Thursday, December 27, 2012

[Wednesday's Weekly Check-In] Week 36

day late, dollar short.  pics are included from the last two weeks....

18lb 2oz - 58%
(and height 25 3/4"- 10% and head 17"- 45%)

Finally slowing down a tad in the weight department, my back has never been more thankful.  Still a little shortcake, but has still grown 8.5" since birth, so no worries on the target since she's doing well on her curve.

Experienced our first "cold", though it was more like a bug.  Saturday she started her first runny nose and by that evening she had a fever.  I took it at around 2am and it was 102.2 so I gave her a dose of tylenol.  By morning it dropped to 101.2, did another dose and it came down and we just monitored her.  She would go back and forth between her happy self and a bit of fuss, after an afternoon nap (since we were up every 45minutes the night before) she was back up to 102.7.  Another dose and luke warm bath and I think it broke.  Was back to normal at bed and thankfully hasn't returned.  Even her runny nose stopped the next day just in time for Santa (Christmas Eve)!

We have a bit of a routine now that we've been room sharing at the inlaws for over a week.  We put her to bed with the dim light on in the corner, it's about 30 watts.   I think when her first sleep cycle ends around 9:30, she wakes and doesn't put herself back since the light is on.  I've now been turning it off and she seems to be doing better.  Still wakes around 1 or 2am and again between 4-5am.  I'd LOVE to break that last wake up, but it seems virtually impossible while sleeping in the same room and trying to have courtesy for our hosts even though they swear they can't hear her.

Mainly 6-12M.  Picked up some 9M fleece jammies since they keep the house cool at night and they fit her great.

Thursday was closing.  We officially said goodbye to our house the night before with a rush to get the final items and the Husband cleaned it from top to bottom since I had to get A home to bed.   (God love him!)  At closing Ashlynn was a peach.  She was so well behaved and just hamming it up to our buyers and the agents.

We had lunch with Bopo on Friday as he was passing through town after our GI Appt.   Did some last minute shopping, took a trip to the ER for mommy (yeah, well get to that) and just had a lot of family time at the house for the holidays while Nana, PopPop, and baby all tried to recover from colds.

This week we added peach in the form of Peach Applesauce, naturally a hit.  We mixed it with some pumpkin too.  We just started broccoli a few days ago, mixing that with some green beans (a favorite) and apples.

She's gone back and forth on intake.  Before her fever hit she was up to almost 8oz a day, lately she's barely hitting 4.  No stress about it.  Milk is still the number one source of nutrition, she'll eat when she's hungry just like she's proven so far.  Hoping to add chicken soon.

Baby Gear Love:
We finally used our stroller 'big girl' style with A actually sitting in the stroller, not the carseat.  There is a park around the corner from the house so we've been taking some family walks with the dogs.  So have to put our Britax B-Agile stroller this week.

Also loving infant tylenol, our nosefrida, and boogie wipes.  We use the nosefrida and boogie wipes fairly regularly since A has always had some congestion, but it was a whole other game.

Last is a combination of her Smartwool beanie, Northface jacket, and wrapping paper.  It was baby's first Christmas afterall!

Nothing out of the ordinary.  Still hates riding in the car at night.  Wasn't too happy a camper when trying to sleep with a fever.

On Saturday afternoon I was all set to meet with my MOH, who finally just moved back to Philly from Nashville, for lunch, but around 1pm started getting this stabbing pain in my upper abdomen.  I laid down, but it didn't get any better.  After 2 hours and it still being just as intense, we finally went to the hospital just in case it was something like my gallbladder or appendix.  Long story short, as with most visits to the ER, we stayed for 5 hours and tests were inconclusive.  Still haven't been feeling 100%, so going to call my regular doctor.

Ashlynn was a trooper!  We were there an hour past her bedtime and she only had minimal fussing.

Seems like a big week.  We started with taking a ride in the shopping cart at Whole Foods, in our seat cover, like a big girl instead of hanging in the carseat.  She loved the ride and all the little old ladies loved her.

Friday, she started waving.  She's not obsessed with it quite yet, but she's definitely making an effort more an more waving at daddy and nana and even strangers.

First cold, First Christmas, First Big Girl Stroller ride (see the theme of ditching the infant car seat, I think it's time to swap!), and First Trip to Longwood Gardens.  That was this afternoon, so I'll talk about it more next week and in it's own post.


  1. She is just the cutest little munchkin! Glad you guys had a great Christmas :)

  2. I love her outfits so much---little shorty is growing up and I can't stand the cuteness.

  3. Where did you get the Christmas lights onesie?! So cute!!!

    1. Children's Place! It was like $3.50 too, such a steal :)


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