'm still not crazy about how my cut looks, but I'm also so not used to seeing it.  The cut itself, a long bob, is amazing.  My stylist really knows how to work with my not so user friendly hair and it feels and lays awesome.  So while, I'm not in love with it, I'm glad I did it.  I needed a change and it's easypeasyness was needed.

Still getting the hang of waving and had her first Gymboree class.